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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review : BambooLite Printed Fleece Diaper Cover

BambooLite have launched some products not too long ago. This includes the new printed fleece cover. This is just a quick review as I don't think I have use it long enough to actually do a proper review on this.

Picture shown above is the BambooLite printed fleece cover
in limited edition prints - Dot
BambooLite fleece diaper cover is a side snapping diaper cover that comes in 2 sizes (Size 1 and Size 2).

Information that I got from the BambooLite website, it says that it is made from anti-pill fleece. Size 1 is said better suit petite baby (3 - 12kg), while Size 2 fit chunky baby (5 - 18 kg).

It have a turned and topstiched finishing on the leg casing and serged finishing on the front, wing tab as well as on back. It is a fleece diaper cover that can be use as All-in-Two (AI2) diaper when you lay on a soaker (not provided).

Currently, BambooLite printed fleece cover comes in 5 different prints with 2 of it is the limited edition print.

My Verdict (After around 1 - 3 times of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • The diaper cover is retailing for RM 37 for the limited edition print while the rest is retailing for RM 35.
  • You can get the diaper cover as cheap as RM 28 with the BambooLite current anniversary sales which is offering this at 20% discount.
  • To me, it is not an expensive diaper cover but I would not say it's very cheap either.
  • I bought this diaper cover directly from BambooLite but I think you can get it from most of it's retailer.
  • You can find the list of the BambooLite retailers from BambooLite website HERE
2. Fitting
  • According to BambooLite sizing guide, Size 1 will fit baby from 3 - 12kg. 
  • My daughter is about 12+ or 13kg right now and she still fit well on the largest setting of Size 1.
  • I have not try the Size 2 on her yet as Size 2 looks really generous sizing.
  • I tried to use this as AI2 (with the BambooLite foldover soaker) and it works well without leaking.
  • When I use it as diaper cover over a fitted diaper, it can't cover the whole fitted diaper as I still can see there is some part of the fitted diaper is "exposed".
  • But I think it is because the fitted is bulky and I should have use Size 2 fleece cover instead of size 1.
  • Actually there isn't much different for the crotch width between Size 1 and Size 2.
  • It might differ by about 1 cm or so (I didn't measure it with ruler. Only roughly estimate it from what I see)
  • But there is huge different on the rise between both by at least 2 inches.
On the left is Size 2 (Dot), while on the right is Size 1 (Leaf).

3. Absorbency
  • Since this is a fleece diaper cover, it does not offer any absorbency.
  • As for the absorbency when you use it as AI2, it is solely depends on what is the type of soaker that you use.
  • Please also note that when you intend to use this as AI2, you can only lay the soaker and not snap the soaker to the fleece cover as there is not snap to hold the soaker.
  • The BambooLite's hybrid insert or the foldover insert can lay on to the inner of this diaper cover well.
  • There is minimal movement of the insert/ soaker as the inner have the lighweight windpro fleece where you can actually stuff both end of the insert/ soaker to keep it in place.
This is how the inner looks like when it's open up.
The white portion is the lightweight windpro fleece where we can
stuff both end of the inner to keep it in place.

This is how it looks like after the foldover insert is lay on it.
The fleece cover on the left (Dot prints) is Size 2.
The one on the right (Leaf prints) is Size 1.
4. Colours/ Prints
  • As what I have mentioned earlier, currently BambooLite is offering 5 different prints for this fleece cover.
  • Leaf, Lamb and Wild is the normal prints
  • Dot and Orange is the limited edition prints.
  • It'll looks great for those who fancy printed over plain color fleece diaper.
  • I personally love the Dot limited edition prints. Don't really fancy the other limited edition print though.
5. Overviews
  • Personally, I like this diaper cover.
  • The fleece diaper is water resistant (but not waterproof) when you wash it correctly and yet it's breathable which is why I like it. 
  • The side snapping design actually really helps to reduce the wing drop problem.
  • Side snapping diaper have reduced if not eliminate the wing drop problem as compared to front snapping diaper. (This applied to all other diaper and not to this cover only)
The wing tab

  • The idea to have turned and topstiched finishing on the leg casing and not to the whole diaper cover have actually helps to reduce the bulkiness on those diaper cover.
  • Please not that, it is not actually really "that" bulky as compared to the BambooLite PUL diaper shell.
  • It's just slightly bulky and you may not or hardly notice the different unless you really do the comparison between both side by side.
  • But there is also something that I don't quite like about this cover too.
  • This fleece cover have a hidden serged back elastic.
  • From the way it is serged, it should have not rub against the skin but yet it rubbed against my daughter back leaving some red back on her back.

The serged hidden back elastic. For some reason, the serging
actually leave red mark on my daughter back.


Leona said...

does this diaper contain any pul layer or is it completely fleece? I'm looking for one that is completely breathable

MH Yap said...

Yes, it's completely breathable without any hidden PUL layer. That is also the reason why you might feel a bit damp on the outer of the cover is the soaker is really soiled.