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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malaysian Made Cloth Pad

- This is the list of Malaysian made cloth pad that I have come across thus far. 
- List below is the link to the cloth pad maker.
- It does not include link to their resellers/ retailers, if any. (You may find link to some of their reseller/ retailer HERE)
- The list is complied in alphabetical order.

Bella Posh Bowtique
Website : www.bellaposhbowtique.com
Facebook : Bella Posh Bowtique

Bisky Bosky
Facebook : Bisky Bosky

Facebook : BluCotton

Deana Design
Website : www.deanadesign.com
Facebook : Pink Apple Design


Mama Cloth Pad (BabyHanan)
Website : babyhanan.blogspot.com
Facebook : Siti Zubaidah Idris

Mama Patch
Facebook : Mama Patch

Website : www.yusrinahata.com

Website : www.niceclothdiaper.com
Facebook : Niceclothdiaper.com


Facebook : SNUGGbaby

Facebook : Baby Snowdrop

Sweet n Cozy
Facebook : Rahayu Mb

Sweet Pretty Stuff
Facebook (1) : Sweetprettystuff Ps
Facebook (2) : Sweet Pretty Stuff

Ummi Pad
Facebook : UMMI PAD


Friday, April 8, 2011

Package From MyCheekyBoo With BSRB, Bottombumpers, BBH & Minky Blanket In It

Package that arrived from MyCheekyBoo which is packed in
the US Priority Flat Rate Large Box

Just days after I received that four package, I got another package arrived at my doorsteps on Monday. This time it's the package from My Cheeky Boo (MCB). When I got the package, am quite surprise because I saw it is the US Priority Flat Rate Large Box. I can't even recall if I bought anything from US recently. It was until I look closer and saw that "Pos Malaysia" marking that I realized it's the package from Bonnie of MCB which she have posted a week ago. Hehehe...

Somewhere in November last year, I did joined a group buy that is lead by Bonnie (a.k.a Wannie) of MCB for the purchase of Bagshot Bamboo Row (BSRB) for the new elite fit diaper from US. Due to some circumstances, there is a free shipping offered for this group buy. "This is a group buy that I shouldn't miss" is what I thought at that moment. And so I joined without and second thought.

Usually we can only buy the in-stock diaper that is offered in BSRB store in Hyenacart. But for this group buy, we can custom order the diapers that we want. That's mean we can choose the print that we want for the diaper!!!

I have choose to custom 2 pcs of the BSRB AIO diaper since TY already have tonnes of fitted diaper in the stash. I have ordered a snappiable AIO diaper as I have intended to add the snap myself since I have the snap press and the snaps. It'll be cheaper this way that getting the diaper maker to add the snap since there'll be additional charges incurred.

Bagshot Bamboo Row diapers
From Left To Right :
Sesame Street Softball Game, Baby Looney Tunes

I like that diaper with the Baby Looney Tunes print. It does look cute in real life. But that Sesame Street prints diaper didn't turn out as good as what I have expected. Sigh...

I have ordered ordered some Bottombumpers OS embroidered AIO diaper when Bonnie of MCB open up a pre-order for it somewhere in early December last year. I have been loving the sized Bottombumpers that I have and I even wrote a review on it. Thus, when Bonnie accept order for the pre-order, I don't hesitate to join in order to get the Bottombumpers new OS embroidered diaper. 

Bottombumpers OS AIO Embroidered Diapers
Left to Right : Owl Stack on Iceland, Green Baby on Espresso

All the Bottombumpers AIO diaper that I have in TY stash comes with the standard single color snap. So, with the pre-order I have make a special request to have some twist by having fun color snap. Well, at least the diaper looks slightly different from the rest.

The different color snap to match with the embroidery

Me and my sister have won some consolation prizes in the MCB Cutie Bum Photo Contest. We got some voucher to spend on MCB online store. Just before the voucher expired in end of January 2011, I have utilized the voucher by spending it on more cloth diapers!!! Hahaha... Seriously, I just don't know what I should get from MCB. That is why ended up I bought the limited edition Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 and the size L replacement soaker for Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 diaper.

Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 diaper in limited edition print - Retro Gala

Just when all the diapers from the group buy and pre-order arrived in March, MCB is having sales and end up the pathetic me spend even more $$ in shopping. I have custom order a 40" x 60"  Rock 'n Baby Boutique minky blanket which is on 15% sales.

Rock 'n Baby Boutique Minky Blanket
(Blue Mod Dot minky with Solid Baby Blue minky for reverse side)

And, ohh.. Bonnie have been kind enough to includes a sample of the Sheepish Grins lanolin wool soap in the package as well. Hehehe..

Sample of Sheepish Grins wool soap

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fluffy And More Fluffies - And it's all related to cloth diapers!!!

What a day for me on last Thursday (31st March 2011). There is four packages arrived at my doorstep and in some way or another, all the packages is relates to cloth diapering. But this have not break my records in the highest number of packages received in a single day. My highest record for that thus far is 7 packages which 6 of it from overseas... :P

1st Row : Fleece soaker, Printed fleece cut
2nd Row : AI2 tester diaper
2rd row : Soaker & insert, Printed PUL

Anyway, I received is from Hartini of Little Doodlez. I get to know her from a cloth diapers related group in Facebook. She is a very nice lady to deal with that I bought some printed PUL and printed fleece from her. I bought the printed PUL as she is having some sales on it. 

I even bought a fleece soaker from her as it looks really cute!!! But it's kind of sad that TY is unable to fit into those as the size is too small for her. As she have just started to venture into sewing her own cloth diaper for sale, she did sent me a tester for cloth diaper which is hand sewn by her. At first glance, the diaper looks really nice. Anyway, I have put it into laundry almost immediately after I received it. Can't wait to when I'll be able to test it on TY.

Also in the package is some soaker and inserts which includes the zorb diamond that she received not too long ago. Hehehe...

From Left To Right :-
Minky pocket diaper in Mickey Mouse, Minky pocket diaper in Green C, Just-Change-Insert (JCI) diaper in Blue Jay
 The other package that I received is from Nice Cloth Diaper. Initially I have wanted to buy only some PUL cut from Nice Cloth Diaper. But in the end, I did bought some diapers as well so that my total purchase is RM 80 and above to enjoy the free shipping. I bought the mixed diaper trial pack that comes with 2 pcs of the minky pocket diaper with free 1 set of the JCI (Just Change Insert) diaper. Well, I have been quite curious for some time already on this JCI. I bought this package simple because I want to see and try out the JCI diaper. Not so much on the minky pocket diaper.

Solid colors PUL from Nice Cloth Diaper

The third package that I received is the Grovia AI2 diapers that I won from a charity auction that is held by Tiny Tapir not too long ago. I didn't won this auction all alone. I do combined bidding with a fellow forumer and her friend for this auction. You may read about the cause for the charity auction from Tiny Tapir blog. 

Grovia AI2 Diapers And Soakers
(From Let to Right : Mod Flower, Nature, Airplanes, Owls)

Honestly, Grobaby have never been my favourite diaper. But when this fellow forumer asked if I want to join in the combine bidding, I thought why not since it is for a good cause. Plus I heard Grovia is slight different from Grobaby. That's why I thought I might give it another try. I took all the new print for the diapers. Hahaha... Could resist the nice print especially for the owl print!!! Hehehe... And I choose snap closure instead of the aplix closure since I don't really have a good faith in it's aplix since my Grobaby have started to loss it's "stickiness" after sometime even though I hardly use it.

Lastly, my forth package is a preloved Dancing Bear night weight fleece soaker which I bought from a different fellow forumer. Bought it cause I think it's cheap and I really like the Dancing Bear fleece soaker. Love using this for night diapering apart from the woolies. TY's already have 2 pcs of the Dancing Bear fleece soaker. This will be her third piece.

Dancing Bear night weight fleece soaker

Friday, April 1, 2011

Giveaway : This is How I Store My Cloth Diapers (I WANT TO WIN JOLI DIAPERS!)

Cloth Diaper Malaysia is having a giveaway again. This time round it's the JOLI Diapers which is sponsored by Lovely Goody.

Let me share here on how I store or organize TY's diaper stash here. Hmm.. Let's see. I think I do store or keep the cloth diapers almost anywhere or everywhere that I could think of. To be more specific, it's places where there is possibility that I might need to do diaper change. Well, I got to admit am a lazy mama to begin with.

1. Laundry area
I have a laundry basket where I keep those cloth diapers that is washed and cleaned but yet to go through the "stuffing" process (for pocket diaper) or the soaker snapping process for other diapers. This laundry basket is usually placed at downstair at home near the laundry area which is not too far away from the dining room as well. In any chance when I need to do diaper change but is lazy to go to my room upstair to get the diaper, then I'll just simply "searched" for the needed diaper here.

2. My Parent's House
Up next, I do store some of TY diapers at my parent's home too. My mum look after TY when am at work. So obviously I'll need to bring some diapers over to my parent place as well so that they can do the diaper change. For that, I'll store the diapers in a waterproof bag which is used to be my swim bag. I have 2 of such bag which I use alternatively. Each time I'll send 1 of the bag over to my parent place and leave it there.

The bag will be at my parent's house for the next 2- 3 days.  After that I'll bring over the 2nd bag to interchange with the first bag. This is sort of to "replenish" the cloth diapers "stock" at my parent's place.

3. My Car
Since TY is a "frequent traveller" in my car, I do store some cloth diapers in my car as well. As I mentioned earlier, am a lazy mama. It'll be quite hassle for me to remind myself to bring some cloth diapers in every outing. Sometime it is an ad-hoc decision that I decided to go for an outing with TY. That is why I always keep some cloth diapers in wet bag in my car.

For this, am loving the wet bag that comes with 2 compartment where I can store the clean cloth diaper in the dry section and the soiled diapers in the wet section. Save me the need of having 2 wet bag. Plus the wet/dry bag comes with a handle that I can easily hang it to the chair.

4. Living Room
I usually watch movie in the living room (like everyone do). There is a few occasion when it come to the most exciting heart throbing part of the movie, TY suddenly want me to change her diaper. This is so "turn off" that I got to run and rush to my room upstairs to get the diaper to do the diaper change before I can continue to enjoy the movie. Since then I decided to store some diaper in the living room as well!!!

I usually store about 2 to 3 pcs of diaper in one of the side table drawer to keep the diapers out of sight so that the living room will look less messy especially if there is guest who came to visit unexpectedly.

5. Storage Room
I do have a different storage for those brand new unused cloth diapers which I will store in the storage room. These include those brand new cloth diaper that I want to sell off since TY's diaper stash is too large. Some of it is those that I bought intended for next baby though am not sure myself when the next baby will be here. :P

I store these in a semi transparent storage box with cover so that I can tell what is the content of the box even without opening the box since I have a few storage box in the storage room. As am not going to use these diapers on TY, I keep the box covered at all time to keep it out from dust and dirts.

6. In My Room

TY is sleeping with me in our room. I do store some of the diapers next to her convertible cot using a diaper stacker which is tied to her cot. These diaper is store convenient next to her cot so that it is within my hand grasp. This is important to me especially when TY being cranky or when my laziness got hold of me. Hahaha... When my laziness hit me at peak, even 2 steps walk to get the diaper might feel like it's a 2 miles walk. :P

Finally, the wardrobe is where I store the majority of TY diapers collection. I make use of the existing built-in wardrobe that I have in my room to store TY's diaper stash. Initially I use only one compartment shelves. But as TY's diaper stash grow, it is occupying more and more shelves now.

The top shelve is the diapers that I'll hardly reached out for. Those is usually the diapers that TY have already outgrown but yet I still want to hoard over it. Probably will be keeping it for next baby.

The second shelve from top is where all the other diapering accessories like the additional insert and soaker, booster, prefold, liners and even flats (aka traditional lampin) is located. This is also where usually I put the EMAB bottom balm.

The third shelve is the diapers that I reached out most as this shelve is just at the right level where I can have a full view of the diapers without bending my knee, etc.  

The diapers on the left on this shelves is usually the diapers I use mostly for daytime only. The middle column is diapers that have narrower crotch and is trim enough to be wear under the clothes. Basically these is the diaper that I like to use for outing. Those on the right comprise mostly of fitted for night use. As TY is a heavywetter, am swear by fitted diaper for night diapering.

Lastly, the diapers on the 4th shelve is those diapers in preparation to replenish those in 3rd shelves after those in the 3rd shelve is used. This is also where I keep all the diapers cover like those PUL cover, fleece cover and soaker, as well as the woolies like wool longies and shorties.

And do you know that it is also for my eye candies to keep the diapers in the wardrobe in such a way. I can get a full view of the colorful diaper stash simply by slide open the wardrobe and sometime it does help to de-stress myself too when am looking at those.. :P
And well, that's how I store/ organize TY's cloth diapers stash. Am just praying hard that I can win for the grand prize of this giveaway as the prize looks really promising for use on heavy wetter which exactly what I need for TY.

~ This giveaway ends on 2nd April 2011.
~ To find out more about this giveaway, you may visit Cloth Diaper Malaysia.
~ The prizes for this giveaway is sponsored by Lovely Goody.