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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BumGenuis, Flip System, Happy Heinys & BambooLite AI2 Is Here!!!

It have been long since I last update my blog on the packages that I received in the mail. Well, the truth is I did received quite a number of packages during the time am "missing" from my blog especially in between November last year till February this year. All those is from me being an avid online shopping with most of packages arrived from overseas as far as from Canada. Am so eager to flaunts all these fluffies in my blog. But am just too lazy to post it all here though I have all  of it photographed the moment I received it.

Anyway, here is some of the the most recent fluffy mail I want to flaunts here. Hehehe... Am so excited when Lily Bajuri of Sentuhan Bayu hand delivered the items to me last week Thursday after all the stock from my pending order finally arrived. 

Top Row (Left To Right) : 
BumGenius Artist Series
(Retail Therapy, Concrete Jungle, Free Spirit, Jet Setter)
Bottom Row (Left To Right) : 
Happy Heinys (Limited Edition Ooga Booga Turquoise , 
Limited Edition Ooga Booga Butter,  Cow Hide), Flip Diaper System (Ribbit)

Two pieces of the BumGenius is bought during a promotion last year and is hand delivered by Lily much earlier. The rest is bought individually after the promotion period which cost more. I have almost the full collection of the BumGenius Artist Series except for the Eiffel Tower. I didn't get the Eiffle Tower because I already have the BambooLite in Fern Leaf prints which is also black/white just like the BumGenius Eiffle Tower though both actually have quite a different prints.

I bought the Happy Heinys diapers because I heard that the new Happy Heinys comes with a new sizing which is slightly different from the older version. That is why I grab myself the Happy Heinys in ooga booga prints. I bought those simply because it is a limited edition print even though am not a big fan of ooga booga.

As for the Flip, I have bought it simply to see how this diaper hybrid system works since I have read there is mixed review on this. 

I did bought some other diapering accessories like the Hemp Babies raw silk liner, Hemp Babies doublers, Cotton Babies One Size Insert Sock and also the additional stay dry insert for Flip. All these is also bought from Sentuhan Bayu but not photographed with the diapers above.

BambooLite Newly Launched Product - AI2 Premium In Neon Ladybird,
BambooLite contour hybrid soaker and also the AI2 hybrid soaker system

Next, I have the BambooLite AI2. I just got this on Monday. This is a new product from BambooLite which offer a stay dry inner that can be use as AI2 instead of it's usual product which have the bamboo velour for the inner. Actually I have already got the news that BambooLite will have AI2 in it's product line when I enquiry them about it end of last year. Hehehe... I sent them email last year as I wanted to introduce cloth diapering to one of my relative but would like to know if BambooLite will be having diaper with stay dry inner. It is then that I was told that BambooLite might have this new product in March this year (which they really did).

I have been so tempted to get one since it is launched but have been trying hard to resist myself from any of the group buy since TY already have way too many diaper in her stash. But then again, I just couldn't resist myself to get this piece (even though I didn't manage to join any group buy) as I simply love this diaper print. Plus, again my curiosity hit me. I wanted to see how's this BambooLite AI2 perform compared other diapers in the BambooLite product lines since the AI2 seems to have a different soaker system.

For that reason, I purchase additional soaker for the AI2 so that I can test both the different type of soaker available for the BambooLite AI2.

Now, again am feeling guilty for spending so much of $$ on diapers!!! Sob... Sob... Wonder when I'll be able to stop buying diaper....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Cloth Diaper Change KL (2011)

Have you ever thought that you could be part of the Guinness(TM) World Record? It is possible now if currently you are a cloth diapering parent!!! 

In conjuntions with the Earth Day, the North American and International cloth diaper community have created an event to set the WORLD RECORD (yes, you read it right - it's WORLD RECORD) for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously.

Malaysia will be taking part in this historic event together with the other 13 countries around the world to create a world record with at least 7,975 babies changed diapers together on 23rd April, 2011 at 12.00 AM (GMT +8) or the equivalent of 23rd April 2011, 9.00 AM American PDT time.

So let's be part of this great event towards a greener world.

Event   : The Great Cloth Diaper Change KL
Date    : 23 April 2011 (Saturday)
Time    : 10.00 pm – 1.00 am (GMT +8)
Venue : Scriptory Box, Wisma Bling Lustre, Taman Meranti Jaya,
             47120 Puchong, Selangor

For further information on how to participate in this event please read in Cloth Diaper Malaysia and also in Great Cloth Diaper Change.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Fun Fair @ Sungai Buloh

After a tiring day at the MATTA Fair yesterday, we take a quick rest at home before we decided to bring TY along to the fun fair near our place right after that. This is the first time for TY to be in a fun fair and it have been ages since I last went to one. If I remember correctly, the last time I went to a fun fair would be at least 6 or 7 years ago. If you are heading towards Kepong using the Sungai Buloh road, you'll see the fun fair after you pass by the Caltex petrol station on your left but before the Shell petrol station further down.
The Fun Fair Located Just Next To The Sungai Buloh
Main Road

We were there from about 7pm. The crowds has started to build up then. Am feeling so nostalgic when am there... Hahaha... Actually this fun fair is not that bad. It have quite a number of good attraction there. All of us really enjoyed ourselves there.

Entrance to the fun fair is free. But of course you'll have to pay to play the games or to take any rides there. They have a token booth where you'll need to buy the token to for the ride or games in that fun fair. Each token cost RM 2 there. Most of the rides and games there required between 1 to 3 tokens.

If we have "Eye On Malaysia" in Malacca, then we temporary have the "Eye On Sungai Buloh" at this fun fair. Hahaha.. You can see the ferris wheel in the picture above. Unlike most ferris wheel which is fully covered, the ferris wheel in this fun fair is not fully covered. Sorry, I don't have an up close photo for the ferris wheel as I forgot to bring the camera along when I visited this fun fair. But nevertheless, it looks really beautiful when the lights is swithed on at night.

They have bumper car there too. I feel so nostalgic when I saw the bumper car. I used to play that a lot with my friend when am much younger. Now am not sure if the bumper car can move like how it's suppose to be given my much heavier weight now. Will the bumper car able to "sustain" my weight? I don't know as I dare not to give it a try now... Hahaha...

Bumper Car

They also have the spinner ride just like the one that we usually see in Genting Highland Theme Park. It's looks fun that it make me feel like I wanna ride on it as well. But well, with my gal, TY with me I can't ride it.


Another attraction in that fun fair will be the Tomahawk that make 360 degree turn just like the one in Sunway Lagoon. Each time it turn, I can heard the people who is riding it shouting "Arhhh" and "Wahhh" making my heart beats faster. Am not sure if adequate security and safety measurement is taken in building this, but am sure I dare not ride on those for fear for my safety.

There is also the mini roller coaster ride, as well as some for children rides. Not to mention, they have those games booth too like most fun fair have.

The Games Booth With The Gift They Are Offering To The Winner

Well, with that said, I think it's worth to visit the fun fair if you are staying not too far away from the location of the fun fair. It's quite a good place to relax yourself and have fun with your children.

Matta Travel Fair 2011

There is Matta Fair from 11th - 13th March 2011 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). I went there with my gal, hubby and also 2 of our friend (TKL & KML). We reached there at about 11 am. As we reached there, our friends queue up to get the complimentary entrance ticket as they are the EON Bank Matta credit card holder. I saw there's long queue for purchase of the entrance ticket too which cost RM 3 per entry.

There is long queue at the counter to purchase the entrance ticket

We already have in mind that we wanted to survey on the cruise trip as we have never been to one. As we entered the hall, we saw the Hwajing Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd booth on our left offering cruise tour package. Without any second thought we check out the package there and after a long conversation (at least 30 - 45 minutes) with the sales person there, we decided to sign up for the cruise package there without checking the other booths there.

We have signed up for the 4D/ 3N Star Cruise where they are having the Buy 1 get 1 free promotion. It's the cruise by Super Star Libra departs from Penang. It's a cruise from Penang - Phuket - Krabi - Penang with fullboard meal. The original cruise package cost RM 1895 per person including all the insurance and handling charges but with the Matta Fair promotion, it's now cost only RM 2100 per couple. But then again since I have only 1 children, I have to pay a full rate for my gal. Sigh... In the end, we have spent RM 3k+ just for this cruise package.

But wait, that's not all. We got a free voucher for a ground arrangement 5D/ 4N Beijing + Tianjin tour package. Which mean we can get another holiday trip if we pay for the air ticket!!! Sounds cheap and worth it, huh? But the truth is the air ticket could cost us a bomb!! We did a quick check there for the air ticket to Tianjin, China. It could easily cost between RM 1.5k - RM 1.8k per person for the air ticket alone!!! Sob.. Sob.. Now, don't think I can utilise that voucher unless AirAsia or any other airlines come out with a free ticket promotion or such which I doubts there will be any since there is expiry on the voucher and that is on end of September '2011.

The crowds in the MATTA Travel Fair 2011

A Bad Way To Start Off The Day?

It have been quite sometime since I last update my blog. Well, I have been extremely busy for the past months. But yesterday, I finally decided to tag along hubby and his friends to Matta Fair which is currently held in PTWC. 

We have initially planned to leave the house at 7.30am so that we can go for a breakfast together and to arrive at the destination in hope to beat the traffic. But alas, we are out of luck that our car tyre punctured. So we decide to get it repair at one of the tyre shop near the place we took our breakfast.

But unfortunately, upon after checking on the tyre, there is at least 4 or 5 hole on on the tyre damaged by the nails. Two of the punctured holes is too close to each other and thus we are advised to change the tyre instead as it won't last even if it's repaired.

So then, instead of patching up the punctured holes hubby decided to change 2 of the car tyre instead. To cut long story short, hubby's pocket is "damaged" by about RM 350++. Not to mentioned, we do stuck in some slight traffic jam heading towards our destination. That's PWTC where the Matta Fair 2011 is held.

But we are not all that bad luck though. We do manage to get a car park at the Duta bus station car park though we arrived there at about 11am.