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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Help!!! Am still spending on diapers..

TY is already 21 month old now and yet am still spending more money on diaper. Oh gosh!! Wondering when I'll be able to stop shopping for diapers. Please help me get out of this addictions!!! Sob... Sob...

Previously I have participated in the BambooLite Giveaways but I didn't manage to win anything from the giveaway. But the giveaways did not ends there. Bamboolite have offered some discount voucher for all those who participated but did not win anything from the giveaways (like me, Lols..). What BambooLite offered to people like me is a 20% discount for all it's product except for the fabric. For fabric, there is 10% discount on it.

And well, it's quite a good discount that am unable to resist it in the end. Hahaha... I have just place some order yesterday on a few pcs of the new fleece cover (which is BambooLite new product), some raw silk liner, the foldover insert, booster and not to miss, the diaper as well. 

Ohh, I place order for some bamboo fleece too. Wanted to make some bamboo booster myself as TY is quite a heavy wetter. All in all, I spent a few hundreds ringgit on diaper related stuff again...

Anyway, I just couldn't wait to receive my package now. Hahaha... I just received an email earlier with tracking number that my order is sent out by Poslaju today. I'll only be able to "meet up" with my package next week though as am at my parent place this week.