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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Giveaway : BambooLite Diapers Giveaway On Cloth Diaper Malaysia !!!

Ok. After missing a few other giveaway previously,  I wanted to shout now that there is a Bambolite giveaway on Cloth Diaper Malaysia!!!

Hurry and participate in the giveaway to stand a chance to win a BambooLite cloth diaper. This is a good chance to get a free cloth diaper to try out if you have not own a BambooLite cloth diaper or any other cloth diaper. You may still participate in the giveaway even if you already have the BambooLite cloth diaper. Who know if you may have chances to "grow" your cloth diaper stash bigger by wining in the giveaway.

Wondering on how to participate in the giveaway? Well, you may actually visit Cloth Diaper Malaysia website for more details on the giveaway HERE.

If you wish to know more about the BambooLite cloth diaper and any other things that related to it, you may visit BambooLite website HERE.

In conjunction with this giveaway, we are suppose to suggest what is the new product that we wish to see from BambooLite in order to get additional entry. Well, below is what I wish to see :-
  1. Wetbag
    • Prefer those with printed instead of solid colours. (I have been always prefer printed that solid colour)
  2. Pail Deodorizer
    • It would be good if the deodorizer comes with nice scent. For some reason am quite sick with the smell of those diaper waiting for the laundry day. It's just too stinks!!!
Giveaway ends : 31st August 2010.


    Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

    Thanks for all your entries mei hooi! :)