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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UK Farm At Kluang, Johore

My eldest sister get to know of UK Farm from one of her friend in Facebook. Since it's on the way to my uncle place, we decided to include UK Farm in our travel itinerary.The road leading to UK Farm is not tarred road. It is those plantation road. From the main road, you might have to drive for about 2 kilometres or so on those plantation road before you reach UK Farm.

The modified mini bus that toured us around
the farm
Anyway, to continue from my previous post, my parent, my sister and everyone is waiting for us to arrive at the reception area. My sister selected the RM 30 day tour package which includes a set lunch which I busy taking photo with the UK Farm mascot. After ticket is purchased, by about 11.30am we started our day tour around the farm with the mini bus accompanied by a "tour guide".

Photo session with the mascot of UK Farm
We started the tour to visit the goat farm. I never know that even effort is needed to prepare the goat food so that the goat get sufficient nutrition. What surprise me even more is that the grass for these goat in the UK Farm is actually imported and specially flown in from US. In other words, the grass that the goat eat in UK Farm is actually so much more expensive that the 2 packet of nasi lemak that I ate at the Pagoh R&R before I come to UK Farm.

At the goat farm, I can have a close view of the goat and feed the goat with the grass. I get to hold the baby goat too while TY looking at the goat curiously.

TY looking at the goat curiously
TY is feeding the goat
We then proceed to the ostrich farm with the mini bus. The tour guide told us that some of their ostrich is flown in specially from South Africa. The ostrich have a very nice fur and it looks very clean too. Here, we get a chance to feed the ostrich too. The grass is provided by the tour guide as all these is inclusive in our day tour package already. The ostrich feed on the grass rather fast. What I notice is they'll only feed on the leaves and leave only the "branches" if you get what I mean. 

It's feeding time!!!
After the ostrich we visited the "passion fruit street" and guava farm thereafter. I "harvested" some passion fruit there and ate some of it on the spot. The passion fruits tastes really good. It's tastes a bit different from the passion fruit that I tried before. The guavas from the farm tastes very sweet too. Anyway, we are only allow to eat a few of the free fruit on the spot. The rest of the fruits that we "harvest", we can choose to get it weighted and pay for it at the end of the tour. 

Passion fruits that I managed to "harvest"
During our tour, we stopped over at the chalet and have a look at it. The tour guide let us visit 1 of the chalet there. Overall the chalet is clean and neat with all the basic amenities like bathroom and TV. But if you ask me if I'll stay there, no I won't. Don't ask me why. The chalet just doesn't look appeal to me.

Inside the chalet...

Next in our itinerary is the bottle feeding the baby goat with milk. If we did not take the tour package, the milk would cost RM 3 per bottle. All in all, we should have around 12 bottles to feed the goat. But I think we get more than that. Hahaha... The tour guide keep on refill the bottle for us until he himself have lost count, I think... :P Anyway, I think the goat is really hungry. It keep on want for more. That aside, the children really have fun bottle feeding the sheep. This includes my little TY as well... 

Bottle feeding the goat session. TY's unlce is helping her in
bottle feeding the goat.
After all the tour, it's started to rain and we reached the reception area just in time to avoid ourself getting wet by the rain also for our lunch. The lunch that includes in the tour package is the pre-pack lunch set. We just pick want we want to eat and the waiter will just heat the food with the microwave. Overall, it's not the best food but then it's not the worst food too. I ate the rendang chicken rice set. Taste not too bad. There's passion juice drink too which I personally like it. There is also cake made from the goat milk here. The kids on the other hand get to eat the ice-cream made from the goat milk too. 

We are given a paper fan which is said to be the DIY souvenir from our tour package. Kind of disappointed with the free gift but then again, hey I paid only RM 30 and am expecting to get more than this? :P

Anyway, towards the end of our trip in UK Farm here, I bought a small bottle (300ml) and also a big bottle (1 litre) of the goat milk after the free milk testing session. The goat milk taste good too at least to me. It doesn't have those heavy goat smell if you get what I mean.

Overall, I have quite an enjoyable trip with my family there.


Pris said...

Interesting, planning to visit. Total about how many hours are needed to tour the whole UK Farm? Thanks!