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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review : Bottombumpers AIO Diaper

Picture shown above is the Bottombumpers
embroidered AIO diaper.
Bottombumpers is my personal favourite cloth diaper. It is the first cloth diaper that I know that comes with embroidery and this is also the reason why I first try out Bottombumpers. From what I read previously, Bottombumpers started off as small WAHM brand in US before it's business is expands further to outside US - including to Malaysia.

Bottombumpers have a snap in soaker like the AI2 style. But as it sold as AIO for a reason. The inner layer of Bottombumpers is made of organic cotton which is an absorbent layer and since it's an absorbent layer, it does not wicks moisture/ wetness like an AI2.

The soaker is a bifold snap in soaker making it looks like there is 2 petal. One of the soaker petal is made of 2 layers of organic cotton topped with bamboo velour. The second petal soaker is 2 layers organic cotton.

The inner part of Bottombumpers AIO diaper is made of organic cotton. The same absorbent
material as the bifold snap in soaker. On the right is the Bottombumpers bifold snap in soaker soaker.

Like most diaper, Bottombumpers is available in snap or velcro closure. Snap clousure is for the side snapping diaper while velcro closure is available for front closure diaper. For it's diaper with velcro, it comes with laundry tab and crossover tab.

Previously Bottombumpers is available only as sized diaper. It's available in size small, medium and large. But recently, Bottombumpers have launched it's new product which is an One Size side snapping AIO diaper.

Currently Bottombumpers is available only in solid colours. There's more than 10 colours to choose from includes brown, candy pink, yellow, sky blue, navy blue, olive, red, baby pink, aqua, lilac and more. You'll be spoilt by the choice of colours that they have.

Bottombumpers comes with embroidery too. If you buy it directly from US, then you get to custom order the embroidery design that you one. But of course, that also means it comes with a higher price tag.

My Verdict (After 9 months of usage)
1. Price & Availability
  • The diaper is priced to the higher end.
  • If it is embroidered then it can easily cost more than RM 100.
  • There is only one online store that selling bottombumper when I first bought it. But now there is a few local online store that retailing it
  • The full list Bottombumpers retailers can be found here :- Bottombumpers Retailers.
  • I bought some of my Bottombumpers from US but I'll only list those local online store that I have bought my Bottombumpers from :-
2. Fitting
  • Basically I have fall in love with Bottombumpers because this is one of the diaper that fit my daughter like a glove.
  • Not to mention, it's very trim too.
  • It fit my daughter without leaving red marks on her.
  • The crotch of the diaper is quite trim too. From the looks of it, it is about the same crotch width as Itti Bitti D'lish.
  • For the side snapping diaper, there is 2 row x 5 columns of snap at each wing tab.
  • This make the diaper will fit the baby longer.
  • The two row of snap available also make us able to adjust the thigh and the waist setting separately though there is some limitation as to how much we can adjust.
  • My daughter have been using Medium sized Bottombumpers diaper from the day I bought it and she is still using it now.
  • The snap is hidden too so it doesn't leave marks on my daughter.

The wing tab of the Bottombumpers AIO diaper. Not only the Medium size
can last for very long, the side snapping style also reduce the wing drop problem.

3. Absorbency
  • The snap in soaker as mentioned earlier have a total of 5 layers absorbency.
  • Since the inner lining of the diaper is made of an absorbent layer - organic cotton, the Bottombumpers offer a total of 6 layers absorbency.
  • It is an absorbent diapers when it is fully prep washed.
  • But the absorbency is still not enough for my heavy wetter daughter. That's why I usually use this diaper with 1 or 2 Bottombumpers doubler to boost the absorbency.
  • Nevertheless, this is a good diaper for short outing.

The Bottombumpers doubler. It's a 2 layers organic cotton doubler.
I usually use it to boost the absorbency.

4. Colours/ Printed
  • As what I have mentioned in my previous post, I have the liking for printed diaper.
  • Bottombumpers don't offer printed diaper
  • It is only available in solid colours or embroidered.
  • For this reason, I go for embroidered diaper and sold off the solid colours that I have.
  • I have bought most of my embroidered Bottombumpers from US since there is limited choice of embroidered Bottombumpers in the local online store.
5. Overviews
  • I really like the trimness of Bottombumpers diaper.
  • After months using it, the colours of the embroidery still looks very nice.
  • The embroidery is still as good as it's still new and there is no sign of colour fade. Well, at least for now...  :p
  • When my daughter is younger, she can wear her romper with Bottombumpers.
  • The side snapping closure for Bottombumpers really do help to reduce if not eliminates the wing drop problem that some front snapping diaper have.
  • After using it for months, the diaper still have very good elastic.
  • The diaper have turned and top stitched finishing with encased leg elastic which is really good as it doesn't rub against my daughter thigh like what usually serged diaper does.
  • Since the bifold snap in soaker is like 2 petal that sewn together at one end, it really helps in shorten the drying time.
  • I don't know why but the some of the Bottombumpers soaker that I have is longer than the rest.
  • That is why sometime I'll have to fold down the soaker a bit so that it can fit nicely in the diaper.
You have choice of plain colours or the embroidered Bottombumpers like the above.