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Monday, October 25, 2010

Credit Card Fraudulent

My credit card issuing bank usually will give me a call to verify on an online transactions. The bank will call me call me almost immediately after I done some online transactions to check if it is a genuine transaction. And most of the time, I'll receive SMS to notify me that my credit card is spent of so and so amount. Pretty efficient, huh? 

But this morning I received a phone call from my credit card issuing bank again to check on a transaction. Only different this time is it is on a transaction that is not done by me. After some questioning, the bank concludes that I might be a credit card fraudulent victim.

This "fraudulent transaction" is done this morning at about 8.18am while am still driving and is on the way sending TY to my parent place. I was told that it is paid to 1USA.com. Luckily it is not involving a large sum of amount. In my case, it's only USD 0.99.

Not sure how I got myself into this as I usually only make payment thru paypal. Does this mean that paypal isn't as safe as I thought? I guess I have to be extra careful next time. Don't want to get myself into the same things again.

Anyway, due to this, my credit card is now blocked by my credit card issuing bank. They will be issuing me a new credit card with a different number. This comes as a good news in disguise to me. No credit card means I'll not be able to do any online shopping thus my wallet will have some time to "recuperating" from all the damages done recently. But hey, it also mean I have to look for something else as my "de-stress therapy".

The bank told me I'll be receiving my new credit card in the next three or four working day. But I forseen that I might not be able to do any online shopping for the next one or two weeks as I'll need to do verification again on my paypal account. Hopefully there isn't any attractive sale during this period. Sigh...

By the way, though it's blocked, I have requested the bank to temporary uplifted the block so that I can made payment for my last purchase before it is permanently blocked now. Hehehe...

Arghh!!! I want shopping!!! I'll be missing you, my shopping spree...!!!