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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Winning Prize From The BambooLite Photo Contest Is HERE!!!

Remember that I blogged about my winning in the BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest HERE? After some correspondence and emailing BambooLite finally I received the winning prize. Hehehe..

Package from BambooLite

I have chosen the BambooLite fitted diaper in purple colour with velcro closure. Hehehe... You might be wondering why am taking the velcro closure diaper. Well, it's simple because I have too many of snap diaper and wanted to have some change this time round. 

The winning diaper - BambooLite CM-TrueFit Premium Extra in purple colour

The purple color is really nice. As shown in the BambooLite website. I really love the color. Really glad that hubby is agreed on my choice of colour on this fitted diaper.

Anyway, am feeling guilty as well. I bought more diaper again from BambooLite... I have bought another PUL Extra in blue colour and also the hybrid insert in conjunction with their anniversary sales...

BambooLite CM-TrueFit PUL Extra in blue colour
Am not suppose to buy anything.. Am suppose to be in recuperation while waiting for my pay pal account for verification. But opss... I can make payment to BambooLite via direct bank transfer. That's why there I go again.... :P

My New Toys ~ The Iphone 4!!!

Finally, I have collected my new Iphone 4 on Tuesday (26th Ocotober 2010). Hubby have put my name in the waiting list for about 3 - 4 weeks ago with the Digi Specialised Store in Kota Damansara. When the phone arrive, hubby is still in his overseas trip. So finally, last week, hubby is back from his overseas business trip again from China. 

He gave a call to that Digi Specialised Store to find out if the phone is available. And yes, it's available for me!!! So hubby brought me along to the store to do the MNP on Monday (25th October 2010). Am switching from Maxis to Digi. Mainly because of the Iphone 4. Also the plan is cheaper and better suit me since am not a heavy phone user.

Finally the following day we went to the centre again to do the registration and buy the phone. We was there at around 8.30pm. There seems to have quite a number of people there enquiring on the new Iphone 4.

Actually I have been a long time Iphone user. I have been using the first (or is it the second?) generation of Iphone which hubby get someone to buy it from US. The phone have served me well. It's still work well now except that the phone started to "cracked" here and there due to accidental drop to the floor not once. But many times!!! Surprisingly, the screen still fine without any crack though... :P

The new Iphone 4 comes with a rectangular solid box. The box is really solid!! Not like those usual paper box. Things is still practically almost the same as what I have in the package like in my "old" Iphone except that the new Iphone 4 do not comes with the Iphone dock. Probably Apple CEO, Steve Jobs wanna cut cost...? The Iphone dock is quite expensive is buy separately actually...

By the way, do you believe it that I still keep everything including the box of my very first Iphone? Hehehe... Maybe I should take a photo of it when am free... :P

The Iphone 4 is pack in this nice solid box.

After the box is unopened.
From Left to Right :-
- The box cover
- The USB cable, headphone, 3 pin plug adaptor
- The Iphone 4!!!
- The instruction manual, etc

Closer view.
From Left To Right :- 3 pin plug adaptor, USB cable, Headphone

Giveaway : The Pat-A-Cake-Baby Wet Bag

Here is another giveaways from Mummy's Reviews. This time round, I got to know it from the email that I have subscribed.

Just like the Pat-A-Cake Baby Blanket giveaway that I participated HERE, this Pat-A-Cake Baby Wet Bag gift is also sponsored by Spinkie.

The prizes for this giveaway is very attractive and useful too especially for cloth diapering mama (like me, hehehe...). Three (3) lucky winner stand to win the large Pat-A-Cake Baby Wet Bag which worth USD 25 each!!

From Spinkie website, I have fallen in love with the wet bag that is in the Blue Zoo print. Hey, it match well with one of the cloth diaper that I have... :P

Plus the wet bag have ProCare as the waterproof barrier as oppose to PUL which make me desired to have it even more. ProCare said to have a better stay dry effect in cloth diaper as compare to other wicking fabric like suedecloth or microfleece. So I suppose it'll sure works great as wet bag as well!!

For those who interested to join in the giveaway, do visit Mummy's Reviews for more details on this giveaways.

The Pat-A-Cat Baby Wet Bag In Blue Zoo Print
(Image taken from 
Spinkie website)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award ~ From Sheena

This an overdue posting. Few days ago, I received this "award" from a sweet mama whom I know from a forum. This is the beauty of a forums. It gathered people who share the common interest together. In this case, it's the cloth diapering and baby-wearing "hobbies" that brought us together. Hehehe...

This is how we should be doing it :-

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and the link of the person
Thanks you Sheena for presenting me this award!!! *Muacks*

2. Need to choose  15 awesome bloggers and their blog!! 
Hmmm.. My blog is still rather new. Not to mention I don't have much friend(s) who blogged also. Anyway, I will just list whoever blog that I know of here. It'll still be less than 15 though.. :P
3. Tell 7 things about me
  • Am a newly "reborn" blogger
  • Am a cloth diaper addicts
  • Am a avid online shopper
  • Am a full-time working mother/ daughter/ wife/ daughter in law
  • Am a mother to a sweet and cute little daughter (but sometime she is not as sweet and cute either...) :P
  • Am a wife to a stingy yet lovely husband
  • Am a babywearer mama too..
Last but not least, I do hope all the blogger listed up there will continue to present this awards to others... :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comparison : BambooLite Printed Fleece Cover VS CM-TrueFit PUL Extra

From one of the forum that I joined, there is some who actually interested to get the BambooLite printed fleece cover to use with the BambooLite foldover insert as it is a cheaper option as compared to the BambooLite CM-TrueFit PUL Extra which already comes with the foldover insert.

I'll not advocate which option is better as it is all boil down to your personal preference. What I wrote here is just some different between the printed fleece cover (when use with the foldover insert) and also the PUL Extra.

1. Cost
Price shown below is retail price and exclude discount if any.
  • Printed Fleece Cover (Limited Edition prints) + foldover insert - RM 63.00
  • Printed Fleece Cover (not LE prints) + foldover insert - RM 61.00
  • PUL Extra (already comes with foldover insert) - RM 66.00

2. Water-proofing and breathability
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • It is water resistant but not waterproof.
    • It is water resistant only when it is wash correctly.
    • Diaper fleece cover should be wash with the usual laundry with fabric softener and not with the diapers laundry.
    • There is still possibility that it'll leak since it is not waterproof.
    • But this usually happen only if the fitted diaper or the soaker is very soiled to the extend it can't hold any wetness anymore.
  • PUL Extra
    • As the name implies, it have a layer of PUL which is waterproof.
    • It reduced the possibility of leakage when it is wear correctly and fit well with baby.
    • Not as breathable as the fleece cover so baby bum might feel warm/ hot.

3. Prints/ Colours
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • Comes only in prints.
    • There are 5 prints available.
  • PUL Extra 
    • Comes only in solid colours.
    • There are 10 colours to choose from.

4. Closure
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • Only comes with snap closure.
    • Side snapping.
  • PUL Extra 
    • Can choose between snap or velcro closure.
    • Front snapping/ velcro with overlapping snap/ velcro.
    • Velcro closure will be more caretaker/ babysitter friendly as compared to snap closure.

5. Style
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • As diaper cover when use without the insert - can use the same cover for a few time before wash
    • As AI2 when use with the insert. Simply lay on the insert to the cover.
  • PUL Extra
    • As pocket diaper - there is a pocket opening to stuff the insert.
    • As diaper cover when use without the insert - but still need to change in each diaper change since the inner is made of absorbent layer or else it might stinks if continue to use it with other fitted diaper as cover.
    • As AIO - can lay on the insert instead of stuff into the pocket and there is snap to hold the insert.
    • Note : Though it can be use like AI2, I put it here only as AIO as the inner is made of absorbent layer.

6. Bulkiness
Both is almost the same but the Printed Fleece Cover might be slighly bulkier than the PUL Extra by a bit as it is more "fluffy".

7. Total Absorbency Layers
(After the foldover insert is fold to half)
  • Printed Fleece Cover - 6 layers (All from the foldover insert)
  • PUL Extra - 7 layers (6 layers from the foldover insert, 1 layer from the diaper inner)

8. Size
  • Printed Fleece Cover
    • Comes in 2 sizes - Size 1 and Size 2 (Might have to buy 2 pcs of the different size to last till potty trained)
    • General sizing guide :-
      • Size 1 fit baby from 3 - 12kg,
      • Size 2 fit baby from 5 - 18kg
    • Not able to adjust the leg opening
  • PUL Extra
    • Comes as One Size to fit from 3 - 18kg
    • Able to adjust the leg opening

Review : BambooLite Printed Fleece Diaper Cover

BambooLite have launched some products not too long ago. This includes the new printed fleece cover. This is just a quick review as I don't think I have use it long enough to actually do a proper review on this.

Picture shown above is the BambooLite printed fleece cover
in limited edition prints - Dot
BambooLite fleece diaper cover is a side snapping diaper cover that comes in 2 sizes (Size 1 and Size 2).

Information that I got from the BambooLite website, it says that it is made from anti-pill fleece. Size 1 is said better suit petite baby (3 - 12kg), while Size 2 fit chunky baby (5 - 18 kg).

It have a turned and topstiched finishing on the leg casing and serged finishing on the front, wing tab as well as on back. It is a fleece diaper cover that can be use as All-in-Two (AI2) diaper when you lay on a soaker (not provided).

Currently, BambooLite printed fleece cover comes in 5 different prints with 2 of it is the limited edition print.

My Verdict (After around 1 - 3 times of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • The diaper cover is retailing for RM 37 for the limited edition print while the rest is retailing for RM 35.
  • You can get the diaper cover as cheap as RM 28 with the BambooLite current anniversary sales which is offering this at 20% discount.
  • To me, it is not an expensive diaper cover but I would not say it's very cheap either.
  • I bought this diaper cover directly from BambooLite but I think you can get it from most of it's retailer.
  • You can find the list of the BambooLite retailers from BambooLite website HERE
2. Fitting
  • According to BambooLite sizing guide, Size 1 will fit baby from 3 - 12kg. 
  • My daughter is about 12+ or 13kg right now and she still fit well on the largest setting of Size 1.
  • I have not try the Size 2 on her yet as Size 2 looks really generous sizing.
  • I tried to use this as AI2 (with the BambooLite foldover soaker) and it works well without leaking.
  • When I use it as diaper cover over a fitted diaper, it can't cover the whole fitted diaper as I still can see there is some part of the fitted diaper is "exposed".
  • But I think it is because the fitted is bulky and I should have use Size 2 fleece cover instead of size 1.
  • Actually there isn't much different for the crotch width between Size 1 and Size 2.
  • It might differ by about 1 cm or so (I didn't measure it with ruler. Only roughly estimate it from what I see)
  • But there is huge different on the rise between both by at least 2 inches.
On the left is Size 2 (Dot), while on the right is Size 1 (Leaf).

3. Absorbency
  • Since this is a fleece diaper cover, it does not offer any absorbency.
  • As for the absorbency when you use it as AI2, it is solely depends on what is the type of soaker that you use.
  • Please also note that when you intend to use this as AI2, you can only lay the soaker and not snap the soaker to the fleece cover as there is not snap to hold the soaker.
  • The BambooLite's hybrid insert or the foldover insert can lay on to the inner of this diaper cover well.
  • There is minimal movement of the insert/ soaker as the inner have the lighweight windpro fleece where you can actually stuff both end of the insert/ soaker to keep it in place.
This is how the inner looks like when it's open up.
The white portion is the lightweight windpro fleece where we can
stuff both end of the inner to keep it in place.

This is how it looks like after the foldover insert is lay on it.
The fleece cover on the left (Dot prints) is Size 2.
The one on the right (Leaf prints) is Size 1.
4. Colours/ Prints
  • As what I have mentioned earlier, currently BambooLite is offering 5 different prints for this fleece cover.
  • Leaf, Lamb and Wild is the normal prints
  • Dot and Orange is the limited edition prints.
  • It'll looks great for those who fancy printed over plain color fleece diaper.
  • I personally love the Dot limited edition prints. Don't really fancy the other limited edition print though.
5. Overviews
  • Personally, I like this diaper cover.
  • The fleece diaper is water resistant (but not waterproof) when you wash it correctly and yet it's breathable which is why I like it. 
  • The side snapping design actually really helps to reduce the wing drop problem.
  • Side snapping diaper have reduced if not eliminate the wing drop problem as compared to front snapping diaper. (This applied to all other diaper and not to this cover only)
The wing tab

  • The idea to have turned and topstiched finishing on the leg casing and not to the whole diaper cover have actually helps to reduce the bulkiness on those diaper cover.
  • Please not that, it is not actually really "that" bulky as compared to the BambooLite PUL diaper shell.
  • It's just slightly bulky and you may not or hardly notice the different unless you really do the comparison between both side by side.
  • But there is also something that I don't quite like about this cover too.
  • This fleece cover have a hidden serged back elastic.
  • From the way it is serged, it should have not rub against the skin but yet it rubbed against my daughter back leaving some red back on her back.

The serged hidden back elastic. For some reason, the serging
actually leave red mark on my daughter back.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giveaway : The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket

The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket in Pink Starling & Plush Pink Minky
(Image taken from
Spinkie website)
I log in to my facebook today and saw Mummy's Reviews have a new posting. There is a new giveaway!!! I have never participate in any of the giveaway by Mummy's Reviews previously. But now I love giveaway ever since I decided to be a blogger again. Hehehe...

Mummy's Reviews is having giveaway on The Pat-a-Cake Baby blanket. The three lucky winner will be able to get away with a The Pat-a-Cake Baby blanket which worth USD 35 each. The blanket is sponsored by Spinkie, a Singapore based online store. 

The prizes in this giveaway looks really attractive to me. Am eyeing on the Pink Staring & Plush Pink Minky Dot blanket (as shown in the picture above). Really hope that am one of the lucky winner in this giveaway.

For more details on how to participate in this, please visit Mummy's Reviews website HERE.

p/s : For those who read this and want to participate in this giveaway, feel free to do so. Just mentioned that I referred you to participate in this so that I can get extra entries. :P

Monday, October 25, 2010

Credit Card Fraudulent

My credit card issuing bank usually will give me a call to verify on an online transactions. The bank will call me call me almost immediately after I done some online transactions to check if it is a genuine transaction. And most of the time, I'll receive SMS to notify me that my credit card is spent of so and so amount. Pretty efficient, huh? 

But this morning I received a phone call from my credit card issuing bank again to check on a transaction. Only different this time is it is on a transaction that is not done by me. After some questioning, the bank concludes that I might be a credit card fraudulent victim.

This "fraudulent transaction" is done this morning at about 8.18am while am still driving and is on the way sending TY to my parent place. I was told that it is paid to 1USA.com. Luckily it is not involving a large sum of amount. In my case, it's only USD 0.99.

Not sure how I got myself into this as I usually only make payment thru paypal. Does this mean that paypal isn't as safe as I thought? I guess I have to be extra careful next time. Don't want to get myself into the same things again.

Anyway, due to this, my credit card is now blocked by my credit card issuing bank. They will be issuing me a new credit card with a different number. This comes as a good news in disguise to me. No credit card means I'll not be able to do any online shopping thus my wallet will have some time to "recuperating" from all the damages done recently. But hey, it also mean I have to look for something else as my "de-stress therapy".

The bank told me I'll be receiving my new credit card in the next three or four working day. But I forseen that I might not be able to do any online shopping for the next one or two weeks as I'll need to do verification again on my paypal account. Hopefully there isn't any attractive sale during this period. Sigh...

By the way, though it's blocked, I have requested the bank to temporary uplifted the block so that I can made payment for my last purchase before it is permanently blocked now. Hehehe...

Arghh!!! I want shopping!!! I'll be missing you, my shopping spree...!!!

I Won In the BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest 2010!!!

Hurray!!! I can't believe it that I have won the grand prize in the BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest. Really glad that BambooLite have chosen TY's photo as the Best Photo. The grand prize for this contest is the BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted Premium diaper which worth RM 80. Hehehe... This mean that TY will get another new diaper and her diaper .

Actually I have know of the winning last friday from the Cloth Diaper Malaysia website but didn't manage to blog about it as TY is down with fever. Thanks goodness she is all well now. You may view my winning photo entry HERE

I have decided to get the fitted diaper in purple color with velcro closure this time round since I don't have much diaper with velcro. Hopefully the color is as good as shown in the picture.

Anyway, congratulations to all other winner who did won in the contest too!!!
Screenshot taken from Cloth Diaper Malaysia website announcing the 
winners of the BambooLite CM-TrueFit photo contest.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pleat Cloth Pad, Bottombumpers AIO & Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 Cloth Diaper

Packages that arrived from my online shopping.
One of it from a local online store, the other from US.

Curiosity kills. Hahaha... That is how I ended with two more package arrived to my doorstep the other day. All from my online shopping recently. I have pre-ordered the Baby Beehinds Petite All in 2 in limited edition prints (Metropolitan) from My Cheeky Boo. But out of curiosity, I have ordered another diaper as well - the new One Size Bottombumpers cloth diaper. Gosh, I think my "addiction" is way to serious!!! I have wanted to try the new Bottombumpers OS on my daughter as the previous sized Bottombumper have been one of my favourite cloth diaper as it fit my daughter really well. Curious to see if the Bottombumpers OS is as good as it's sized diaper.

Left : The new One Size Bottombumper in Pumpkin color.
Right : Baby Beehinds Petite All In II Limited Edition print ~ Metropolitan

The other package that I received yesterday is just a small package containing only one piece of the overnight cloth pad... Lols... I have bought cloth pad from one of the etsy store called Pleat. Again, I have bought it out of curiosity after I read there is quite a good reviews on it. Most of the cloth pads that I have in the stash is from Randumosity. So, am really curious as to how Pleat fares against Randumosity. Plus, it's on free shipping promotion even for international shipping. How to resist such a deal... :P

Pleat overnight cloth pad in Sherbet Dots print

4th ROM Anniversary Celebration

Time flies and it's already my 4th ROM anniversary. My ROM anniversary is on early October but didn't get the chance to celebrate is as hubby is away for his business trip to France. Finally we are able to have our post-ROM anniversary celebration last weekend.

We woke up quite early that day to bring TY to the garden for a walk. We will bring her there for a walk every now and then. She have been enjoying to have her walk there ever since she knows how to walk unsupported at around 17th or 18th months old. 

After the morning walk, we went straight for a simple and quick breakfast as I have the plan to go to Ikano to do some shopping. To be specific I wanted to go the Toys "R" Us to get a drum set from TY. I saw it from some of my friend's photo in Facebook and I really got attracted with it... Hehehe...

Shopping @ Ikano Power Centre

We reached at about 11.30am and there hardly any parking space available there. After making one big round around the car park, finally we found a parking space.

As we entered the shopping area, I lead my dearie Hubby, WH to the top floor. WH asked me why go all the way up. I play dumb and told him that it's better we shop from top floor then to ground floor. The fact is actually because Toy 'R Us is located at the top floor and that is where I plan to get the drum set. Hehehe... Prior to this, I have collected some informations on where to buy and how much is the drum set cost. I know WH will not agree on getting the drum set for TY if I ask him.

As we reached the top floor, we saw Toys "R" Us there. Again I play dumb and said "Hey, there is Toys "R" Us. Let's go in and have a look. While pretending to look at the toys there, am actually searching silently on where is the drum set. It's placed not too far a way from the entrance. Right away I told WH that this is a nice drum set (though I have not seen the actual product, lols). WH response is "Don't tell me you want buy for TY, She already got plenty of toys". My replied is just a simple "YES. I WANT TO BUY!!". Deep inside I whispered to myself that is the reason why am here, isn't it... Hehehe.. I have to persuade WH and tell him how nice and good quality is it before he decided to give in. Hehehe...

This is drum set that I bought from Toys "R" Us.
This is not TY first drum toys. But it indeed her first COMPLETE drum set.

And so, I have bought the drum set for TY from Toys "R" Us. Cost us close to RM 120 for it. Most of my friend bought it for their son, but I bought it for my gal. It looks funny, huh? Well, I don't really bother by it... :P And because of me getting the drum set, I applied for the Toys "R" Us membership card called the Star Card as well. No discount for the drum set though. Merely to collect reward points.

I have applied for the Toys "R" Us membership simply because it's free.
Plus, since the drum set cost more than RM 80,
I can get the card activate right away.

After we bought the drum set, we took our lunch at Ichiban Ramen as the restaurant surrounding it got so many people and no seats is available. Wow.. Our lunch cost more than RM 60 for 2 adults and a toodler!!! It is indeed an expensive lunch. We went home right after that. Am getting "old" and is easily feeling tired from the close to 3 hours shopping. Lols... All of us "collapse" and took a nap the moment we reach home.

By the time we woke up, it's almost time for dinner already. As we have already plan to celebrate for our anniversary on that day, we do not make any booking in any restaurant for it. It's an ad-hoc decision to go to The Smokehouse Restaurant as we have never been there.

The Smokehouse Restaurant @ Bangsar

No. 67, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2288 1510
(located next to Chawan & Madam Kwan’s)

The Smokehouse @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

All the while I thought The Smokehouse Restaurant is located in Kuala Lumpur city centre. Never did I know that it have actually relocated from the city centre to Bangsar for quite some time already now. Not until we "google" for the address. I was suprise with the "news" but it does come as a good news to me. At least Bangsar is nearer to our place and we can cut short the travelling time.

It have never been easy to get a parking space at Jalan Telawi. That is why we decided to park our car at the Bangsar Village II shopping centre instead. Glad that we make the right decision as the restaurant is located just across the road from the Bangsar Village II main entrance.

The Smokehouse ambience does gave me some old English country house feels with the fireplace and the big old English style chair. When we view the menu, I was quite suprise that they actually offer Thai cuisine as well. In the end, WH ordered some Thai cuisine for himself and I ordered the western. So it'll be eastern-western combo.

Actually I feel it's kind of odd to eat Thai cuisine in a western style restaurant. Hahaha... But then again, it'll be a nice and something different to experience too. Didn't order anything for TY as she just taken her milk before we are out of the house.

There is not candle light dinner for us in The Smokehouse. Only tealight dinner. Hahaha... I have mushroom soup as my starter while hubby have the tomyam soup. I let TY to take a few sip of the mushroom soup. She refused to take any initially. But after she tried it, she wants more. In the end, she finish almost the whole bowl of mushroom soup!!! I have manage to drink only the first few sips before little TY finish off the rest.. Sigh..

I have order the western set of dory fish fillet for the main course. Hubby ordered some Thai cuisine that he don't remember what it called. Whatever it is, the meals is yummy-licious!!! I have the Creme Brulee as my dessert. Hubby eat it often when he was in France. He is the one who suggested me to try this out.

Anyway, overall I really love the food and ambience here. We have quite a good time there except that little TY started to be more and more cranky towards the end of our dinner simply because she want to get out from the baby chair.

No candlelight dinner. Only tealight.
Well, it's still better than nothing, right..

The mushroom soup with the bread and butter

Our main course. There is the "dunno know what it's called"
Thai cuisine, dory fish fillet and also garlic bread

Forgot to take the photo of the Creme Brulee, my dessert
for the dinner. Anyway, here is what it left in the end. :P

Friday, October 15, 2010

Souvenir From France

My dearie hubby, WH have went to France for a business trip recently. While he is there, both of us manage to have some video chat using Facetime, a special feature in the new Iphone 4. Facetime allows us to chat for free but of course, there is pre-requirements for it :-
  • Both must have the Iphone 4
  • Both must be connected via wifi in order for the Facetime to work.
TY is so happy when she can see her daddy on the phone. Hmm... Ok. That's all on the Facetime and Iphone 4. You may just google about it if you really interested to know about Facetime and Iphone4. My posting should focus on the souvenir that I got from my hubby. :p

Come, come, come. Let guess what I got from my hubby as souvenir from his recent business trip. Louis Vuitton aka LV bag? Lols... Things like that can happen only in my dream... Hahaha...

Hubby told me he don't like to queue just to get into the LV shop in Paris. Plus it's not "logic" at all to spend thousands of Ringgit on something that you can get for under RM 100 in Petaling Street. Psst... Psst.. He is just trying to camouflage the facts that he is stingy. But then it's ok. Am fine without LV bag. Hahaha... In fact, for some unknown reason, I just couldn't find the chemistry between me and LV bag. :p

But well, hubby went all the way to Paris and all I got from him as souvenirs from Paris is FRIDGE MAGNET. Even then, I have to request for it. Other wise am 110% sure that he will come back empty hand without any souvenirs for me.

I have developed a new hobby recently. That is to start collecting fridge magnet from all the places me and hubby went. I just love to see the colourful fridge magnet with all the different designs. Whenever I look at the fridge magnet I'll recall what is the memories that I have at that place.

Well, this is a far more cheaper and less expensive hobby as compared to cloth diapering and babywearing. Don't you think so? Hehehe...

This is bought near the popular Eiffel Tower.
It shown an overview of popular spot in Paris.

This is a fridge magnet cum bottle opener from
Hard Rock Cafe Paris, France.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spending My Whole Weekend Repacking The Snaps For The Group Buy....

Yesterday it is not quite like my usual weekend. I called up my parent for a "Bak Kut Teh" brunch near my house yesterday. I usually took my breakfast real early in Sunday morning. But yesterday is exception since hubby is not around as he is away for an overseas business trip. Anyway, my parent left after the brunch and I went back home to continue with the repacking of the snaps from the group buy that I have organize end of last month.

I have collected the snaps from Tiny Tapir about a week or so and have started to do the repackaging since then but the progress is really slow. Hardly get the chance to really do the repacking with the busy schedule during weekday.

Finally, I have managed to complete the whole "repackaging" of the snaps process yesterday. I have spent sure a lot of time just to do re-pack of the snap. My whole weekend gone just like that. It seems like I have devoted the whole weekend just for the snaps... Hahaha...

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever organize another group buy for the snaps unless am super duper leisure and have nothing to do. It's no fun to count then re-pack it and seriously it is just too hectic to count the snap piece by piece... :p

Initially I thought of weight the snap then pack. But then, I noticed that the snap is way to light that the weighing machine cannot even detect the weight of the snap if I place only 1 or 2 pcs. Just for your info, the digital weighing machine that I use can only weight items that is 1 gram and above.

With the repacking of the snap done, I can finally arrange some of the order out today. Some will be own collection while the rest will be send by registered post this Friday. At last I can have some of the "Me" time for now... hehehe...

My not so tidy and small "workstation" to
repack the snaps from the group buy.

Arrival Of Packages From BambooLite And Also The Preloved Monkeez

What is better than having to receive packages from your shopping spree? I just couldn't be any happier when I saw packages awaiting for me to open when I got home the other day after nearly a week away from home. These package is from my recent personal shopping spree that I have blogged about earlier as well as the preloved diaper that I bought from a lovely mama in the forum. Honestly, these package have really brighten up my dull looking days... Hehehe... All the package is sent to me by poslaju. Meaning it's already here few days ago. Arghh... How I miss the feeling for getting packages delivered to me.

The three packages that I received.
It's like "The Three Musketeers". Hahaha...
My personal shopping spree from BambooLite came in 2 seperately package. One of it is packed only with bamboo fleece that I ordered. The other package containing the rest of the items that I bought. I have bought more of the foldover insert as I personally find it is really absorbent. Thought of using it with my old BambooLite cover since the insert is interchangable for use. I bought the BambooLite new product too, the fleece diaper cover. Before I got the package, I was told by another mama whom I know from a forum that the BambooLite fleece cover size 2 is rather generous in sizing. I couldn't agreed more with her. At largest setting, it is really huge!!! Thanks godness that I bought more of size 1 instead of size 2. Am so anxiously to try out the fleece diaper cover on TY almost immediately after I open it up - which I did after I took a photo of it. TY still fit on the size 1 fleece cover at largest setting. I would say it's really true to the size stated in BambooLite website.

This is what is in the inside of the packages from
Next is the Monkeez Nite-Nites fitted diaper and also Monkeez AIO in Wild Paisley print. Initially I have wanted to get the only the night fitted solely just to try it out on TY. Not so keen on the Monkeez AIO as I already have one. Plus this is in girly print whilst I prefer a more gender neutral diaper. But then since that mama left only these two pieces for sale, I just grab it. Easier for me to close her that selling thread... :p

I just couldn't wait any longer to try this cloth diaper on TY even though I already
have the Monkeez AIO in a different prints in TY cloth diaper stash.
Reason? Because this is in a girly print and TY hardly have those in her diaper stash... :p

TY is wearing the new BambooLite fleece diaper cover. She is wearing the
Size 1 Leaf print fleece diaper cover. I just wanted to try out the fitting
to see if she fit in it which she does.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10.. Today is special !!!

I just couldn't sleep don't know why. That's why am up simply to blog here.. Today's date is a special date. It's unique because it's 10-10-10!!! A perfect 10 just like in an exam or game. Anyway, just wanna wish everyone to have a perfect 10 in everything they do or wish today.

I remember for last year's special date, 09-09-09, my eldest sister wanted to deliver her baby on that date. But in the end, she didn't make it for that date and choose a different date instead.

Anyway, I think there'll be many baby to be born today too especially for those mommy who choose to undergo the c-sec for delivery. There might be many wedding today too as it's a "perfect 10" today though I didn't receive any wedding invitation for today... :p

Not sure whether will there be anything special happen to me but I do just realized today that few days ago was my 4th ROM anniversary and there isn't any celebration for it at all. Well, hubby is currently not around and I have totally forgot about it. Might have to think of a replacement celebration for it when hubby is back from overseas later.

Now looking forwards to next year's special date. That's 11-11-11....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review : Envibum AIO Diaper

In picture above is Envibum AIO diaper in green colour.
The two lines that we saw on the diaper body is actually
the elastic to adjust the rise of the diaper.

Envibum is quite a new diaper brand that I come across few months back from a local retailer here. When I read the story about Envibum, it seems to be started of as a WAHM (Dad, grandparent, and other family includes in this case) just like most of the other diaper brand that I know. You may read more about their story HERE.

Being a self-confessed cloth diaper addicts myself and also curious about the diaper, I have bought the preloved diaper off from the FSOT in a local diaperswapper forum here. According to the mama, she have bought the diaper new and she have used it for a few times only. So the diaper that I got is actually in an excellant good used condition.

Envibum is an One Size All-in-One (AIO) diaper with a pocket where you can stuff it with it's absorbency pad to increase the absorbency. The absorbency pad is said to made from 100% cotton fiber for the inner with flannel outer. There is hook and loop on the absorbency pad so that we can actually "attach" it inside the pocket to avoid it moving out of place.
It have a nice fluffy minky outer body but without snap for size adjustment like most common cloth diaper do. And no, they are not a fold-down rise type of diaper either. Envibum diaper is unique as the rise is adjust with the two elastic which is sewn to the front of the diaper.

As for the inner it have unbleached cotton textured which Envibum called it as "absorbency channel". This make it an AIO as the unbleached cotton layer is an absorbent layer itself instead of a wicking layer like other AI2 diapers has.

When I browse thru Envibum website, it seems like it is only available in hook and loop closure style. No snap closure. But then not to worry also as it have laundry tab to reduce lints during washes.

The laundry tab on the wing of the diaper.

My Verdict (After around 5 - 10 times of usage)

1. Price & Availability
  • The Envibum is listed in a local online store at RM 115 which I think it's quite expensive.
  • The cheapest that I have seen thus far is at RM 85 which is during a promotion sometime ago.
  • Anyway, I personally still find it's quite expensive for this diaper.
  • I found there is actually 3 reseller of Envibum diaper in Malaysia from the Envibum website. They are :-
2. Fitting
  • There is no snap to adjust the rise or size of the diaper. The rise of the diaper is adjusted with the elastic that is located in front of the diaper. If you prefer higher rise then simply pull the diaper up.
    The inner view of the Envibum AIO diaper
  • I like the way how it can be adjust but what I don't like is the rise will sort of shorten abit after that. Just imagine you pull a elastic and when there is nothing to hold the other end it will go back to it's original state.
  • My gal can fit on this cloth diaper like a hipster style cloth diaper.
  • Not sure is it because she is really a tall girl or is it because the diaper have a short rise.
  • The elastic is quite gentle and I don't see red mark on my daughter.
  • But my daughter will have a big bum when she is wearing this diaper though.
  • Probably due to the fluffiness of the minky outer of the diaper and yes, she does looks cute with the big bums. Hahaha...
  • The diaper crotch is rather wide but I don't find it an issue on my gal.
  • Am more curiuos to see how it will looks like on a newborn though. (Anyone with newborn who want to try out this diaper?)
3. Absorbency
  • Envibum have 2 layers of unbleached cotton "absorbency channel" for the inner diaper which is also an absorbent layer. 
  • It comes with an absorbency pad for each diaper.
    The absorbency pad that comes with the diaper.
    You will see that there is velcro at the centre of the absorbency pad.
    This is to "attached" to the inner velcro in the pocket so that the absorbency pad
    will stay at it's place.
  • I have read some reviews before I actually bought this diaper off from the FSOT.
  • Most of the reviews that I read previously mentioned that the absorbency is good.
  • Some even said they can use the diaper for overnight when they use 2 pieces of the absorbency pad.
  • I think probably those reviewer have actually use this diaper only on their younger baby. Those babies who are under 4 months old or so or their baby is really a small wetter.
  • The absorbency of this diaper is the part that I HATE most on this diaper.
  • I read that the absorbency pad is made of cotton fiber but am not sure how is the cotton fiber actually looks like or how many layers are there.
  • But one thing for sure, the cotton fiber inside the absorbency pad have actually crumpled to became like a "ball" (a few small "ball") after a few washes causing some part of the absorbency pad have no cotton fiber at all while all the "crumpled" cotton fiber is "moved" to one corner in the pad.
  • Anyway, when use with 1 piece of the absorbency pad, the diaper couldn't hold the wetness for my heavy wetter daughter.
  • Am better off in using this diaper with my own inserts than the absorbency pad that comes with it (at least the inserts that I have in my daughter's diaper stash won't get "crumbled" easily like the absorbency pad do).
4. Colours/ Prints
  • By far, I have not seen Envibum is available on prints.
  • It is only available in a few nice solid minky colour like green, aqua (blue), yellow, pink, red and white.
  • Limited choices of colour if you asked me. :p
5. Overviews

  • What I like about Envibum is the minky outer of the diaper is really soft and fluffy at the same time. It feel so soft and nice to touch it.
  • The hook and loop closure diaper make it a babysitter or daddy friendly cloth diaper as it is easy to use.
  • The hook and loop also doesn't feel very coarse like some diaper too which is a plus point as baby skin wil not be scratches by it.
  • And as I have mentioned earlier in this post, the diaper have 2 layers of unbleached cotton which is textured.
  • Envibum named the texture as "absorbency channel".
  • Well, when I first look at it, the texture looks very much like the kitchen cloth that I bought from a hypermarket near where I lived. No jokes, I really mean it!!

The pinkish cloth on the right is the table cloth that am talking about.
Don't you think it looks very similar to the Envibum "absorbency channel"
that is picture on the left.

  • Personnally I don't quite like this "absorbency channel".
  • Each time my daughter wear the diaper, there'll be this "absorbency channel" texture marks on her bum as well.
  • No red mark on her thigh for fitting but there is mark on the bums. Funny, huh?
  • Poo poo might also trap in between the texture.
  • As on the absorbency pad, there is hook and loop on it where we can "stick" it to inside of the pocket but I don't find it very useful though and at time I find it's annoying.
  • Probably because am still unable to get used to it's idea.
  • The idea of Envibum is we can actually leave the absorbency pad there and use it as a truly AIO diaper (like those all sewn in AIO).
  • They offer us the flexibility to be able to remove the absorbency pad for a throughout and better cleaning for which those all sewn in diaper can't.
  • But do you think you'll want it to stay in the same place all the time when the cotton fiber can get "crumbled"?
  • I use other inserts from my daughter diaper stash with this diaper. The insert will still stay in it's place even there's not hook and look on those.
  • Well, there is also velcro near to the pocket opening too. So the insert will not come out from the pocket easily.
This is how the velcro near the pocket opening looks like.

  • Anyway, overall am fine with the diaper EXCEPT for it's absorbency pad.
  • Hopefully Envibum will do some improvement on it's absorbency pad and they'll keep in mind that there is some toddler who is a heavy wetter (like my daughter).