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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comparison : BambooLite Printed Fleece Cover VS CM-TrueFit PUL Extra

From one of the forum that I joined, there is some who actually interested to get the BambooLite printed fleece cover to use with the BambooLite foldover insert as it is a cheaper option as compared to the BambooLite CM-TrueFit PUL Extra which already comes with the foldover insert.

I'll not advocate which option is better as it is all boil down to your personal preference. What I wrote here is just some different between the printed fleece cover (when use with the foldover insert) and also the PUL Extra.

1. Cost
Price shown below is retail price and exclude discount if any.
  • Printed Fleece Cover (Limited Edition prints) + foldover insert - RM 63.00
  • Printed Fleece Cover (not LE prints) + foldover insert - RM 61.00
  • PUL Extra (already comes with foldover insert) - RM 66.00

2. Water-proofing and breathability
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • It is water resistant but not waterproof.
    • It is water resistant only when it is wash correctly.
    • Diaper fleece cover should be wash with the usual laundry with fabric softener and not with the diapers laundry.
    • There is still possibility that it'll leak since it is not waterproof.
    • But this usually happen only if the fitted diaper or the soaker is very soiled to the extend it can't hold any wetness anymore.
  • PUL Extra
    • As the name implies, it have a layer of PUL which is waterproof.
    • It reduced the possibility of leakage when it is wear correctly and fit well with baby.
    • Not as breathable as the fleece cover so baby bum might feel warm/ hot.

3. Prints/ Colours
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • Comes only in prints.
    • There are 5 prints available.
  • PUL Extra 
    • Comes only in solid colours.
    • There are 10 colours to choose from.

4. Closure
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • Only comes with snap closure.
    • Side snapping.
  • PUL Extra 
    • Can choose between snap or velcro closure.
    • Front snapping/ velcro with overlapping snap/ velcro.
    • Velcro closure will be more caretaker/ babysitter friendly as compared to snap closure.

5. Style
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • As diaper cover when use without the insert - can use the same cover for a few time before wash
    • As AI2 when use with the insert. Simply lay on the insert to the cover.
  • PUL Extra
    • As pocket diaper - there is a pocket opening to stuff the insert.
    • As diaper cover when use without the insert - but still need to change in each diaper change since the inner is made of absorbent layer or else it might stinks if continue to use it with other fitted diaper as cover.
    • As AIO - can lay on the insert instead of stuff into the pocket and there is snap to hold the insert.
    • Note : Though it can be use like AI2, I put it here only as AIO as the inner is made of absorbent layer.

6. Bulkiness
Both is almost the same but the Printed Fleece Cover might be slighly bulkier than the PUL Extra by a bit as it is more "fluffy".

7. Total Absorbency Layers
(After the foldover insert is fold to half)
  • Printed Fleece Cover - 6 layers (All from the foldover insert)
  • PUL Extra - 7 layers (6 layers from the foldover insert, 1 layer from the diaper inner)

8. Size
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • Comes in 2 sizes - Size 1 and Size 2 (Might have to buy 2 pcs of the different size to last till potty trained)
    • General sizing guide :-
      • Size 1 fit baby from 3 - 12kg,
      • Size 2 fit baby from 5 - 18kg
    • Not able to adjust the leg opening
  • PUL Extra
    • Comes as One Size to fit from 3 - 18kg
    • Able to adjust the leg opening


Feyfey said...

Good review. Really helps me to choose between these 2..thanks a lot!

MH Yap said...

Good to hear that. :)