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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More And More Packages Arrived Today...

Am so happy when I reached home today. I have more packages arrived from US. This time round it’s woolies from Stephanie of Sweet Violets Mama!!! I have bought 2 pcs of her in stock wool longies and another custom of a longies and a capri. You heard it right. There’s 4 pcs all together.

Stephanie have send this out by International First Class mail on 13th September as what I have requested. And I received it today. I got this exactly 7 days after she sent it. The shipping is really fast!!!

Below is the in-stock longies that I bought. Am listing the full details of the longies so that I know where I can refer to next time if I ever want to sell it… :p

Sunset Stripes longies
Waist with elastic: 15-24"
Hips: up to 28"
Rise: 17 1/2"
Thigh: up to 14"
Inseam: 11 1/2"

This pair is made from 100% lambwool sweater. It’s sold to me as L/ XL size and it is said to fit toddler of 18mth old – 2 years old. The longies is of lighter weight wool. So Stephanie have added a thicker soaker layer through the wet zone. It’ll works great for day time and nap diapering. The colour stripes looks much better and vibrant in actual.

Sage Cable Knit Longies
Waist: 15-22"
Hips: up to 24"
Rise: 20 1/2" but waistband can be folded over to adjust
Inseam: 9 1/2" with cuff

According to Stephanie, this pair is made from 100% wool sweater from England. The size is also L/ XL just like the Sunset Stripes pair. But this pair it is said to fit a children of 12mth old – 2 years old. The longies is of mid weight wool. There is not additional soaker at the wet zone for this pair.

And  now my custom order. Both pair is made to order according to the measurement that I provide to the maker.

Dark grey cashmere with owl and tree appliqué longies
This pair is made from a very lightweight cashmere. Stephanie have actually added a full size thick wool soaker from lambwool and sewn it to the longies so that I can use this for night diapering. For this pair, I have requested to add appliqué on this pair of longies (this of course incurred additional charges). So, there is an appliqué of tree on the left and an owl on the right.

Autumn Stripes lambwool capri pant
This is also a lighter weight wool. So Stephanie have added a thicker layer of lambwool through then wet zone so that I can use this for night diapering. There is a cashmere waistband with elastic on this pair.

You might be wondering why I choose a lighter weight wool. Actually it's all because I sleep in a non air-cond room. So TY might feel hot if I wear her a thick or heavy weight wool longies.