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Friday, December 17, 2010

Back From Holiday... But Is Busy, Busy And Busy...

Arghh... Am finally back from my holiday. It's a tiring yet fun to go for holiday for almost 1 week. But now back to work I have a many backlog workloads to clear. Hmm... wondering when I can finish all these.

On top of all these, I still have a few pending blog post to write - on my wedding anniversary, my visit to the 1st Malaysia Baby, Children And Parent Expo in Mid Valley, the KL International Motor Show which is held in PWTC and also about my recent holiday to Singapore, Batam and Johore...

Ohh.. Gosh.. I think I'll need more than 24 hours a day!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cloth Diapering - How You Do Cloth Diapers Laundry

Cloth diapering mama... Let's share how you do the laundry for the cloth diaper?

I wash the cloth diapers laundry once every two days. I personally do not recommends you to do the laundry once every three days as it is more prone to get molds on the cloth diapers especially if it is a diaper from natural fabric like bamboo, cotton or hemp.  

Well, I would have wash it on daily basis if am a stay at home (SAHM) or a working at home mum (WAHM). Nobody like to have stinking diaper sitting around their house and am very sure no one like to have a stinking diaper odours around their house too. But too bad am not a SAHM or a WAHM. Am just a full time working mum (FTWM) like most people.

I am very sure that everyone of us have our own way of doing things. Some will just "dump" all the soiled diaper into the washing machine. Some will rinse before "dumping" it to the washing machine to do the rest. Some will fully handwash, etc. I don't know what is the best way to do the cloth diapers laundry. I just do the cloth diaper laundry the way that I personally think or make me feels better.

I usually practice a dry pail method. Before the laundry day, I'll place all the soiled diaper into a pail with cover. I use a pail with cover to reduce the odours from conquering the whole bathroom (yes, I do my laundry in the bathroom) or even to my bedroom. Generally, I didn't do any rinsing on the cloth diaper except for cloth diaper with poo poo before placing it into the pail.

Here is how I do the laundry. I'll first hand wash the cloth diapers with detergent then do one or two rounds of rinse before placing it into the washing machine for another round of washing without the detergent. And yes, the water is actually my main cleaning agents. I didn't put all the soiled cloth diaper straight into the washing machine for cleaning as I feels it is not clean enough or throughly.

Anyway, all my cloth diapers come out clean and fresh. At least there is no smelly odours on it. I sunned the cloth diapers too so that it can kills the bacteria and solar bleach it to remove stains without any chemicals.

Honestly, I have not do any strip washing on the cloth diaper except for once. That is when I first started cloth diapering and I have use too much of detergent at that time.

So far, I do not have any issue with the absorbency of the cloth diaper nor do I have the detergent build up problem with the way I do the laundry. In fact, I didn't really see the need for me to do stripping on the cloth diapers. Cloth diaper "lifespan" can be shorten is you frequent strip wash it. Am not saying that you can't do strip wash on the cloth diapers. You can do strip wash on it but do it only when you need it and not when as you like it.

Anyway, I know many working mama who air dry the cloth diapers indoor or under the fan. But I would suggest you to at least do your laundry once in the weekend so that you can sunned it.

By the way, for the fleece cover, soaker or longies, I'll wash it with the rest of the normal clothing laundry where we will use fabric softener. Using fabric softener on cloth diapers is a big NO NO. But when the fabric softener is use on the fleece cover or longies it actually helps the fleece cover or longies to be water resistant.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cloth Diapering : Brand That We Have Use/ Tried/ Once Owned In The Diaper Stash

Not too long ago a fellow forumer whom I fondly know her as Hanz have posted a list of the cloth diapers brand that she have used, tried, once owned or currently still in her son's stash in her blog, The Honey Bunch

Well, I thought it might be a good idea to list it down as I think I have started to lost count on the diaper brand that I have ever tried or use on my daughter. 

The below listing includes :-
  • those that have been used and is still in the stash
  • those that is still new and is in the stash (unused, unwashed)
  • those that have been tried but have since sold
  • those that I have already bought and is still in the mail
I'll categorized the diaper brand into the types of diaper. The diaper brand name is arranged in alphabetical order and not based on my preference on the diaper. There might be more. But these is what I can remember right now. I'll be updating this if there is more though... :P

Pocket Diaper

Baby Cheeks
Baby Doodlez

Baby Hanan (Sewn by a local mama)
Baby Kanga

Baby Wizard
BambooLite CM-TrueFit PUL (Can be use like AI2 style)
BambooLite (Older version)
Bayu Diaper


Freshbots DRYZ Pocket Diaper
Fuzzi Bunz
Green Acre Designs (GAD)
Happy Heiny's
LampinKain (Sewn by a local mama)

Mommy's Touch
Moms & Tots
Moo Moo Kow

Nice Cloth Diaper
Pretty Printed
Rocky Mountain Diaper (RMD)
Rumparooz G2

Swaddlebees Econappi

All-In-One (AIO) / All-In-Two (AI2)
Baby Beehinds Minkee Magic All (with pocket for stuffing)
Baby Beehinds Petite AI2

Baby Wombie (Sewn by a local mama)
Bagshot Bamboo Row

BambooLite AI2
Berry Plush AI2

Best Bottom AI2
Bling Bumz AI2 (Sewn by a local mama)

Blueberry Basix AIO
Bottombumpers AIO
Bubble Butt Diapers AIO

BumGenius Freetime AIO
BumGenius Organic AIO

Chago Mago AI2
Coolababy AIO
Cushie Tushies AIO
Cute Tooshies AI2

Cutey Baby AIO
Doodle Dypes
Dream Eze Organic AIO
Drybees Hybrid AIO (with pocket for stuffing)

Flip System
Freshbots Snazzy AI2
GoodMama AIO
Grovia AI2
Grovia AIO
Heartland Dreams AI2
Itti Bitti D'lish/ Brites AIO
Itti Bitti D'lish/ Brites SIO
Itti Bitti Tutto

Kissaluvs Marvel AIO
Little Boppers

Maybel's Closet AI2 (Sewn by a local mama)

Moms & Tots AI2
Monkeez AIO
Monkey Doodlez Bamboo AIO
Muttaqin Baby AI2
My Eco Nappy

Nice Cloth Diaper AI2
Pampered Cheek
Piddle Poodle
Primm n' Proper Baby
Ridzs Collections (Sewn by a local mama)

Sprout Change Diaper
Starbunz AIO
Swaddlebees AIO (with pocket for stuffing)

Swaddlebees Simplex AIO
Thirsties Duo Diaper
TotsBots Easyfit AIO
Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum AI2
Twinkle Crystal AI2 (Sewn by a local mama)

Wool In Two (WI2)

Fitted Diaper
Baby Beehinds Bamboo FittedBaby Beehinds Hemp Fitted
Baby Beehinds Night Fitted

Baby Wombie (Sewn by local mama)
BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted (With pocket for stuffing)
Banana Bottoms
Bangshot Bamboo Row
Bella Bottoms

Bella Posh
Blueberry OS Bamboo Fitted

Bubble Butt Diapers
Bubblebubs Good Night Sleep Tight
Bugga Bugga Boutique

Bunnyfeet Boutique
Cheeky Butts
Cooshie Tooshies
Cute Tooshies
Dillon & Claire
Doodle Dypes
Dream Eze
Fluffy Mail

Four Little Fluff Bugs
Freshbots (Sewn by local mama)
Graham Bear Wear
Green Acre Designs (GAD) (Pocket Fitted)
Green Sprout Baby

Guerilla Fluff
Happy Hempy (Pocket Fitted)
Itti Bitti Boo

K&K Chubby Cheeks
Kiwi Pie
Klbs Baby Boutique

Kooshie Keister
LampinKain (Sewn by a local mama)
Lil Adi Cloth Diaper

Little Bettle
Little Boppers
Little Fancy Pants

Littla Lamb
Mandi's Menagerie
Mandy's Mac Purple
Meg A Roo's Designs
Monkey Snuggles
Monkey Toe Diapers
Muttaqin Baby
My Diaper Addiction 

Nifty Nappy
One Happy Baby

Owl Nest Designs
Pampered Cheek
Pianissimo Cloth
Piddles Poddles
Piper's Closet
Poopsie Doodles
Poverty Jane
Primm n' Proper Baby
Purple Lily Boutique
Seun Designs Inc.
Shabby Pants

Sticky Peas
Sunny Day Babies
The Covered Caboose
The Eli Monster

The Raven Tree
Thirsties Duo Fitted
Tiny Tush Trim Fitted
TotsBots Bamboozle
Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum
Twigs And Vine

Zinnia Flower

Diaper Cover (PUL)
Baby Beehinds PUL Wrap
Berry Plush

Bunnyfeet Boutique
Eenee Designs

Little Lamb Wrap
Thirsties Duo Wrap
Wonder Wrap

Diaper Cover (Fleece/ Wool)
Fleece cover by BambooLite
Fleece longies by Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum

Fleece shorties by Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum
Fleece soaker/ skirty by Wild Child for Babies
Fleece soaker by Dancing Bear
Wool wrap by Loveybums
Wool longies by Forty41
Wool longies by Snuggle Pants
Wool longies/ capri by Sweet Violets Mama
Wool soaker by Kozy Design

Wool soaker by Little Beetle
Wool soaker by Loveybums
Wool soaker by Twigs And Vine
Wool soaker by Three Happy Trees

Prefold/ Snapfold/ Converted Prefold/ Flat
Econobum (Comes with cover)

Mandi's Menagerie
One Happy Baby

Oso Cozy
Swaddleebees Flat
Tinkle Traps

Pull-Up Pant
Antsy Pant
Little Doodlez

List updated on 28th February 2012

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cloth Diapering : What Detergent To Use

Am taking the cue from the Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents group that I joined in Facebook recently to write this posting. There is quite a number of parent who newly converted to cloth diaperingtheir children ask which detergent or sort that is suitable to use to wash the cloth diaper.

I'll be updating this post from time to time as there will be new detergent poping out every now and then in the market that is suitable for use to wash the cloth diaper. I do hope that this detergent listing can be use as a reference especially to the new cloth diapering parent.

Do update me if you found any detergent that is safe/ unsafe for cloth diaper.

Detergents that is formulated for cloth diaper or best use for cloth diaper
(Available locally in Malaysia)
  • Autumnz - Baby Safe Laundry Detergent
  • BumGenius Diaper Detergent
  • Charlie's Soap (powder)
  • LunaCare Detergent
  • Nellie's Laundry Soda
  • Pureen HAD (liquid)
  • Rockin' Green Detergent
  • Tiny Bubbles Detergent

Detergents that is formulated for cloth diaper or best use for cloth diaper
(Currently NOT available locally in Malaysia yet)
  • Crunchy Clean
  • Country Save
  • Bio-Vert (with no perfume)
  • Alltitude
  • Bi-O-Kleen Laundry Powder
  • Charlie's Soap (liquid)
  • Dropps Baby
  • Nature Clean
  • Vaska
Other detergents that is NOT formulated for cloth diaper BUT is said to be safe for cloth diaper
(Have been tried/ tested by others)
  • BabyOrganix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser
  • Cosway Kiddiewash
  • Fab
  • Might Detergent
  • Trojan
  • Kuat Harimau
Generally all the basic detergent can be use so long the detergent is free from additives like:-
- Softener
- Enyzme
- Bleach/ Whitener
- Anti-bacterial properties
- Oils

Others that is NOT a detergent BUT can be use to wash cloth diaper
(Note : Might not be as effective as the other detergent though)
  • Soap Nut
  • Laundry Ball
Detergents that is not suppose to use for cloth diaper
(And yet there is still people using it to wash cloth diaper)
  • Pureen Kiddiwash
  • Pureen ABD
  • Kao Attack
  • Nappikleen
  • Top Detergent

Breastfeeding : Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies

I came across this when one of my forumer friend shared it in her Facebook. It's a recipe to bake a cookies. It's a cookies that is said to be able to boost the breastmilk supply as many lactating moms have claimed.

Well, I have stop breastfeeding. But still I thought it is good to share this with everyone else especially those who are still breastfeeding their child and have a low breastmilk supply. 

Hopefully this cookies can really helps to boost the breastmilk supply. Am keeping this recipe for my reference in the future. But I do hope that I'll have sufficient milk supply and don't need this in the future if I ever breastfeed though... :P

Picture from Diary Of A First Child

Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies
Ingredients :-
- 1 cup of butter or margarine
- 1 cup of sugar
- 1 cup of brown sugar
- 4 tablespoons of water
- 2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal (no substitution)
- 2 large eggs
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla
- 2 cups of flour
- 1 teaspoon of baking soda
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 2-4 tablespoons of brewers yeast 
(no substitution)
- 3 cups of oats

- 1 cup chocolate chips

Preparation :-
- Preheat oven to 350°
- Mix the flaxseed meal and water and set it aside for 3 - 5 minutes
- Beat the butter, sugar and brown sugar well
- Add eggs and mix well
Stir flaxseed mix into butter mix and add vanilla
- Beat until well blended
- Sift together the flour, brewers yeast, baking soda and salt
- Add dry ingredients to the butter mix
- Stir in oats and chocolate chips
- Scoop or drop by teaspoonfuls onto a non stick baking sheet, or one lined with baking paper
- Bake for 8 - 12 minutes
- Let it set for a couple minutes before remove from tray

Total serving size : 
- Around 4 - 6 dozen of cookies depending how big you scoop or drop the cookies.

Recommended "dose" :
- 4 cookies a day

Storage :
- Cookies can be store in the freezer

Note : 
- Flaxseed seed and brewers yeast is suppose to be a main ingredients on this recipe that helps to boost the breastmilk supply and it cannot be substitute with others.
- But as I read more about this recipe, I actually found there is others who have substitute some or part of ingredient in this recipe to something else and yet it still give them the same "boosting" effect.
- To add on, the lactation cookies recipe above is not really that healthy with the amount of the sugar and brown sugar used.
- This is another reason why some change this recipe here and there a bit to make it "healthier".
- The other reason as to why part of the ingredient is changed is because there are some people who are unable to get a constant supply of that particular ingredient at the place where they stayed. (ie : brewers yeast).

The Other Options On The Ingredients ~ Said to be healthier by others
(Below is some of the option that have been tried by others. Am just compiling  these from HERE and some from elsewhere)

1. To changed the white flour to whole wheat flour (some changed it to 1/2 wheat flour and 1/2 oat flour).

2. To add fenugreek to the basic recipe.

3. Use only 1/4 cup of white sugar, 1/4 cup of brown sugar and add 2 tablespoon of molasses.

4. Some didn't use sugar or brown sugar at all and replace it with 2 - 4 tablespoon of molasses.

5. Replace the chocolate chip to raisin, almonds, walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, sesame seeds or any of these combination(Depending on what is the taste that you like).

6. Add ginger if the nursing mama have a slow letdown (this is not recommended for those who have significant blood loss after birth as ginger is a natural blood thinner).

7. Replace the brewers yeast with 7 opened capsules of fenugreek and add 1 cup of dried cranberries.

8. Use only 1/2 cup of butter and substitute the other 1/2 with apple sauce.

9. Some use coconut oil in place of the butter.

10. For those who are allergic to oats can either make the cookies without the oats or simply substitute the oats with baby food rice cereal and add some raisin into it.

p/s : 
The lactating cookies does looks yummy isn't it in the picture above. Anyway, do let me know if any of you have tried this recipe. Does it really helps to boost the breastmilk supply like what others have claimed?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crafty Art Market - The Bee @ Jaya One

I went to the Crafty Art Market with etsy Malaysia team which is held from 11am till 6pm at The Bee, Jaya One last saturday. Well, it was a last minutes decisions that I decided to go to the Crafty Art Market. I went there with TY. Hubby didn't come along as he is still not back from overseas. I have been "virtually" invited in Facebook by Honey Narasiah of Honey's Hive to this event. Yes, you read it right. Her name is Honey. It is sweet name, isn't it. Anyway, I wouldn't know there is such an event if Honey didn't invited me.

Honey and her stall at the Crafty Art Market.
The one standing next to her is her daughter, Svara.

This is what she have for sale that day
Anyway, the main reason why I decided to go to that Crafty Art Market was to get my custom earrings that I have ordered quite sometime ago. Honestly, am not fond of wearing earring previously because those earring seems heavy and will sort of pull and "dragged" my ear. But now I got hooked to it and can't stop buying them. I simply love earring now thanks to the Honey's Hive.. Hahaha.. 

The paper quilled earring is really lightweight and the best part is I can choose to custom the design, color down to the hook for the earring. Well, because I really love the earring, I bought more earring when am there. There is buy 3 pair free 1 pair promotion there. But of course, the free pair is of the same or lower value and I can choose the design from the available earrings there. With this purchase, all in all I think I have at least 13 pairs or so of the paper quilled earring from Honey's Hive. :P By the way, apart from earrings Honey do sell photo frame, etc.

The earring that I bought from Honey's at the Crafty Art Market

My collection of earrings from Honey's Hive. There is one more pair
not in picture. And yeah, I know am crazy... :P
Apart from Honey's Hive stall there, I have only manage to take a quick stroll to another 2 more stall as most of the other stall there have started packing and cleaning. One of it is also selling accessories like earring and necklace while the other is more on sewing like purse, pouch, bag or even hair accessories. And again, I DID bought something from both of the stall.

The stall that selling earring and necklace do have an online store in etsy. But I don't quite remember what is the name as they do not give me any name card or sort to promote their etsy store. This stall selling many nice and unique design earrings that made from gemstone like peridot, amethyst or sort. I like the earring there but decided just get some simple earrings from the cheapest range. That's RM 10 per pair. Hahaha... I did bought another pair at RM 15. It is slightly more expensive as the the seller use peridot stone. 

The earring that I bought from the other stall.
Just realized that all the earing design that I bought from this stall is the same.
Probably that is the only choice I got from the cheaper range? :P

While the second stall name is 5* Petal Flower. The owner have the etsy account but yet to set up the online store in etsy. She told me she'll set up the stall pretty soon. She is  really a nice and humble lady to chat with. I bought a pair of hair clip from her which cost me RM 5 for a pair of it. I really love the hair clip. It is a love at first sight for me. The color really contrasting well. In fact, I did leave her my email so that she can contact me. Am looking forward to custom hair clips from her ~ it's for my daughter, of course... Just hope that it'll not turn into yet another addiction to me. Hehehe...

The hair clip from 5* Petal Flower.
I love the colour combo.

By the way, do you know that it is the International Buy Nothing Day that Saturday? I would give my support and buy nothing on that day. But too bad I only knew it is the International Buy Nothing Day after I done my shopping on that day... :P

Friday, November 26, 2010

12th World Of Chinese Book Fair (2010)

I have meant to post this few days ago. I thought I posted it to my blog and yet it is still in the "draft" and I didn't realized it.

Anyway, last Sunday morning after we have taken our breakfast, we have our family day out at a book fair. There is an ongoing book fair held at the International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC),  Mines. The 12th World Of Chinese Book Fair is being held from 19th November 2010 till 28th November 2010.

We reach there at about 10am and there is already many car queuing up to enter to the parking area. The book fair open at 11am and since we arrived there early, we just went for a walk around the mall. When it is about time we walk to the entrance and bought the entrance ticket. The entrance ticket cost RM 2 per person for adult. Didn't know it required entrance ticket since I have never been to any book fair prior to this. :P Anyway, no entrance ticket is required for TY. Hehehe... Oh yes, we bump into one of hubby's business partner there also.

There is so many people in that book fair. Kid can easily get lost in the crowds. Honestly, I don't quite understand myself as to why I decided to come for this book fair. Being a "banana" myself, I can hardly read chinese. Probably that explained why I didn't manage to buy even a single book from the tons of book that available there.

There is just so many people there.
Am glad to see there is still many people love reading.

There is tons of book in the book fair.
The book is arranged neatly and is just awaiting for someone to grab it.

Well, I didn't go home empty hand though. It's just so not me if I go home emptied hand. Hehehe... I bought some educational CD-Rom, VCD and DVD for TY. Well, I personally don't quite fond with the idea of TY watching TV or computer even if it is for education purpose. At least not for now. I know she will get "hooked" to it easily. But TY's father (aka my hubby) insisted that we buy some as he believe these programs is far more effective and easier for her to learn.

The educational DVD, VCD and CD-Rom for TY
The I bought a box of oldies song CD. Recently, I have fall in love all over again with oldies. By the way, that oldies song box set is really expensive It cost me close to RM 200 for it!! Hubby on the other hand have bought something for himself as well. He bought the Dragonball and Dragon Ball Z anime box set. Hehehe...
For myself - Oldies song box set. WH's anime box set is not pictured
I really can't believe that I can be such a failure!!! Went to book fair but didn't manage to buy any books. But bought other stuff that I should not buying instead.. Sob.. Sob..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabulous Mom Warehouse Clearance Sale (2010)

Fabulous Mom is having it's warehouse clearance sale from 20th November 2010 till 23rd November 2010. And yet again, I went to the sales. I went to the TTDI branch on Saturday night at about 8.30pm when it is going to close soon. Initially I have wanted to go in the morning. But decided not so as I know the place will be packed with many people.

Screenshot taken from Fabulous Mom website
on the sales
(Click on the picture to view larger)

The initial purpose am there is helping my sister to get some nursing top. But alas, those nursing top that my sister interested to get is sold. Most of the nursing top or dress is on 50% discount there. I would have grab some if am still nursing. But unfortunately, am no longer breastfeeding TY now. I have stop breastfeeding her since she is around 1.5 years old.

Since the nursing top that my sister interested is sold, I make a quick move to walk around to see if there is anything that I need as it is almost time for the shop to close. 

In the end, I spent more than RM 70 on some Bumbleebee's product in my less than 30 minutes shopping spree. Hahaha... I know in some place when there is promotion or offer, I can get up to 30% discount for Bumbleebee product but am just kind of lazy to wait for it. So I just grab some stuff since there is 20% storewide discount.

I have bought some socks and tights for TY, a bolster case and a safety latch. Am in need of the latch to refrain TY from open the fridge. She have started to love to open and close the fridge door recently and I find it quite dangerous especially if she ever trying to pull those bottle or anything from the fridge door. She might hurt herself.

Clockwise : Sock, Tights, Safety Latch, Bolster Case

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giveaway : Are You That Lucky One..???

While I browsing the website randomly just now I stumbled upon a blog and hey, there is a giveaway on that particular blog. And to enter for that giveaway is pretty easy too. That is why I decided to enter it now. It's a last minutes entry though as the closing date is on 17th November 2010..

Wondering which blog that am referring to? It's THIS blog. Just click on the link and find out how to enter the giveaway. It is really easy to enter. Trust me.. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Honestly, I don't really what or how should I write for this giveaway. Well, luckily the organizer of this giveaway did gave some guideline for it. We got to answer the following question...

Are Am A User Of Any Eco-Friendly Product?
Ok. I'll admit it here. I think am NOT an eco-friendly products user. But wait.. Is cloth diaper considered eco-friendly? If yes, then am a eco-friendly product user, isn't it...? :P

Anyway, let's get serious here. Let me explain why am not an eco-friendly product user (yet) especially for household products.

1. Cost
I have always thought that eco-friendly product will cost more (which is quite true) as compare to the other commercially available household products. Commercially available household products (aka not eco-friendly products) usually comes with a cheaper price tag. Well, who doesn't prefer something that is cheaper?

Especially when our money don't grow on the tree....
Image : Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It'll not fall from the sky freely for us neither....
And with the rising living cost....
We will try to save every single cents for future use or to locate the amount we save for other commitments that we have.

Image : graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. Availability of the product
There isn't much eco-friendly products available in Malaysia as oppose to the commercially available product. Plus it seems that these eco-friendly product is available only at some selected places only and it is not as widely available like those commercial product that is not eco-friendly.

I personally tends to buy something that we can get easily from shopping mall or hypermarket caused it's just convenient for me. I can just do my shopping in one of the shopping mall and then simply grab one or two of those products that is not eco-friendly on the go from the convenient store or hypermarket.

Image : Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

But I have to admit also if given the choice, I would prefer to do online shopping from the comfort of my home too.

But then again when the shipping cost is added to the purchase, it will make the product cost even much high and make me think twice whether it worth the price. If discounted shipping or free shipping is offered then it will be different altogether.

3. Effectiveness of the eco-friendly product
Ok. Blame it to those commercially available product advertisement on this. I tends to think that those commercially available product like the toilet cleaner is able to clean the toilet better than eco-friendly products. Probably I watch too many of those commercially available products advertisement. There is tonnes of those advertisement even if I don't want to watch it. Those advertisement will highlights on how great or effective is a particular product in doing it work. Me as a consumer in some way or another will have some doubt and will then buy the product in the pretext to test it but in the end will continue using it. 

Plus, most of the time when I think of eco-friendly household products, unconsciously I'll associate it as a product that use less chemical, thus less harsh and therefore unable to clean or work well. Hmm, honestly I don't know why I have such thought or mindset. 


1. It's free to enter with chances to win great prizes
This is really straight forward. It's free!! Who doesn't like freebie? It wouldn't do any harm to myself or anybody else if I participate in this giveaways anyway. :P
Plus the prizes offered quite attractive especially for the grand prize. At the very least the prizes for this giveaway is from the Seventh Generation. It's not some cheapo company product that I believe some of us come across before. 

Seventh Generation is an US based company
selling eco-friendly products.

2. Self Awareness
I do aware on the condition of the Earth today. In fact, it just hit to me naturally that we should protect the Earth. BUT I don't think I have done anything for it. At least not before my daughter is born.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I became more and more concern with the planet we are living right now, the Earth. I started to think on the consequence if I were to continue to use those disposable diaper that take ages to breakdown and disappear in the landfill. I feel horrified when I do the calculation only to know that there will be so many disposable that will be end up in the landfill. I hope to reduce my "contributions" to the landfill. That is why I started to cloth diapering my daughter.

Plus I didn't know that the commercially available household product that I use to clean the house is actually so toxic and harmful not only to the environment but also to our health. I only get to know about it not too long ago after I read THIS.

Image : renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In a way or another, we'll pollute the environment with some kind of chemical whether we like it or not. But after I read up that article it actually make me think that I should do something about it as I do not wish to pollute the Earth with so much and different kind of chemicals. I just wanted to have a safe place for living for the next and future generations.

So I know I won't be able to eliminate it but I do hope that I can reduce it. That is why trying my luck to win in this giveaways so that I can use the eco-friendly products and helps in "hurting" the Earth any further. I do want to do my part in protecting the Earth so that my children and the generation to come can continue living in this planet.

Image : Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

3. Prove Me Wrong !!!
As I have mentioned earlier, eco-friendly product gave me an impression that it can't work or clean as effective as those commercially available household product that is not eco-friendly. I believe I might not the only one who have such mindset or perception. So, let me win this giveaway so that I can try on the product myself to see if it's really as good or even better than those commercial products. Let's prove am wrong and change my thought!!

My Suggestion
Hmm.. This is not part of the giveaway requirement. After I done some read up online, most commented that eco-friendly product is good. Hmm, if that is the case then may I suggest to all the eco-friendly product seller to offer some good discount every now and then? With a good discount it'll encourage others to buy the eco-friendly products. Who knows that these people might turn to be a eco-friendly user later, right?

Ok. With that said I do hope I'll be able to win in this giveaway... :P

Anyone who is interested in participating in this giveaway, you are welcome to join me. The deadline for this giveaways have extended to 30th November 2010 instead 15th November 2010.  :)

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