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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am Back And FATTER Now!!!

Ok. Am back from my short holiday... Oh gosh!!! Am 2 kgs heavier now. I think this is because we are having a really good time staying at my uncle place. Imagine we just eat and sleep and "occasional" swim at his place.

There's a swimming pool at my uncle house and all the kids really loves swimming there. When we first reached his house, we took a short rest before started our first swimming session. Basically, we swim there whenever time permitted.

Back to the topic why am heavier now. All these actually start from the moment we arrived at my uncle house. My uncle is really generous that he offered us some good food when come to makan session and there is tonnes of foods in each of the "session". 

When we first arrived, it's already tea time. My uncle have prepared some food for our tea time. There's a wide variety of kuih and roti canai. Even for drinks, we get to choose from coffee, tea or milo if we want.

Then for dinner we brought us to a restaurant for a so called simple dinner. Well, it's not really a simple dinner when we arrive there. He have ordered so many food that we got to stuffed ourself with food. Even so, there is still some leftover.

On the following day, he bought a wide variety of dim sum for us to choose from for breakfast as he know we'll be busy swimming with the kids in the morning. So he leave the food on the table so that we can eat it after our swim session.

At noon, he bring us to a famous duck rice restaurant for a lunch. Again, he ordered many foods that we took a long time to finish it off.

For dinner we went to some famous seafood porridge there. The porridge taste good. The only downside is TY is sleeping while we are having dinner. So I got to carry her in my arm. Sob.. Sob..

After the dinner, there's supper at around 11pm or midnight. There's biscuits, mooncake and tea while I surf the internet with my macbook at that time.

The following day before we leave his place to go back to KL, he bring us to eat the bitter gourd soup and some other food as well in a restaurant. More food stuffing in our tummy before we leave. Hahaha...

In some way, I felt like as if am in a food paradise while staying at my uncle's house. But now I'll have a hard time to shed off the extra weight...