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Friday, September 24, 2010

Contest : BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest

As some of you know, previously I have participate in one of the BambooLite giveaways. But I didn't manage to win any prize in that giveaway. You may read about my entry for that giveaways HERE. Then yesterday am so happy that I received an email that there'll be another giveaways sponsored by BambooLite. That is why am trying my luck here yet again.

This time round it's a photo contest and what is up for grab this time round is :-
Grand Prize : 1 piece of CM-TrueFit Premium (RRP : RM 80)
First Prize : 1 piece of CM-TrueFit PUL (RRP : RM 66)
Second Prize : 1 piece of CM-TrueFit PUL Lite (RRP : RM 54)
Third Prize : 1 piece Printed Fleece Cover (This is a new product from bambooLite) (RRP : RM 35)

There is a possibility that more prizes will be offer too depending on the participation !!!

For more details on the BambooLite Photo Contest, you may visit Cloth Diaper Malaysia website.

For more details on the BambooLite products, you may visit BambooLite website.

You may also join as BambooLite fan in BambooLite Facebook (Please "Like" the page to vote for my daughter. More details at the end of this post :p).

So, here it go for my first entry for this BambooLite Photo Contest.

(Please click on the photo for larger version)
Name : Tian Ying
Age : 20 months old
Type Of BambooLite Diaper In Picture Above : Bamboolite CM-TrueFit PUL Extra (Green Colour)
What I Like About BambooLite : I like the leg elastic as we can easily adjust it to fit the child whether the baby is skinny or have a chubby thigh.

P/S :
Please leave a comment in this post as every comment counts in this photo contest.

And if you have facebook, please vote for my daughter to increase my chance of winning.
- Simply go to BambooLite Facebook HERE and "Like" the page.
- Then please go to my daughter picture in the BambooLite Facebook HERE and click on "Like" to vote.

For those who have voted, thank you so much for your votes!!! Muack!!!


Sheena said...

Your gal is so adorable wearing the Bamboolite dipe..Good Luck on winning!!!

Brenda said...

so cute!!

Wei Han said...

Sexy pose... Good luck in winning...

BitzyMomy said...

Such a cutie!!~

Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

Cute!!! :)

cadyla said...

i cannot imagine CD can be modelled so cute this way!!
cute gal, gut luck dear

kennedy said...

cute like mother...!!!

Chee Chiew said...

she's so cute. good luck

Anonymous said...

Love her hair! Wish I could have hair like that. LOL. :D