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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crafty Art Market - The Bee @ Jaya One

I went to the Crafty Art Market with etsy Malaysia team which is held from 11am till 6pm at The Bee, Jaya One last saturday. Well, it was a last minutes decisions that I decided to go to the Crafty Art Market. I went there with TY. Hubby didn't come along as he is still not back from overseas. I have been "virtually" invited in Facebook by Honey Narasiah of Honey's Hive to this event. Yes, you read it right. Her name is Honey. It is sweet name, isn't it. Anyway, I wouldn't know there is such an event if Honey didn't invited me.

Honey and her stall at the Crafty Art Market.
The one standing next to her is her daughter, Svara.

This is what she have for sale that day
Anyway, the main reason why I decided to go to that Crafty Art Market was to get my custom earrings that I have ordered quite sometime ago. Honestly, am not fond of wearing earring previously because those earring seems heavy and will sort of pull and "dragged" my ear. But now I got hooked to it and can't stop buying them. I simply love earring now thanks to the Honey's Hive.. Hahaha.. 

The paper quilled earring is really lightweight and the best part is I can choose to custom the design, color down to the hook for the earring. Well, because I really love the earring, I bought more earring when am there. There is buy 3 pair free 1 pair promotion there. But of course, the free pair is of the same or lower value and I can choose the design from the available earrings there. With this purchase, all in all I think I have at least 13 pairs or so of the paper quilled earring from Honey's Hive. :P By the way, apart from earrings Honey do sell photo frame, etc.

The earring that I bought from Honey's at the Crafty Art Market

My collection of earrings from Honey's Hive. There is one more pair
not in picture. And yeah, I know am crazy... :P
Apart from Honey's Hive stall there, I have only manage to take a quick stroll to another 2 more stall as most of the other stall there have started packing and cleaning. One of it is also selling accessories like earring and necklace while the other is more on sewing like purse, pouch, bag or even hair accessories. And again, I DID bought something from both of the stall.

The stall that selling earring and necklace do have an online store in etsy. But I don't quite remember what is the name as they do not give me any name card or sort to promote their etsy store. This stall selling many nice and unique design earrings that made from gemstone like peridot, amethyst or sort. I like the earring there but decided just get some simple earrings from the cheapest range. That's RM 10 per pair. Hahaha... I did bought another pair at RM 15. It is slightly more expensive as the the seller use peridot stone. 

The earring that I bought from the other stall.
Just realized that all the earing design that I bought from this stall is the same.
Probably that is the only choice I got from the cheaper range? :P

While the second stall name is 5* Petal Flower. The owner have the etsy account but yet to set up the online store in etsy. She told me she'll set up the stall pretty soon. She is  really a nice and humble lady to chat with. I bought a pair of hair clip from her which cost me RM 5 for a pair of it. I really love the hair clip. It is a love at first sight for me. The color really contrasting well. In fact, I did leave her my email so that she can contact me. Am looking forward to custom hair clips from her ~ it's for my daughter, of course... Just hope that it'll not turn into yet another addiction to me. Hehehe...

The hair clip from 5* Petal Flower.
I love the colour combo.

By the way, do you know that it is the International Buy Nothing Day that Saturday? I would give my support and buy nothing on that day. But too bad I only knew it is the International Buy Nothing Day after I done my shopping on that day... :P


Jemia said...

Nice article! I have lots of Honey's quilled earrings too. They are so bright and colorful, and I love that they are so light I don't even notice I'm wearing them!

MH Yap said...

Exactly!! The earrings is really lightweight. That's why I have fallen in love with it..