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Monday, September 12, 2011

List Of Malaysian Brand Cloth Diaper

- This is the list of Malaysian brand of cloth diaper that I have come across thus far.
- NOT all the diaper brand listed below is made in Malaysia.
- List is compiled in alphabetical order.
- List with asterix (*) next to the brand name means the diaper is sewn by the local mama.
- List without the asterix (*) sign indicates am not sure whether it is hand sewn or the diaper could be OEM from else where.
- There could be more. Do let me know if you have come across any that is not in the list below by leave a comment.

Website : http://www.apootaern.com/malaysian-made-cloth-diaper
Facebook : Apootaern

BabyHanan **
Website : babyhanan.blogspot.com 
Facebook : Siti Zubaidah Idris 

Baby Wombie **
Facebook : Jamie Khoo

Website : http://www.bamboolite.com/
Facebook : Bamboolite

Bayu Diapers
Website : http://sentuhanbayu.biz/products/New-%21-Bayu-PUL-Printed-%E2%80%93-Ruby-Series.html#
Facebook : Sentuhan Bayu

Bling Bumz **
Facebook : Mama Sewbulous
(Temporary not taking order)

Bouncy Baby
Website : http://www.tinytapir.com/

Chago Mago **
Website : chagomago.blogspot.com
Facebook : Rabbit The Penguin

Website : freshbots.wordpress.com

Website : http://www.gifts-h.com/
Facebook : Gifts From Heaven

Keen On Cloth **
Website : keenoncloth.wordpress.com

LampinKain  **
Website : http://www.lampinkain.com/

Little Doodlez
Website : http://www.littledoodlez.com/

Little 'N' Handmade **
Facebook : Little 'N' Handmade

Website : http://www.lunatots.com/v2/
Facebook : Lunatots

MadeByTyne **
Facebook : Hartini Baharuddin
(Diapers is available thru reseller only)

Moleygarden Patch **
Website : www.moleygarden.com/wp
Facebook : Moleygarden Patch
(Malaysian mama based in US)

Mom & Tot
Website : http://www.momsntots.com.my/
Facbook : Moms & Tots Store

Mrs Pweety **
Website : mrspweetty.blogspot.com
(Malaysian mama based in US)

Website : http://www.myhappyfamily.com.my/
Facebook : MyEcoNappy

Nice Cloth Diaper
Website : http://www.niceclothdiaper.com/
Facebook : niceclothdiaper.com

Pixie Bloomies **
Website : maybelscloset.blogspot.com
Facebook : Maybel's Closet

Ridzs Collections **
Website : ridzscollections.blogspot.com

Website : http://snuggbaby.com/snugg-cloth-diaper
Facebook : SNUGGbaby

Twinkle Crystal **
Facebook : Crystal Princess Cottage

Ummi Creates **
Website : lynnhomemades.blogspot.com
Facebook :  Puan Lynn Nasir