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Friday, April 8, 2011

Package From MyCheekyBoo With BSRB, Bottombumpers, BBH & Minky Blanket In It

Package that arrived from MyCheekyBoo which is packed in
the US Priority Flat Rate Large Box

Just days after I received that four package, I got another package arrived at my doorsteps on Monday. This time it's the package from My Cheeky Boo (MCB). When I got the package, am quite surprise because I saw it is the US Priority Flat Rate Large Box. I can't even recall if I bought anything from US recently. It was until I look closer and saw that "Pos Malaysia" marking that I realized it's the package from Bonnie of MCB which she have posted a week ago. Hehehe...

Somewhere in November last year, I did joined a group buy that is lead by Bonnie (a.k.a Wannie) of MCB for the purchase of Bagshot Bamboo Row (BSRB) for the new elite fit diaper from US. Due to some circumstances, there is a free shipping offered for this group buy. "This is a group buy that I shouldn't miss" is what I thought at that moment. And so I joined without and second thought.

Usually we can only buy the in-stock diaper that is offered in BSRB store in Hyenacart. But for this group buy, we can custom order the diapers that we want. That's mean we can choose the print that we want for the diaper!!!

I have choose to custom 2 pcs of the BSRB AIO diaper since TY already have tonnes of fitted diaper in the stash. I have ordered a snappiable AIO diaper as I have intended to add the snap myself since I have the snap press and the snaps. It'll be cheaper this way that getting the diaper maker to add the snap since there'll be additional charges incurred.

Bagshot Bamboo Row diapers
From Left To Right :
Sesame Street Softball Game, Baby Looney Tunes

I like that diaper with the Baby Looney Tunes print. It does look cute in real life. But that Sesame Street prints diaper didn't turn out as good as what I have expected. Sigh...

I have ordered ordered some Bottombumpers OS embroidered AIO diaper when Bonnie of MCB open up a pre-order for it somewhere in early December last year. I have been loving the sized Bottombumpers that I have and I even wrote a review on it. Thus, when Bonnie accept order for the pre-order, I don't hesitate to join in order to get the Bottombumpers new OS embroidered diaper. 

Bottombumpers OS AIO Embroidered Diapers
Left to Right : Owl Stack on Iceland, Green Baby on Espresso

All the Bottombumpers AIO diaper that I have in TY stash comes with the standard single color snap. So, with the pre-order I have make a special request to have some twist by having fun color snap. Well, at least the diaper looks slightly different from the rest.

The different color snap to match with the embroidery

Me and my sister have won some consolation prizes in the MCB Cutie Bum Photo Contest. We got some voucher to spend on MCB online store. Just before the voucher expired in end of January 2011, I have utilized the voucher by spending it on more cloth diapers!!! Hahaha... Seriously, I just don't know what I should get from MCB. That is why ended up I bought the limited edition Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 and the size L replacement soaker for Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 diaper.

Baby Beehinds Petite AI2 diaper in limited edition print - Retro Gala

Just when all the diapers from the group buy and pre-order arrived in March, MCB is having sales and end up the pathetic me spend even more $$ in shopping. I have custom order a 40" x 60"  Rock 'n Baby Boutique minky blanket which is on 15% sales.

Rock 'n Baby Boutique Minky Blanket
(Blue Mod Dot minky with Solid Baby Blue minky for reverse side)

And, ohh.. Bonnie have been kind enough to includes a sample of the Sheepish Grins lanolin wool soap in the package as well. Hehehe..

Sample of Sheepish Grins wool soap


Sheena said...

oh so many fluffies!!!my adrenalin become high when I saw all this fluffies!

Simonne said...

Whoa u build a big stockist of cloth diaper.
Ehmm dun the baby feel hot wearing the cloth diaper?
I've tried making him wear buy... the inner takes so long to dry. So I'm back to the traditional lampin ^_^

MH Yap said...

@ Simonne,

There's so many different types of cloth diaper in the market each of it have it's pros and cons.

Some cloth diaper dry rather fast. Unless you get those AIO cloth diaper with sewn in soaker. Those that a longer time to dry.

Baby will feel a bit hot if it's cloth diaper with PUL. That's why some mama prefer to use fitted diaper since it's much more breathable.

I cannot tahan use the traditional lampin lar.. My gal pee pee once then lampin will be all soaked!! :P