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Friday, October 15, 2010

Souvenir From France

My dearie hubby, WH have went to France for a business trip recently. While he is there, both of us manage to have some video chat using Facetime, a special feature in the new Iphone 4. Facetime allows us to chat for free but of course, there is pre-requirements for it :-
  • Both must have the Iphone 4
  • Both must be connected via wifi in order for the Facetime to work.
TY is so happy when she can see her daddy on the phone. Hmm... Ok. That's all on the Facetime and Iphone 4. You may just google about it if you really interested to know about Facetime and Iphone4. My posting should focus on the souvenir that I got from my hubby. :p

Come, come, come. Let guess what I got from my hubby as souvenir from his recent business trip. Louis Vuitton aka LV bag? Lols... Things like that can happen only in my dream... Hahaha...

Hubby told me he don't like to queue just to get into the LV shop in Paris. Plus it's not "logic" at all to spend thousands of Ringgit on something that you can get for under RM 100 in Petaling Street. Psst... Psst.. He is just trying to camouflage the facts that he is stingy. But then it's ok. Am fine without LV bag. Hahaha... In fact, for some unknown reason, I just couldn't find the chemistry between me and LV bag. :p

But well, hubby went all the way to Paris and all I got from him as souvenirs from Paris is FRIDGE MAGNET. Even then, I have to request for it. Other wise am 110% sure that he will come back empty hand without any souvenirs for me.

I have developed a new hobby recently. That is to start collecting fridge magnet from all the places me and hubby went. I just love to see the colourful fridge magnet with all the different designs. Whenever I look at the fridge magnet I'll recall what is the memories that I have at that place.

Well, this is a far more cheaper and less expensive hobby as compared to cloth diapering and babywearing. Don't you think so? Hehehe...

This is bought near the popular Eiffel Tower.
It shown an overview of popular spot in Paris.

This is a fridge magnet cum bottle opener from
Hard Rock Cafe Paris, France.


QarezmaV said...

very nice, the design is quite detailed compared to those we get locally!

MH Yap said...

Yeah, it looks nice. But I don't quite like the one from Hard Rock Cafe though... At first glance, it looks more like a skull than the Eiffel Tower... :p