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Friday, May 11, 2012

Giveaway : I Want To Win Babywearing Gear For Great Cloth Diaper Change Malaysia 2012

The Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents (MCDP) a Facebook group devoting for cloth diapering parents in Malaysia is having a giveaways in conjunction with the post-Great Cloth Diaper Change Malaysia 2012 (GCDC) event.

This is a great giveaways if you are interested to get a soft structured carrier (SSC) to kick start your babywearing journey. Even if you are an existing babywearer, you are still very much welcome to join in this giveaways to add this SSC into your babywearing stash!!!

This giveaway SSC is proudly sponsored by our local Malaysian baby carrier maker :-

The SSC on the left is sponsored by Big Eyes Shop and the
SSC on the right is sponsored by SnuggBaby

Giveaway Deadline : 20th May 2012 before 11.00pm (GMT +8)

There will be two (2) winner chosen to win this SSC. It's pretty easy to join in this giveaways and since there isn't much entries for it yet, there is a high possibility that you could be one of the winner. So hurry!!!

For more information on how to participate in this giveaways, do check out :-


Monday, September 12, 2011

List Of Malaysian Brand Cloth Diaper

- This is the list of Malaysian brand of cloth diaper that I have come across thus far.
- NOT all the diaper brand listed below is made in Malaysia.
- List is compiled in alphabetical order.
- List with asterix (*) next to the brand name means the diaper is sewn by the local mama.
- List without the asterix (*) sign indicates am not sure whether it is hand sewn or the diaper could be OEM from else where.
- There could be more. Do let me know if you have come across any that is not in the list below by leave a comment.

Website : http://www.apootaern.com/malaysian-made-cloth-diaper
Facebook : Apootaern

BabyHanan **
Website : babyhanan.blogspot.com 
Facebook : Siti Zubaidah Idris 

Baby Wombie **
Facebook : Jamie Khoo

Website : http://www.bamboolite.com/
Facebook : Bamboolite

Bayu Diapers
Website : http://sentuhanbayu.biz/products/New-%21-Bayu-PUL-Printed-%E2%80%93-Ruby-Series.html#
Facebook : Sentuhan Bayu

Bling Bumz **
Facebook : Mama Sewbulous
(Temporary not taking order)

Bouncy Baby
Website : http://www.tinytapir.com/

Chago Mago **
Website : chagomago.blogspot.com
Facebook : Rabbit The Penguin

Website : freshbots.wordpress.com

Website : http://www.gifts-h.com/
Facebook : Gifts From Heaven

Keen On Cloth **
Website : keenoncloth.wordpress.com

LampinKain  **
Website : http://www.lampinkain.com/

Little Doodlez
Website : http://www.littledoodlez.com/

Little 'N' Handmade **
Facebook : Little 'N' Handmade

Website : http://www.lunatots.com/v2/
Facebook : Lunatots

MadeByTyne **
Facebook : Hartini Baharuddin
(Diapers is available thru reseller only)

Moleygarden Patch **
Website : www.moleygarden.com/wp
Facebook : Moleygarden Patch
(Malaysian mama based in US)

Mom & Tot
Website : http://www.momsntots.com.my/
Facbook : Moms & Tots Store

Mrs Pweety **
Website : mrspweetty.blogspot.com
(Malaysian mama based in US)

Website : http://www.myhappyfamily.com.my/
Facebook : MyEcoNappy

Nice Cloth Diaper
Website : http://www.niceclothdiaper.com/
Facebook : niceclothdiaper.com

Pixie Bloomies **
Website : maybelscloset.blogspot.com
Facebook : Maybel's Closet

Ridzs Collections **
Website : ridzscollections.blogspot.com

Website : http://snuggbaby.com/snugg-cloth-diaper
Facebook : SNUGGbaby

Twinkle Crystal **
Facebook : Crystal Princess Cottage

Ummi Creates **
Website : lynnhomemades.blogspot.com
Facebook :  Puan Lynn Nasir

Friday, July 8, 2011

Review : SNUGGbaby OS Pocket Diaper

This is a long overdue posting which I should have write since early of last month. But due to my busy work schedule, I have taken some time off from writing and updating this particular blog of mine. To Liza Yaakup of SNUGGbaby, am really sorry for this late posting.
SNUGGbaby have organized a mini giveaway way back in the end of April and am so happy when Liza announced that am one of the three lucky winner for the mini giveaway in May. Many thanks to SNUGGbaby that am able to get a free diaper!!!

SNUGGbaby OS Pocket Diaper in Baby Hue

SNUGGbaby OS pocket diaper have just hit the market few months back. It is a new cloth diaper brand that is proudly made in Malaysia.

SNUGGbaby pocket diaper is an One Size cloth diaper which is said to fits from newborn till around 13 kgs. It can be adjusted to small, medium, large and extra large size. The size is adjust through the rise snap on the front of the diaper.

It is available in snap closure only. But unlike most One Size cloth diaper that comes with overlapping snap closure, the SNUGGbaby OS pocket diaper DO NOT have overlapping snap closure.

Just like any other cloth pocket diaper, it have a pocket opening to stuff in the insert. Each diaper set come with 2 pieces of insert :-
  • 1 piece x 3 layers microfiber insert
  • 1 pece x 2 layers hemp insert
The pocket opening to stuff in insert

At the time when I wrote this review, it is available in 4 different solid colours only. No prints is available.
  • Baby Hue (blue colour)
  • Pink Cloud (pink colour)
  • Spiceberry (purple colour)
  • Barnabrown (brown colour)
From SNUGGbaby website, it did not specify what exactly is the fabric it use for lining. It only stated that it used a "stay dry wicking fabric". From my personal point of view, the fabric for lining looks like an athletic wicking fabric which feel the same as some sport jersey.

My Verdict (After More than 10 times of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • As I have mentioned at the begining of this posting, I got this SNUGGbaby OS pocket diaper free from SNUGGbaby mini giveaway.
  • SNUGGbaby is retailing at RM 45 per diaper.
  • Bulk discount is available as well and the diaper can go as low as RM 37.50 per piece for purchase of 12 pcs and above.
  • I find the diaper is reasonably priced given the material and quality of the diaper.
  • SNUGGbaby OS pocket diaper can be purchase directly from SNUGGbaby website.
  • I was told by Liza Yaakup of SNUGGbaby that currently there is one retailer in Penang that is Mom's Little One (MLO) located at D'Piazza Mall.
  • There is also resellers for this diaper in Kota bahru and Johor Bahru.
  • The retailers/ reseller list can be found in SNUGGbaby website.

2. Fitting
  • Sad to say that my gal can't fit in this diaper as she is already around 15 - 16 kgs when I got this diaper.
  • But thanks goodness that I have a tab extender from a different diaper to use with this SNUGGbaby diaper.
  • My gal can only fit this diaper with the tab extender without leaving any red mark on her.
  • BUT for the purpose of this review, I have actually "loan" this diaper to my sister for use on my 16th month old niece who weighted around 10 kgs.
  • My niece fit on this diaper on the highest rise setting with probably medium waist setting.
  • This diaper fit my niece nicely that it doesn't leave any red mark on her skinny thigh.
  • There is 2 row of snap where we can adjust the waist and thigh setting accordingly to some extend.
  • This actually helps to provide better fitting on my niece.
  • The bulkiness is more or less about the same as most pocket diaper like coolababy.
The 2 row of snap helps to adjust the waist and thigh setting accordingly.
Rise snap on the front of diaper to adjust the diaper to different size setting.

3. Absorbency
  • I would say the inserts that comes with the diaper (1 microfiber and 1 hemp insert) do not provide sufficient absorbency for overnight use especially for older toddler like my daughter.
  • For that reason, I have only tested this diaper for day use only.
  • When I tested this diaper on my 29 months old daughter, the diaper cannot last for more than 2 hours as she is quite a heavy wetter.
  • But for my niece, it can last longer than that though.
  • Not sure how long it can last exactly, but it last at least 3 hours on my niece.

The microfiber and hemp insert that comes with the
SNUGGbaby OS Pocket Diaper

4. Color/ Prints
  • As mentioned earlier, SNUGGbaby OS pocket diaper do not available in prints.
  • It is available in 4 different plain solid color only (Baby Hue, Pink Cloud, Spiceberry and Barnabrown).
  • Well, even though it is plain solid colour, the colours looks pretty good and unique on it's own.
  • I personally LOVE the Spiceberry colour so much!!!
  • But I choose to have Baby Hue colour instead for my free diaper from the mini giveaway since I already had another cloth diaper in the same colour. :P

5. Overviews
  • What I really like about the SNUGGbaby OS pocket diaper is the lining it use.
  • The fabric use really does offer stay dry (though it might not feeling as dry as diaper with suedecloth or microfleece as lining).
  • Not sure if it is only me, but the athletic wicking kind of fabric used on this diaper actually make the baby bum feels cooling when I do diaper change.
  • The diaper seems quite stretchy.
  • I suppose it can fit up to 13 kgs just like what it stated on the website. (It is just tad bad that my gal is "overweight" in this case. :P)
  • I think it would be good if there is accessories like the extender tab for the SNUGGbaby diaper so the diaper can be use beyond the stated weight like what I did.
The wing tab extender that I got from the other cloth diaper in the
collection. I can continue to use the diaper on my daughter who weighted
more than 13 kgs

  • As for the diaper insert, the maker might have not take into account that the hemp insert will shrinked.
  • I would be more happy if the hemp inset is slightly bigger than the microfiber when it is still new as the hemp insert do shrinked quite a lot after washes.