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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10.. Today is special !!!

I just couldn't sleep don't know why. That's why am up simply to blog here.. Today's date is a special date. It's unique because it's 10-10-10!!! A perfect 10 just like in an exam or game. Anyway, just wanna wish everyone to have a perfect 10 in everything they do or wish today.

I remember for last year's special date, 09-09-09, my eldest sister wanted to deliver her baby on that date. But in the end, she didn't make it for that date and choose a different date instead.

Anyway, I think there'll be many baby to be born today too especially for those mommy who choose to undergo the c-sec for delivery. There might be many wedding today too as it's a "perfect 10" today though I didn't receive any wedding invitation for today... :p

Not sure whether will there be anything special happen to me but I do just realized today that few days ago was my 4th ROM anniversary and there isn't any celebration for it at all. Well, hubby is currently not around and I have totally forgot about it. Might have to think of a replacement celebration for it when hubby is back from overseas later.

Now looking forwards to next year's special date. That's 11-11-11....