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Monday, October 11, 2010

Arrival Of Packages From BambooLite And Also The Preloved Monkeez

What is better than having to receive packages from your shopping spree? I just couldn't be any happier when I saw packages awaiting for me to open when I got home the other day after nearly a week away from home. These package is from my recent personal shopping spree that I have blogged about earlier as well as the preloved diaper that I bought from a lovely mama in the forum. Honestly, these package have really brighten up my dull looking days... Hehehe... All the package is sent to me by poslaju. Meaning it's already here few days ago. Arghh... How I miss the feeling for getting packages delivered to me.

The three packages that I received.
It's like "The Three Musketeers". Hahaha...
My personal shopping spree from BambooLite came in 2 seperately package. One of it is packed only with bamboo fleece that I ordered. The other package containing the rest of the items that I bought. I have bought more of the foldover insert as I personally find it is really absorbent. Thought of using it with my old BambooLite cover since the insert is interchangable for use. I bought the BambooLite new product too, the fleece diaper cover. Before I got the package, I was told by another mama whom I know from a forum that the BambooLite fleece cover size 2 is rather generous in sizing. I couldn't agreed more with her. At largest setting, it is really huge!!! Thanks godness that I bought more of size 1 instead of size 2. Am so anxiously to try out the fleece diaper cover on TY almost immediately after I open it up - which I did after I took a photo of it. TY still fit on the size 1 fleece cover at largest setting. I would say it's really true to the size stated in BambooLite website.

This is what is in the inside of the packages from
Next is the Monkeez Nite-Nites fitted diaper and also Monkeez AIO in Wild Paisley print. Initially I have wanted to get the only the night fitted solely just to try it out on TY. Not so keen on the Monkeez AIO as I already have one. Plus this is in girly print whilst I prefer a more gender neutral diaper. But then since that mama left only these two pieces for sale, I just grab it. Easier for me to close her that selling thread... :p

I just couldn't wait any longer to try this cloth diaper on TY even though I already
have the Monkeez AIO in a different prints in TY cloth diaper stash.
Reason? Because this is in a girly print and TY hardly have those in her diaper stash... :p

TY is wearing the new BambooLite fleece diaper cover. She is wearing the
Size 1 Leaf print fleece diaper cover. I just wanted to try out the fitting
to see if she fit in it which she does.