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Monday, October 25, 2010

I Won In the BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest 2010!!!

Hurray!!! I can't believe it that I have won the grand prize in the BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest. Really glad that BambooLite have chosen TY's photo as the Best Photo. The grand prize for this contest is the BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted Premium diaper which worth RM 80. Hehehe... This mean that TY will get another new diaper and her diaper .

Actually I have know of the winning last friday from the Cloth Diaper Malaysia website but didn't manage to blog about it as TY is down with fever. Thanks goodness she is all well now. You may view my winning photo entry HERE

I have decided to get the fitted diaper in purple color with velcro closure this time round since I don't have much diaper with velcro. Hopefully the color is as good as shown in the picture.

Anyway, congratulations to all other winner who did won in the contest too!!!
Screenshot taken from Cloth Diaper Malaysia website announcing the 
winners of the BambooLite CM-TrueFit photo contest.