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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review : BambooLite PUL Pocket Diaper (Older Version)

BambooLite PUL pocket diaper - Orange color

I have bought the older version of BambooLite PUL pocket diaper early this year. This is the first pocket diaper that I have that comes with bamboo fleece inner as oppose to most pocket diaper that have fleece or suedecloth for inner. The diaper PUL is very soft and stretchy.

BambooLite PUL pocket diaper is only available in One Size (OS) with snap closure. There is no overlapping snap closure for this diaper (same as with diaper like Coolababy). But there is hip snap to avoid wing drop problem when this diaper is being use at smaller waist setting.

The BambooLit PUL diaper can be adjusted to size S, M, L with the rise snap in front of the diaper. The diaper is available in only 5 solid colour to choose from (azure green, orange, lemon yellow, pale blue and white).

It is sold with a One Size (OS) insert. The insert is made of 3 layers of microfiber and topped with a layer of bamboo which making is more absorbent. There's snap on the diaper to adjust the size of the insert.

The diaper have a bamboo fleece inner which is an absorbent layer itself. So when use with the insert that comes with it, you actually get a total of 5 layers absorbent layers.

Most pocket diaper that is available in the market have the pocket opening at the inner back of the diaper. But for BambooLite, the pocket opening is placed at the at the inner front of the diaper. 

It have the All-in-Two (AI2) diaper style where we can just snap the insert to the diaper without stuffing the insert into the pocket opening.

The pocket opening of the diaper. There is snap to hold the insert when you
choose to lay on the insert instead of stuff in the insert.

Picture shown above with the insert lay on the diaper.

My Verdict (After 6 months of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • The diaper is reasonable price.
  • You can easily buy BambooLite from quite a number of local online store. Only problem for getting from online store is we can't touch or grasp a feel of it before we purchase.
2. Fitting
  • This diaper fit well on my daughter. Have been using it since she is about 13 months old.
  • The sizing is quite standard as compared with cloth diaper like coolababy.
  • Because it is an OS cloth diaper, it may look bulky on newbown.
  • The diaper is quite trim. No big bum when my daughter wear it.
  • Occasionally I do get red mark on her thigh. Probably due to her chunky thigh.
  • There is 2 row of snap at each of the diaper wing tab so, you can actually adjust the snap a bit to fit the thigh.
3. Absorbency
  • The insert that comes with it is absorbent. Though it is absorbent, it cannot last more than 2 hours for my heavy wetter daughter. 
  • As she grow older, I have to add a 3 layers microfiber insert to use with the existing insert for it to last for 2 - 2.5 hours.
BambooLite One Size insert. There is snap to adjust the size of the insert.
Insert shown in the picture is adjusted to smallest size.

4. Overview
  • I personally like the bamboo fleece inner. It's still remains soft after many wash.
  • But then again, sometime I feel the bamboo fleece inner is a bit coarse to touch also.
  • For baby who have sensitive skin, diaper with bamboo fleece inner is way to go as it have the natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • The diaper have a hip snap to prevent wing drop problem when the diaper is use at the smaller waist setting.
  • But I find the hip snap is rather annoying if you are using it at a bigger waist setting as the hip snap will touch the baby skin and thus leave a mark there (unless you cover it with snap cover though)
That white color snap on the diaper is the hip snap.
I have a love-hate relationship with the hip snap.
  • Overall the diaper soft and stretchy. At some point, I do hate the stretchiness as I wonder will the stretchiness caused the PUL to tear.
  • Plus, sometime I find it difficult to unsnapped the snap due to the stretchiness also. I feel as if the snap get pull when I unsnapped. It make me worry that I might pull the snap off one day.
  • For someone like me who prefer to get printed cloth diaper, the choice of colours that available for this BambooLite PUL diaper is quite a turn off as it's only available in limited choice of solid colour and there's no printed one at all.