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Monday, November 15, 2010


Honestly, I don't really what or how should I write for this giveaway. Well, luckily the organizer of this giveaway did gave some guideline for it. We got to answer the following question...

Are Am A User Of Any Eco-Friendly Product?
Ok. I'll admit it here. I think am NOT an eco-friendly products user. But wait.. Is cloth diaper considered eco-friendly? If yes, then am a eco-friendly product user, isn't it...? :P

Anyway, let's get serious here. Let me explain why am not an eco-friendly product user (yet) especially for household products.

1. Cost
I have always thought that eco-friendly product will cost more (which is quite true) as compare to the other commercially available household products. Commercially available household products (aka not eco-friendly products) usually comes with a cheaper price tag. Well, who doesn't prefer something that is cheaper?

Especially when our money don't grow on the tree....
Image : Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It'll not fall from the sky freely for us neither....
And with the rising living cost....
We will try to save every single cents for future use or to locate the amount we save for other commitments that we have.

Image : graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. Availability of the product
There isn't much eco-friendly products available in Malaysia as oppose to the commercially available product. Plus it seems that these eco-friendly product is available only at some selected places only and it is not as widely available like those commercial product that is not eco-friendly.

I personally tends to buy something that we can get easily from shopping mall or hypermarket caused it's just convenient for me. I can just do my shopping in one of the shopping mall and then simply grab one or two of those products that is not eco-friendly on the go from the convenient store or hypermarket.

Image : Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

But I have to admit also if given the choice, I would prefer to do online shopping from the comfort of my home too.

But then again when the shipping cost is added to the purchase, it will make the product cost even much high and make me think twice whether it worth the price. If discounted shipping or free shipping is offered then it will be different altogether.

3. Effectiveness of the eco-friendly product
Ok. Blame it to those commercially available product advertisement on this. I tends to think that those commercially available product like the toilet cleaner is able to clean the toilet better than eco-friendly products. Probably I watch too many of those commercially available products advertisement. There is tonnes of those advertisement even if I don't want to watch it. Those advertisement will highlights on how great or effective is a particular product in doing it work. Me as a consumer in some way or another will have some doubt and will then buy the product in the pretext to test it but in the end will continue using it. 

Plus, most of the time when I think of eco-friendly household products, unconsciously I'll associate it as a product that use less chemical, thus less harsh and therefore unable to clean or work well. Hmm, honestly I don't know why I have such thought or mindset. 


1. It's free to enter with chances to win great prizes
This is really straight forward. It's free!! Who doesn't like freebie? It wouldn't do any harm to myself or anybody else if I participate in this giveaways anyway. :P
Plus the prizes offered quite attractive especially for the grand prize. At the very least the prizes for this giveaway is from the Seventh Generation. It's not some cheapo company product that I believe some of us come across before. 

Seventh Generation is an US based company
selling eco-friendly products.

2. Self Awareness
I do aware on the condition of the Earth today. In fact, it just hit to me naturally that we should protect the Earth. BUT I don't think I have done anything for it. At least not before my daughter is born.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I became more and more concern with the planet we are living right now, the Earth. I started to think on the consequence if I were to continue to use those disposable diaper that take ages to breakdown and disappear in the landfill. I feel horrified when I do the calculation only to know that there will be so many disposable that will be end up in the landfill. I hope to reduce my "contributions" to the landfill. That is why I started to cloth diapering my daughter.

Plus I didn't know that the commercially available household product that I use to clean the house is actually so toxic and harmful not only to the environment but also to our health. I only get to know about it not too long ago after I read THIS.

Image : renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In a way or another, we'll pollute the environment with some kind of chemical whether we like it or not. But after I read up that article it actually make me think that I should do something about it as I do not wish to pollute the Earth with so much and different kind of chemicals. I just wanted to have a safe place for living for the next and future generations.

So I know I won't be able to eliminate it but I do hope that I can reduce it. That is why trying my luck to win in this giveaways so that I can use the eco-friendly products and helps in "hurting" the Earth any further. I do want to do my part in protecting the Earth so that my children and the generation to come can continue living in this planet.

Image : Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

3. Prove Me Wrong !!!
As I have mentioned earlier, eco-friendly product gave me an impression that it can't work or clean as effective as those commercially available household product that is not eco-friendly. I believe I might not the only one who have such mindset or perception. So, let me win this giveaway so that I can try on the product myself to see if it's really as good or even better than those commercial products. Let's prove am wrong and change my thought!!

My Suggestion
Hmm.. This is not part of the giveaway requirement. After I done some read up online, most commented that eco-friendly product is good. Hmm, if that is the case then may I suggest to all the eco-friendly product seller to offer some good discount every now and then? With a good discount it'll encourage others to buy the eco-friendly products. Who knows that these people might turn to be a eco-friendly user later, right?

Ok. With that said I do hope I'll be able to win in this giveaway... :P

Anyone who is interested in participating in this giveaway, you are welcome to join me. The deadline for this giveaways have extended to 30th November 2010 instead 15th November 2010.  :)

- You may find the giveaway details HERE.
- The updated details on the giveaway can be found HERE.
- And in case if you don't know, the giveaway prizes is sponsored by Lifestyle Green Solutions. You may find their online store HERE.


Cassandra said...

Hi there,
wow, thanks for sharing this to us.
At first, I am having the same thoughts like you, eco friendly products are very expensive. Till I was introduced to this product from USA, Melaleuca!! The price for the products are reasonable to my surprise and it is very effective in cleaning. It has a store in Menara UOB Bangsar, you may chose to purchase the items from the store or just by calling them,then the items purchased will be deliver to your doorstep with minimum courier fee charge.=).
I am from JB, therefore normally I made my order bv just calling them. The best thing is Melaleuca has 60 days Customer Satisfaction Money back guarantee for their products too. And now I am a happy customer using eco friendly products from Melaleuca =). Hope you will give it a try too!!

MH Yap said...

Hi Cassandra,

Melaleuca product seems pretty good and promising. Do they have any website or link? Am kind of interested to find out more on this product.

Cassandra said...

Hi MH,
Thus far the melaleuca malaysia's website doesn't have the list of products for you to view it, but you can browse the Melaleuca Singapore to view the products for more information, most of the products are available in Malaysia & Singapore, except for the supplements.
this is the link for Singapore Melaleuca :http://content.melaleuca.com/ps/index.cfm?f=ps.mainPage
Or may be you can give me your email address, so I can attached some of the links to you. =)

Cassandra said...

I realized I have type the name of the building wrongly, is Menara UOA Bangsar, not UOB, so sorry ..=P