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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabulous Mom Warehouse Clearance Sale (2010)

Fabulous Mom is having it's warehouse clearance sale from 20th November 2010 till 23rd November 2010. And yet again, I went to the sales. I went to the TTDI branch on Saturday night at about 8.30pm when it is going to close soon. Initially I have wanted to go in the morning. But decided not so as I know the place will be packed with many people.

Screenshot taken from Fabulous Mom website
on the sales
(Click on the picture to view larger)

The initial purpose am there is helping my sister to get some nursing top. But alas, those nursing top that my sister interested to get is sold. Most of the nursing top or dress is on 50% discount there. I would have grab some if am still nursing. But unfortunately, am no longer breastfeeding TY now. I have stop breastfeeding her since she is around 1.5 years old.

Since the nursing top that my sister interested is sold, I make a quick move to walk around to see if there is anything that I need as it is almost time for the shop to close. 

In the end, I spent more than RM 70 on some Bumbleebee's product in my less than 30 minutes shopping spree. Hahaha... I know in some place when there is promotion or offer, I can get up to 30% discount for Bumbleebee product but am just kind of lazy to wait for it. So I just grab some stuff since there is 20% storewide discount.

I have bought some socks and tights for TY, a bolster case and a safety latch. Am in need of the latch to refrain TY from open the fridge. She have started to love to open and close the fridge door recently and I find it quite dangerous especially if she ever trying to pull those bottle or anything from the fridge door. She might hurt herself.

Clockwise : Sock, Tights, Safety Latch, Bolster Case