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Friday, September 10, 2010

Babyhawk Oh Snap! SSC & Freehand Mei Tai Finally Arrived

My long awaited carrier have finally arrived!!! I have actually ordered this few months back but there is some issue on the delivery which I have finally able to ironed out the issue with the seller recently. Anyway, I have paid  close to USd 40 for postage for these.. Sigh...

I have bought both carrier brand new and now eagerly to try it out.

More details and photo to follow. Now busy preparing for my holiday for Raya. I'll be going to Singapore and Batam, Indonesia during this festive session. Can't wait for the holiday to come.


Kit said...

Hey, do share! I DO have my eye on the Babyhawk Oh Snap! too but everyone says wait till she starts walking.

I can't wait to see which design you chose.

MH Yap said...

Lols... Don't wait till she start walking to get the carrier. By the time she start walking she might not want you to carry her anymore.

I just bought the common print. the Mud Surf print on charcoal strap. You can get more fancy print from TBW or custom order... :P