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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Contest : Gin & Jacqie MBP 2010 Contest

Ever since I have started to be a blogger again, I just realized that there is just so many giveaways and contest around that I don't even have time to participate in it.

And well, as the title of this blog post suggested, here is another contest. This time it's organize by Mom Bloggers Planet with the gifts sponsored by Gin & Jacqie.

For this contest we are suppose to name two bag that we really love and want from Gin & Jacqie. After I browse through the online store, I have found the bag that I love.

Runaway Julia in Red
(Image from www.ginjacqie.com/my)

I have fall in love almost instantly with Runaway Julia especially the red colour bag. The red color is really bright and contrast which make the bag stand out compared to the rest of the color available. But alas, it's sold out.

This bag featured a fold over clasp to close the bag and this have some how make the bag look trendier. Who doesn't like to look trendy?

I don't quite like bag with many compartment as usually those compartment is kind of small to "stuffed" in my stuff. And too many compartment also make myself confused as I might not remember which compartment I have keep a particular thing in. So, in the end I might have to open and check all the compartment before am able to find the things that I want.

That is why I think it will be great if I have this bag. The bag looks really spacious without many small compartment like some other bag do. Good and easy for me to "load" all my stuff into the bag. Am a person who is on the move most of the time and that's why I'll need a big and spacious bag where I can at least put my drinking water bottle and also some documents as I travel and well as my wallet, of course. One big spacious compartment make it easier for me to look for the document that I want too. This bag have what am looking for.

The bag looks very spacious, that I can some what use it as a baby bag too without it being look like one if you get what I mean. Well, except that this bag doesn't comes with the changing pad though. But even so, it's still big enough for me to carry my daughter milk bottle, wet tissue and all her diaper change need when we are out for a short shopping trip.I really hate it now that I have to carry at least 2 bags each time we are out with my daughter. 

Sleek Joanne in Polka Dot Brown
(Image taken from www.ginjacqie.com/my)

This contest came just in time and a laptop bag is what am looking right now. Hubby have just bought a laptop for me. But it doesn't comes with a laptop bag. I have been very busy with my work that I do not have the time to shop for the laptop bag.

Anyway, shopping for a laptop bag have not been in my "must do" list as most if not all the laptop bag available in the market is either plain in black color or the overall bag is big and bulky which I really hate. It's like apart from the weight of the laptop, I have to carry the heavy weight of the bag as well. Double the weight that I have to carry!!!

I need a laptop bag badly to protect the laptop that is given by my hubby. I badly need a bag to carry the laptop around now!!! I don't have a laptop bag right now and I just usually carry the laptop with my hand coverless and the power cord all in my handbag. Sounds funny. But that is what I really did now.

What I love about Sleek Joanne is the bag looks really "sleek" as what the name have suggested. It's lightweight and what more is it comes with my favourite polka dot design. I have to admit that I love almost everything that comes in polka dot prints. 

The polka dot print looks so yummy and make the laptop bag different from those laptop that we can easily get from computer store.

If you ask me why moms should get a bag from Gin & Jacqie, it's because Gin & Jacqie have an online store where we can buy from the comfort of our home. Most moms is a busy mom especially those who are a new mother and is a full time working mom. They'll hardly have extra time as most of the time is spent taking care of their young ones.

Plus, one of the good thing about Gin & Jacqie is they have the returns policy where they accept returns for the bag  as long as the bag is unused, unwashed and not damage for full refund or exchange. Meaning, we can return the bag in exchange of other bag if the bag that we purchase is not what we have expected. So, mama can shop at Gin & Jacqie with a peace of mind.

Apart from that, Gin & Jacqie have a variety and yet practical to choose from be it for yoga, baby or work or travelling.

Ok. With that said, am now wishing, hoping and praying very hard that I can win the laptop bag that I wanted so much. Good luck to everyone who join this contest.