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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Blogger Reborn...

Ok, I have to annouce that I'll be a blogger again after years of stop being one. I have my first blog when I started to plan for my wedding few years back. It's a blog all about my wedding preparation. But ever since am done with my wedding, I have leave my wedding blog behind and after sometime, that blog is sort of dead off.

Then when I found out am pregnant, I have wanted to do start a blog for my pregnancy. Wanted to write all about my pregnancy. Wanted to do... But never get it done as I just don't feel like sitting in front of a computer during my pregnancy due to the hormone change and all.

I thought might as well wait until I delivered then I can start a blog for her. Blog about her grow, her milestones... But heck!! I have been such a busy mother after I delivered my baby. My baby have kept me so busy that there isn't much time for myself. Well, things got better now since she is a young toddler now..

What make me decided to blog again? I have missed quite a numbers of giveaway simply because am not a blogger. And I have miss out some chance to get some discount in some of my online purchase simply because am not a blogger also. Who doens't like free gift and discounts?

So, here are am again. A blogger reborn...