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Friday, November 26, 2010

12th World Of Chinese Book Fair (2010)

I have meant to post this few days ago. I thought I posted it to my blog and yet it is still in the "draft" and I didn't realized it.

Anyway, last Sunday morning after we have taken our breakfast, we have our family day out at a book fair. There is an ongoing book fair held at the International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC),  Mines. The 12th World Of Chinese Book Fair is being held from 19th November 2010 till 28th November 2010.

We reach there at about 10am and there is already many car queuing up to enter to the parking area. The book fair open at 11am and since we arrived there early, we just went for a walk around the mall. When it is about time we walk to the entrance and bought the entrance ticket. The entrance ticket cost RM 2 per person for adult. Didn't know it required entrance ticket since I have never been to any book fair prior to this. :P Anyway, no entrance ticket is required for TY. Hehehe... Oh yes, we bump into one of hubby's business partner there also.

There is so many people in that book fair. Kid can easily get lost in the crowds. Honestly, I don't quite understand myself as to why I decided to come for this book fair. Being a "banana" myself, I can hardly read chinese. Probably that explained why I didn't manage to buy even a single book from the tons of book that available there.

There is just so many people there.
Am glad to see there is still many people love reading.

There is tons of book in the book fair.
The book is arranged neatly and is just awaiting for someone to grab it.

Well, I didn't go home empty hand though. It's just so not me if I go home emptied hand. Hehehe... I bought some educational CD-Rom, VCD and DVD for TY. Well, I personally don't quite fond with the idea of TY watching TV or computer even if it is for education purpose. At least not for now. I know she will get "hooked" to it easily. But TY's father (aka my hubby) insisted that we buy some as he believe these programs is far more effective and easier for her to learn.

The educational DVD, VCD and CD-Rom for TY
The I bought a box of oldies song CD. Recently, I have fall in love all over again with oldies. By the way, that oldies song box set is really expensive It cost me close to RM 200 for it!! Hubby on the other hand have bought something for himself as well. He bought the Dragonball and Dragon Ball Z anime box set. Hehehe...
For myself - Oldies song box set. WH's anime box set is not pictured
I really can't believe that I can be such a failure!!! Went to book fair but didn't manage to buy any books. But bought other stuff that I should not buying instead.. Sob.. Sob..


Sheena said...

Believe it or not we have a few chinese children books and one of them was a recipe book. I don't know how to read it but my hubby understands a few..we usually enjoying looking and checking at the illustrations!:)

MH Yap said...

Actually am the same as you... Hahaha... I have some recipe book as well as parenting book that is in chinese even though am a "banana". Lols..

And yes, I do enjoy the illustration. All the picture is colored instead of black and white!! :P