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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review : Envibum AIO Diaper

In picture above is Envibum AIO diaper in green colour.
The two lines that we saw on the diaper body is actually
the elastic to adjust the rise of the diaper.

Envibum is quite a new diaper brand that I come across few months back from a local retailer here. When I read the story about Envibum, it seems to be started of as a WAHM (Dad, grandparent, and other family includes in this case) just like most of the other diaper brand that I know. You may read more about their story HERE.

Being a self-confessed cloth diaper addicts myself and also curious about the diaper, I have bought the preloved diaper off from the FSOT in a local diaperswapper forum here. According to the mama, she have bought the diaper new and she have used it for a few times only. So the diaper that I got is actually in an excellant good used condition.

Envibum is an One Size All-in-One (AIO) diaper with a pocket where you can stuff it with it's absorbency pad to increase the absorbency. The absorbency pad is said to made from 100% cotton fiber for the inner with flannel outer. There is hook and loop on the absorbency pad so that we can actually "attach" it inside the pocket to avoid it moving out of place.
It have a nice fluffy minky outer body but without snap for size adjustment like most common cloth diaper do. And no, they are not a fold-down rise type of diaper either. Envibum diaper is unique as the rise is adjust with the two elastic which is sewn to the front of the diaper.

As for the inner it have unbleached cotton textured which Envibum called it as "absorbency channel". This make it an AIO as the unbleached cotton layer is an absorbent layer itself instead of a wicking layer like other AI2 diapers has.

When I browse thru Envibum website, it seems like it is only available in hook and loop closure style. No snap closure. But then not to worry also as it have laundry tab to reduce lints during washes.

The laundry tab on the wing of the diaper.

My Verdict (After around 5 - 10 times of usage)

1. Price & Availability
  • The Envibum is listed in a local online store at RM 115 which I think it's quite expensive.
  • The cheapest that I have seen thus far is at RM 85 which is during a promotion sometime ago.
  • Anyway, I personally still find it's quite expensive for this diaper.
  • I found there is actually 3 reseller of Envibum diaper in Malaysia from the Envibum website. They are :-
2. Fitting
  • There is no snap to adjust the rise or size of the diaper. The rise of the diaper is adjusted with the elastic that is located in front of the diaper. If you prefer higher rise then simply pull the diaper up.
    The inner view of the Envibum AIO diaper
  • I like the way how it can be adjust but what I don't like is the rise will sort of shorten abit after that. Just imagine you pull a elastic and when there is nothing to hold the other end it will go back to it's original state.
  • My gal can fit on this cloth diaper like a hipster style cloth diaper.
  • Not sure is it because she is really a tall girl or is it because the diaper have a short rise.
  • The elastic is quite gentle and I don't see red mark on my daughter.
  • But my daughter will have a big bum when she is wearing this diaper though.
  • Probably due to the fluffiness of the minky outer of the diaper and yes, she does looks cute with the big bums. Hahaha...
  • The diaper crotch is rather wide but I don't find it an issue on my gal.
  • Am more curiuos to see how it will looks like on a newborn though. (Anyone with newborn who want to try out this diaper?)
3. Absorbency
  • Envibum have 2 layers of unbleached cotton "absorbency channel" for the inner diaper which is also an absorbent layer. 
  • It comes with an absorbency pad for each diaper.
    The absorbency pad that comes with the diaper.
    You will see that there is velcro at the centre of the absorbency pad.
    This is to "attached" to the inner velcro in the pocket so that the absorbency pad
    will stay at it's place.
  • I have read some reviews before I actually bought this diaper off from the FSOT.
  • Most of the reviews that I read previously mentioned that the absorbency is good.
  • Some even said they can use the diaper for overnight when they use 2 pieces of the absorbency pad.
  • I think probably those reviewer have actually use this diaper only on their younger baby. Those babies who are under 4 months old or so or their baby is really a small wetter.
  • The absorbency of this diaper is the part that I HATE most on this diaper.
  • I read that the absorbency pad is made of cotton fiber but am not sure how is the cotton fiber actually looks like or how many layers are there.
  • But one thing for sure, the cotton fiber inside the absorbency pad have actually crumpled to became like a "ball" (a few small "ball") after a few washes causing some part of the absorbency pad have no cotton fiber at all while all the "crumpled" cotton fiber is "moved" to one corner in the pad.
  • Anyway, when use with 1 piece of the absorbency pad, the diaper couldn't hold the wetness for my heavy wetter daughter.
  • Am better off in using this diaper with my own inserts than the absorbency pad that comes with it (at least the inserts that I have in my daughter's diaper stash won't get "crumbled" easily like the absorbency pad do).
4. Colours/ Prints
  • By far, I have not seen Envibum is available on prints.
  • It is only available in a few nice solid minky colour like green, aqua (blue), yellow, pink, red and white.
  • Limited choices of colour if you asked me. :p
5. Overviews

  • What I like about Envibum is the minky outer of the diaper is really soft and fluffy at the same time. It feel so soft and nice to touch it.
  • The hook and loop closure diaper make it a babysitter or daddy friendly cloth diaper as it is easy to use.
  • The hook and loop also doesn't feel very coarse like some diaper too which is a plus point as baby skin wil not be scratches by it.
  • And as I have mentioned earlier in this post, the diaper have 2 layers of unbleached cotton which is textured.
  • Envibum named the texture as "absorbency channel".
  • Well, when I first look at it, the texture looks very much like the kitchen cloth that I bought from a hypermarket near where I lived. No jokes, I really mean it!!

The pinkish cloth on the right is the table cloth that am talking about.
Don't you think it looks very similar to the Envibum "absorbency channel"
that is picture on the left.

  • Personnally I don't quite like this "absorbency channel".
  • Each time my daughter wear the diaper, there'll be this "absorbency channel" texture marks on her bum as well.
  • No red mark on her thigh for fitting but there is mark on the bums. Funny, huh?
  • Poo poo might also trap in between the texture.
  • As on the absorbency pad, there is hook and loop on it where we can "stick" it to inside of the pocket but I don't find it very useful though and at time I find it's annoying.
  • Probably because am still unable to get used to it's idea.
  • The idea of Envibum is we can actually leave the absorbency pad there and use it as a truly AIO diaper (like those all sewn in AIO).
  • They offer us the flexibility to be able to remove the absorbency pad for a throughout and better cleaning for which those all sewn in diaper can't.
  • But do you think you'll want it to stay in the same place all the time when the cotton fiber can get "crumbled"?
  • I use other inserts from my daughter diaper stash with this diaper. The insert will still stay in it's place even there's not hook and look on those.
  • Well, there is also velcro near to the pocket opening too. So the insert will not come out from the pocket easily.
This is how the velcro near the pocket opening looks like.

  • Anyway, overall am fine with the diaper EXCEPT for it's absorbency pad.
  • Hopefully Envibum will do some improvement on it's absorbency pad and they'll keep in mind that there is some toddler who is a heavy wetter (like my daughter).


Hanz said...

My hubs hate this dipes due to its absorbency pad..exactly like u describe, kitchen cloth..hahaha..

I like it's minky outer, used to eye it & thought of getting it but since twice we tried it (Farhana loaned it to me to try), hubs nagged about poopy trapped inside pad..so no more in wish list.

MH Yap said...


Exactly!! My first impression when I got it is "huh, kitchen cloth also can be use for diaper ar?"... Hahaha...

alin said...

good review mei hooi.
thanks alots.. so this brand is out of my wishlist for CD.. ngee

owh nice blog also.. for sure will be ur follower.. :)