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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Short Breakaway...

I have been so stressful with my working life and decided that I should go for a short holiday for de-stress. That is why I have decided to go to visit my uncle in Johor Bahru since it's a public holiday for Selangor state on 27th August 2010. It have been ages since I last visited uncle. That is why I get my parent and my siblings including my nieces and nephews to join me in this short holiday. More people, more merrier, isn't it.

Me and my eldest sister have actually planned that all of us should leave the house and start our journey at about 4.30am to avoid the traffic jam as it's a public holiday for Selangor state and we forseen that there might be heavier traffic on the road. My sisters and parent leave their house at the planned time while I actually overslept. I only wake up at about 6.00am when my daughter is asking for milk. We hurried wake up to get ready and by about 6.30am we start our journey.

We was in a rush to get to our destination place as soon as possible as my parent and siblings have almost arrived. During the whole journey, I just keep laughing and feeling ashamed of myself at the same. I would have missed the flight if I take plane.

We make a quick stop at the Pagoh R&R for our breakfast. We take a quick walk and settle with a stall selling ready packed nasi lemak. Each of us can finish 2 nasi lemak within minutes!!! And not to mentioned, the nasi lemak really taste good. Or is it because we are too hungry at that time? :p

Anyway, we reached the first destination of our trip ~ The UK Farm at Kluang, Johore at about 11.30am. By then everyone have been waiting for us there for almost 3 hours!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooray!!! I Won A Free Diaper!!!

Ok. I have said it in my post tittle and yes, I WON A FREE DIAPER!!! Hehehe...

I just received an email today from LampinKain and I just couldn't believe that I have won a free cloth diaper from the recent LampinKain giveaway that I have participate about a week ago. On top of that, I actually won the first place in the giveaway which means am entitle to get a free LampinKain in-stock One Size PRINTED pocket diaper. This is really a great news before I go for a short holiday tommorrow.

One of the friend that I know from the DiapersAsia Forum, Hanizawati Jamaludin whom is casually known as Hanz actually won the second place in the giveaway. Hanz congrats to you too!!! Am better off from you simply by 1 entry point to grab the first place. Hehehe...

The blog entry that leads me to win in the giveaway can be view from HERE.

Now time to choose the printed diaper... I intend to get this printed pocket diaper. What you think? Wanted to get the same print diaper but with midnight blue snap. But alas, it's sold out.

LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper - Space (White Snap)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review : Bottombumpers AIO Diaper

Picture shown above is the Bottombumpers
embroidered AIO diaper.
Bottombumpers is my personal favourite cloth diaper. It is the first cloth diaper that I know that comes with embroidery and this is also the reason why I first try out Bottombumpers. From what I read previously, Bottombumpers started off as small WAHM brand in US before it's business is expands further to outside US - including to Malaysia.

Bottombumpers have a snap in soaker like the AI2 style. But as it sold as AIO for a reason. The inner layer of Bottombumpers is made of organic cotton which is an absorbent layer and since it's an absorbent layer, it does not wicks moisture/ wetness like an AI2.

The soaker is a bifold snap in soaker making it looks like there is 2 petal. One of the soaker petal is made of 2 layers of organic cotton topped with bamboo velour. The second petal soaker is 2 layers organic cotton.

The inner part of Bottombumpers AIO diaper is made of organic cotton. The same absorbent
material as the bifold snap in soaker. On the right is the Bottombumpers bifold snap in soaker soaker.

Like most diaper, Bottombumpers is available in snap or velcro closure. Snap clousure is for the side snapping diaper while velcro closure is available for front closure diaper. For it's diaper with velcro, it comes with laundry tab and crossover tab.

Previously Bottombumpers is available only as sized diaper. It's available in size small, medium and large. But recently, Bottombumpers have launched it's new product which is an One Size side snapping AIO diaper.

Currently Bottombumpers is available only in solid colours. There's more than 10 colours to choose from includes brown, candy pink, yellow, sky blue, navy blue, olive, red, baby pink, aqua, lilac and more. You'll be spoilt by the choice of colours that they have.

Bottombumpers comes with embroidery too. If you buy it directly from US, then you get to custom order the embroidery design that you one. But of course, that also means it comes with a higher price tag.

My Verdict (After 9 months of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • The diaper is priced to the higher end.
  • If it is embroidered then it can easily cost more than RM 100.
  • There is only one online store that selling bottombumper when I first bought it. But now there is a few local online store that retailing it
  • The full list Bottombumpers retailers can be found here :- Bottombumpers Retailers.
  • I bought some of my Bottombumpers from US but I'll only list those local online store that I have bought my Bottombumpers from :-
2. Fitting
  • Basically I have fall in love with Bottombumpers because this is one of the diaper that fit my daughter like a glove.
  • Not to mention, it's very trim too.
  • It fit my daughter without leaving red marks on her.
  • The crotch of the diaper is quite trim too. From the looks of it, it is about the same crotch width as Itti Bitti D'lish.
  • For the side snapping diaper, there is 2 row x 5 columns of snap at each wing tab.
  • This make the diaper will fit the baby longer.
  • The two row of snap available also make us able to adjust the thigh and the waist setting separately though there is some limitation as to how much we can adjust.
  • My daughter have been using Medium sized Bottombumpers diaper from the day I bought it and she is still using it now.
  • The snap is hidden too so it doesn't leave marks on my daughter.

The wing tab of the Bottombumpers AIO diaper. Not only the Medium size
can last for very long, the side snapping style also reduce the wing drop problem.

3. Absorbency
  • The snap in soaker as mentioned earlier have a total of 5 layers absorbency.
  • Since the inner lining of the diaper is made of an absorbent layer - organic cotton, the Bottombumpers offer a total of 6 layers absorbency.
  • It is an absorbent diapers when it is fully prep washed.
  • But the absorbency is still not enough for my heavy wetter daughter. That's why I usually use this diaper with 1 or 2 Bottombumpers doubler to boost the absorbency.
  • Nevertheless, this is a good diaper for short outing.

The Bottombumpers doubler. It's a 2 layers organic cotton doubler.
I usually use it to boost the absorbency.

4. Colours/ Printed
  • As what I have mentioned in my previous post, I have the liking for printed diaper.
  • Bottombumpers don't offer printed diaper
  • It is only available in solid colours or embroidered.
  • For this reason, I go for embroidered diaper and sold off the solid colours that I have.
  • I have bought most of my embroidered Bottombumpers from US since there is limited choice of embroidered Bottombumpers in the local online store.
5. Overviews
  • I really like the trimness of Bottombumpers diaper.
  • After months using it, the colours of the embroidery still looks very nice.
  • The embroidery is still as good as it's still new and there is no sign of colour fade. Well, at least for now...  :p
  • When my daughter is younger, she can wear her romper with Bottombumpers.
  • The side snapping closure for Bottombumpers really do help to reduce if not eliminates the wing drop problem that some front snapping diaper have.
  • After using it for months, the diaper still have very good elastic.
  • The diaper have turned and top stitched finishing with encased leg elastic which is really good as it doesn't rub against my daughter thigh like what usually serged diaper does.
  • Since the bifold snap in soaker is like 2 petal that sewn together at one end, it really helps in shorten the drying time.
  • I don't know why but the some of the Bottombumpers soaker that I have is longer than the rest.
  • That is why sometime I'll have to fold down the soaker a bit so that it can fit nicely in the diaper.
You have choice of plain colours or the embroidered Bottombumpers like the above.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Giveaway : LampinKain Giveaway Contest

I have just wrote that I missed many giveaway in the past in my first post. Well, here it comes again. Another cloth diaper giveaway!!! This time round it's by LampinKain. Another proudly Malaysian made cloth diaper brand.

LampinKain have this giveaway in conjunction with it's 2 years anniversary. The giveaway start on 1st August 2010 and it is suppose to end on 15th August 2010. BUT, am quite lucky that it's extended to 25th August 2010 now. Otherwise, I would have missed yet another giveaway. 

I have never try any of LampinKain cloth diaper before. Therefore, being a cloth diaper addicts I hope I can win on this giveaway and get to try this diaper on my daughter.

If you are interested to participate in this giveaway too then visit LampinKain blog HERE to find out more.

And if you interested to know what LampinKain have in store then visit it's online store HERE.

Giveaway ends : 25th August 2010.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Review : BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted PREMIUM

When am writing this, there isn’t many local brand fitted diaper available in the market here in Malaysia. I bought most of my fitted diaper from overseas namely from US, UK and Australia. BambooLite is one of the few local brands that make fitted diaper. For this review, what I have is the snap version of BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted PREMIUM.

This is a One Size pocket fitted and there is 2 type of BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted – LITE and PREMIUM. Generally both are the same except for the insert/ soaker.

BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted LITE comes with the hybrid insert, which are 3 layers of microfiber topped with 1 layer of bamboo velour.

BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted PREMIUM on the other hand comes with a bamboo foldover insert (2 layers of bamboo fleece topped with 1 layer of bamboo velour) with a 2 layers bamboo booster. The foldover insert is measuring approximately 76cm x 13cm when it's still new and unwashed.

You’ll have an option to choose on the diaper closure. You may choose between snap and velcro. In the event for diaper with snap closure, there is overlapping snap for the waist. So, I suppose it can fit newborn as well.

Again, there is no printed outer for this fitted. Only solid colours are available. We may choose from the 10 colours that currently available including yellow, blue, red, lavender, ivory, pink, turquoise, lime, chocolate and purple.

Unlike the predecessor diaper by BambooLite, it no longer have the rise snap to adjust the diaper rise and size. It’s now have the adjustable leg elastic with the bra like strap adjustment.

On the other hand, this fitted diaper have a pocket opening at the inner front of the diaper and there’s a snap to hold the insert just like previous version of BambooLite diaper.

I think this is BambooLite signature style to make it’s diaper appear to have All-in-Two (AI2) style. But no. You cannot use BambooLite as AI2 even with it’s PUL diaper. This is because the inner layer is not a wicking fabric like fleece, suedecloth or those athletic wicking fabric. It’s made of absorbent layer. Thus it’s better suit to be label as All-In-One (AIO) than AI2 in this case if it is diaper with waterproof layer like PUL.

My Verdict (After 2 months of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • I personally think it’s reasonable price at RM 80 for this fitted. Can get even cheaper if purchase in a bulk in a group buy.
  • We can easily buy it online from BambooLite reseller. The list of BambooLite can be view from here :- BambooLite Retailers
  • I bought mine from the below seller. Both of the store owner provide very good customer service :-
2. Fiting
  • With the bra-like strap adjustable leg elastic, my daughter can fit well with the diaper.
  • No incident of leaking thus far and there's no red mark on her thigh as well.
  • I think most baby can have a good fit on this diaper especially on the thigh as you may adjust it as accords to the baby thigh even if one of the thigh is chunkier than the other thigh.
  • The diaper looks quite trim too considering it have 10 layers and most of the layer is made of heavy bamboo.
  • Crotch area of the diaper seems rather wide. But it’s not really an issue when I wear it on my daughter as it is not too stiff that my daughter have to walk with “kaki kangkang”.
3. Absorbency
  • The foldover insert that comes with it are very absorbent.
  • After fully prep washed it, it’s slightly a bit stiffer as compared to when it is still new. But this is the nature of bamboo fabric.
  • Fitted diaper will requires cover for waterproof and I think babies can go coverless wearing this fitted diaper with the booster if the baby is a small or medium wetter.
  • It's a good night fitted for heavy wetter too.
  • Please note that since the insert is made of bamboo, it'll need to be prep wash for around 6 - 8 times before it can reach maximum absorbency.
4. Colours/ Printed
  • Like what I have listed above, currently there is only available in 10 solid colour dyed.
  • With only solid colours to choose from, it might actually defers some to try on this diaper especially for those who prefer printed diaper.
  • Of all the colours, I like blue, chocolate and lime the most.
5. Overview
  • The outer of the diaper is made of colour dyed bamboo outer and the inner is natural color bamboo velour. The diaper feel so soft and nice.
  • Personally I like how this diaper is constructed as it allow the diaper to have shorter drying time.
  • My past experience with BambooLite PUL diaper, BambooLite use bamboo fleece as the inner but now it use bamboo velour for the inner.
  • Bamboo velour make the diaper feels luxurious when touch. But sometime the velour feels rough to touch also especially after washed.
  • Please note that other diaper with velour (not BambooLite) also the same. I guess it's the nature of the bamboo velour? Or is this due to the detergent that I use to wash the diaper?
  • I read from BambooLite tips that we can actually soften the velour a bit after wash by rubbing the velour together I tried this tips before but it don't always work on my diaper.
  • For the first few wash, I would recommend to wash the diaper seperately from the rest to avoid possibility that the colour bleeds to other diaper since the diaper outer is colour dyed.
  • The foldover insert have a very good absorbency as it's made of heavy bamboo that meets Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 requirements.
  • But it it might take a long time to dry also especially during raining season.
  • I like the way how we can adjust the leg elastic for this diaper but I find it rather hard to understand on how it works if there isn't any instruction attached to it.
  • Now what am wondering is how long can the elastic last before it started to loose it elasticity.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review : BambooLite PUL Pocket Diaper (Older Version)

BambooLite PUL pocket diaper - Orange color

I have bought the older version of BambooLite PUL pocket diaper early this year. This is the first pocket diaper that I have that comes with bamboo fleece inner as oppose to most pocket diaper that have fleece or suedecloth for inner. The diaper PUL is very soft and stretchy.

BambooLite PUL pocket diaper is only available in One Size (OS) with snap closure. There is no overlapping snap closure for this diaper (same as with diaper like Coolababy). But there is hip snap to avoid wing drop problem when this diaper is being use at smaller waist setting.

The BambooLit PUL diaper can be adjusted to size S, M, L with the rise snap in front of the diaper. The diaper is available in only 5 solid colour to choose from (azure green, orange, lemon yellow, pale blue and white).

It is sold with a One Size (OS) insert. The insert is made of 3 layers of microfiber and topped with a layer of bamboo which making is more absorbent. There's snap on the diaper to adjust the size of the insert.

The diaper have a bamboo fleece inner which is an absorbent layer itself. So when use with the insert that comes with it, you actually get a total of 5 layers absorbent layers.

Most pocket diaper that is available in the market have the pocket opening at the inner back of the diaper. But for BambooLite, the pocket opening is placed at the at the inner front of the diaper. 

It have the All-in-Two (AI2) diaper style where we can just snap the insert to the diaper without stuffing the insert into the pocket opening.

The pocket opening of the diaper. There is snap to hold the insert when you
choose to lay on the insert instead of stuff in the insert.

Picture shown above with the insert lay on the diaper.

My Verdict (After 6 months of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • The diaper is reasonable price.
  • You can easily buy BambooLite from quite a number of local online store. Only problem for getting from online store is we can't touch or grasp a feel of it before we purchase.
2. Fitting
  • This diaper fit well on my daughter. Have been using it since she is about 13 months old.
  • The sizing is quite standard as compared with cloth diaper like coolababy.
  • Because it is an OS cloth diaper, it may look bulky on newbown.
  • The diaper is quite trim. No big bum when my daughter wear it.
  • Occasionally I do get red mark on her thigh. Probably due to her chunky thigh.
  • There is 2 row of snap at each of the diaper wing tab so, you can actually adjust the snap a bit to fit the thigh.
3. Absorbency
  • The insert that comes with it is absorbent. Though it is absorbent, it cannot last more than 2 hours for my heavy wetter daughter. 
  • As she grow older, I have to add a 3 layers microfiber insert to use with the existing insert for it to last for 2 - 2.5 hours.
BambooLite One Size insert. There is snap to adjust the size of the insert.
Insert shown in the picture is adjusted to smallest size.

4. Overview
  • I personally like the bamboo fleece inner. It's still remains soft after many wash.
  • But then again, sometime I feel the bamboo fleece inner is a bit coarse to touch also.
  • For baby who have sensitive skin, diaper with bamboo fleece inner is way to go as it have the natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • The diaper have a hip snap to prevent wing drop problem when the diaper is use at the smaller waist setting.
  • But I find the hip snap is rather annoying if you are using it at a bigger waist setting as the hip snap will touch the baby skin and thus leave a mark there (unless you cover it with snap cover though)
That white color snap on the diaper is the hip snap.
I have a love-hate relationship with the hip snap.
  • Overall the diaper soft and stretchy. At some point, I do hate the stretchiness as I wonder will the stretchiness caused the PUL to tear.
  • Plus, sometime I find it difficult to unsnapped the snap due to the stretchiness also. I feel as if the snap get pull when I unsnapped. It make me worry that I might pull the snap off one day.
  • For someone like me who prefer to get printed cloth diaper, the choice of colours that available for this BambooLite PUL diaper is quite a turn off as it's only available in limited choice of solid colour and there's no printed one at all.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Giveaway : BambooLite Diapers Giveaway On Cloth Diaper Malaysia !!!

Ok. After missing a few other giveaway previously,  I wanted to shout now that there is a Bambolite giveaway on Cloth Diaper Malaysia!!!

Hurry and participate in the giveaway to stand a chance to win a BambooLite cloth diaper. This is a good chance to get a free cloth diaper to try out if you have not own a BambooLite cloth diaper or any other cloth diaper. You may still participate in the giveaway even if you already have the BambooLite cloth diaper. Who know if you may have chances to "grow" your cloth diaper stash bigger by wining in the giveaway.

Wondering on how to participate in the giveaway? Well, you may actually visit Cloth Diaper Malaysia website for more details on the giveaway HERE.

If you wish to know more about the BambooLite cloth diaper and any other things that related to it, you may visit BambooLite website HERE.

In conjunction with this giveaway, we are suppose to suggest what is the new product that we wish to see from BambooLite in order to get additional entry. Well, below is what I wish to see :-
  1. Wetbag
    • Prefer those with printed instead of solid colours. (I have been always prefer printed that solid colour)
  2. Pail Deodorizer
    • It would be good if the deodorizer comes with nice scent. For some reason am quite sick with the smell of those diaper waiting for the laundry day. It's just too stinks!!!
Giveaway ends : 31st August 2010.

    A Blogger Reborn...

    Ok, I have to annouce that I'll be a blogger again after years of stop being one. I have my first blog when I started to plan for my wedding few years back. It's a blog all about my wedding preparation. But ever since am done with my wedding, I have leave my wedding blog behind and after sometime, that blog is sort of dead off.

    Then when I found out am pregnant, I have wanted to do start a blog for my pregnancy. Wanted to write all about my pregnancy. Wanted to do... But never get it done as I just don't feel like sitting in front of a computer during my pregnancy due to the hormone change and all.

    I thought might as well wait until I delivered then I can start a blog for her. Blog about her grow, her milestones... But heck!! I have been such a busy mother after I delivered my baby. My baby have kept me so busy that there isn't much time for myself. Well, things got better now since she is a young toddler now..

    What make me decided to blog again? I have missed quite a numbers of giveaway simply because am not a blogger. And I have miss out some chance to get some discount in some of my online purchase simply because am not a blogger also. Who doens't like free gift and discounts?

    So, here are am again. A blogger reborn...