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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pureen Stock Clearance Sale 2010

Pureen is having sales again at it's warehouse in Petaling Jaya. If I remember correctly, Pureen will have it's stock clearance sales twice a year. This time round I went to that sales again. I have been a returning customer to the Pureen warehouse stock clearance sale ever since am still pregnant with TY about 2 years ago. Hehehe.. 

Most of the time, the main reason why I go for the sale is to buy the liquid cleanser and the HAD detergent. I have been using HAD detergent to wash the cloth diaper since day 1 and I have only bought the HAD detergent from the warehouse sales as it is so much cheaper as compared to other places.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the sales again. Yeah, I have never fail to grabs something from the Pureen warehouse sales except for once. That's the previous sales which I have missed. Hehehe... Actually I didn't thought of going for the sales yesterday. I have initially planned to attend a baby wearing gathering at Fabulous Mom in TTDI. But hubby have a meeting to attend at the very last minutes and he only came back from the meeting at about 5pm. Sigh.. Thus, it was a last minutes decision to go to Pureen. 

The sale is till 6pm and I reached there at about 5.30pm. In another 30 minutes the place will be close but there is still many last minutes shopper (myself includes :P). I just took a quick glance at the sales area. Most if not all the items placement is still the same just like the previous Pureen stock clearance sales. So I just walk straight to get what I want to buy - the liquid cleanser and HAD detergent.

I manage to bought some liquid cleanser for the milk bottle. But hey, there is no HAD detergent. So I guess it's true that Pureen have stop selling the HAD detergent. Initially I thought they have only stop selling the HAD detergent in powder form. Didn't know that even the liquid HAD detergent is no longer available as well now.

Then I went to the clothing section. Have wanted to get some clothes for TY as she have started to outgrown most of her clothes. But alas, probably it's already late when I reached there. There isn't much clothing left there plus there isn't much of clothing that suit TY size. Anyway, I still manage to grab about 3 pair of clothes for her. 

There is timely announcement to reminds shopper that they are closing in so and so minutes and advise all the shopper to proceed to the payment counter. Lols... Upon the announcement, I make a quick move to check out if there is anything new in the sales.

Basically everything is still more or less about the same as the previous sale. But hey, Pureen is offering BPA free bottle for sales as well now. There is glass bottle and the price is quite cheap. I would say it's damn cheap if it is compared to the Pigeon brand glass bottle. If I remember correctly, the small glass bottle cost about RM 10 and the big glass bottle is around RM 12.

The queue to make the payment is quite long. But it's fast as well. There is 28 payment counter available there. Wow, you may just imagine what is the total sales that Pureen can make from this sales alone.

By the way, I did get a free sample for children toothpaste. Wanted to try it out on TY as am still teaching her to brush her teeth.

Anyway, I can't really believe that I actually done my "shopping" at the Pureen sales all for only 30 minutes when I usually will be spending hours there looking around. But this said to be quick shopping have done slightly above RM 100 "damage" to my wallet!! Whatever it is, hubby sure feel glad that I have done a "quick" shopping there as he is bored waiting for me in the car... :P

One of the sales section in the Pureen stock clearance sales

The last minutes shopper is queuing up to make payment.

There is a total of 28 counters to make payment

This is what I bought. Nothing much.


E`n1x said...

sheena, y is HAD being phased out?
aler lepas ni what detergent can i use to wash CDs?
i like the HAD smell. keke

E`n1x said...

eh alamak, did i just call u sheena? hahaha i came across ur blog via hers. so if i silap panggil nama sorry ya mei hooi =P

MH Yap said...

Lilly, I don't know why Pureen is phasing out HAD also. By the way, I think they have phased out powder form HAD. The liquid form HAD is still available.

I just realized that there is still HAD in liquid from the stock clearance. Someone manage to bought it. It's just that when am there for the sales everyone have grab it away... Lols...