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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giveaway : The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket

The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket in Pink Starling & Plush Pink Minky
(Image taken from
Spinkie website)
I log in to my facebook today and saw Mummy's Reviews have a new posting. There is a new giveaway!!! I have never participate in any of the giveaway by Mummy's Reviews previously. But now I love giveaway ever since I decided to be a blogger again. Hehehe...

Mummy's Reviews is having giveaway on The Pat-a-Cake Baby blanket. The three lucky winner will be able to get away with a The Pat-a-Cake Baby blanket which worth USD 35 each. The blanket is sponsored by Spinkie, a Singapore based online store. 

The prizes in this giveaway looks really attractive to me. Am eyeing on the Pink Staring & Plush Pink Minky Dot blanket (as shown in the picture above). Really hope that am one of the lucky winner in this giveaway.

For more details on how to participate in this, please visit Mummy's Reviews website HERE.

p/s : For those who read this and want to participate in this giveaway, feel free to do so. Just mentioned that I referred you to participate in this so that I can get extra entries. :P