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Friday, October 29, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award ~ From Sheena

This an overdue posting. Few days ago, I received this "award" from a sweet mama whom I know from a forum. This is the beauty of a forums. It gathered people who share the common interest together. In this case, it's the cloth diapering and baby-wearing "hobbies" that brought us together. Hehehe...

This is how we should be doing it :-

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and the link of the person
Thanks you Sheena for presenting me this award!!! *Muacks*

2. Need to choose  15 awesome bloggers and their blog!! 
Hmmm.. My blog is still rather new. Not to mention I don't have much friend(s) who blogged also. Anyway, I will just list whoever blog that I know of here. It'll still be less than 15 though.. :P
3. Tell 7 things about me
  • Am a newly "reborn" blogger
  • Am a cloth diaper addicts
  • Am a avid online shopper
  • Am a full-time working mother/ daughter/ wife/ daughter in law
  • Am a mother to a sweet and cute little daughter (but sometime she is not as sweet and cute either...) :P
  • Am a wife to a stingy yet lovely husband
  • Am a babywearer mama too..
Last but not least, I do hope all the blogger listed up there will continue to present this awards to others... :)