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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pleat Cloth Pad, Bottombumpers AIO & Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 Cloth Diaper

Packages that arrived from my online shopping.
One of it from a local online store, the other from US.

Curiosity kills. Hahaha... That is how I ended with two more package arrived to my doorstep the other day. All from my online shopping recently. I have pre-ordered the Baby Beehinds Petite All in 2 in limited edition prints (Metropolitan) from My Cheeky Boo. But out of curiosity, I have ordered another diaper as well - the new One Size Bottombumpers cloth diaper. Gosh, I think my "addiction" is way to serious!!! I have wanted to try the new Bottombumpers OS on my daughter as the previous sized Bottombumper have been one of my favourite cloth diaper as it fit my daughter really well. Curious to see if the Bottombumpers OS is as good as it's sized diaper.

Left : The new One Size Bottombumper in Pumpkin color.
Right : Baby Beehinds Petite All In II Limited Edition print ~ Metropolitan

The other package that I received yesterday is just a small package containing only one piece of the overnight cloth pad... Lols... I have bought cloth pad from one of the etsy store called Pleat. Again, I have bought it out of curiosity after I read there is quite a good reviews on it. Most of the cloth pads that I have in the stash is from Randumosity. So, am really curious as to how Pleat fares against Randumosity. Plus, it's on free shipping promotion even for international shipping. How to resist such a deal... :P

Pleat overnight cloth pad in Sherbet Dots print