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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fluffy And More Fluffies - And it's all related to cloth diapers!!!

What a day for me on last Thursday (31st March 2011). There is four packages arrived at my doorstep and in some way or another, all the packages is relates to cloth diapering. But this have not break my records in the highest number of packages received in a single day. My highest record for that thus far is 7 packages which 6 of it from overseas... :P

1st Row : Fleece soaker, Printed fleece cut
2nd Row : AI2 tester diaper
2rd row : Soaker & insert, Printed PUL

Anyway, I received is from Hartini of Little Doodlez. I get to know her from a cloth diapers related group in Facebook. She is a very nice lady to deal with that I bought some printed PUL and printed fleece from her. I bought the printed PUL as she is having some sales on it. 

I even bought a fleece soaker from her as it looks really cute!!! But it's kind of sad that TY is unable to fit into those as the size is too small for her. As she have just started to venture into sewing her own cloth diaper for sale, she did sent me a tester for cloth diaper which is hand sewn by her. At first glance, the diaper looks really nice. Anyway, I have put it into laundry almost immediately after I received it. Can't wait to when I'll be able to test it on TY.

Also in the package is some soaker and inserts which includes the zorb diamond that she received not too long ago. Hehehe...

From Left To Right :-
Minky pocket diaper in Mickey Mouse, Minky pocket diaper in Green C, Just-Change-Insert (JCI) diaper in Blue Jay
 The other package that I received is from Nice Cloth Diaper. Initially I have wanted to buy only some PUL cut from Nice Cloth Diaper. But in the end, I did bought some diapers as well so that my total purchase is RM 80 and above to enjoy the free shipping. I bought the mixed diaper trial pack that comes with 2 pcs of the minky pocket diaper with free 1 set of the JCI (Just Change Insert) diaper. Well, I have been quite curious for some time already on this JCI. I bought this package simple because I want to see and try out the JCI diaper. Not so much on the minky pocket diaper.

Solid colors PUL from Nice Cloth Diaper

The third package that I received is the Grovia AI2 diapers that I won from a charity auction that is held by Tiny Tapir not too long ago. I didn't won this auction all alone. I do combined bidding with a fellow forumer and her friend for this auction. You may read about the cause for the charity auction from Tiny Tapir blog. 

Grovia AI2 Diapers And Soakers
(From Let to Right : Mod Flower, Nature, Airplanes, Owls)

Honestly, Grobaby have never been my favourite diaper. But when this fellow forumer asked if I want to join in the combine bidding, I thought why not since it is for a good cause. Plus I heard Grovia is slight different from Grobaby. That's why I thought I might give it another try. I took all the new print for the diapers. Hahaha... Could resist the nice print especially for the owl print!!! Hehehe... And I choose snap closure instead of the aplix closure since I don't really have a good faith in it's aplix since my Grobaby have started to loss it's "stickiness" after sometime even though I hardly use it.

Lastly, my forth package is a preloved Dancing Bear night weight fleece soaker which I bought from a different fellow forumer. Bought it cause I think it's cheap and I really like the Dancing Bear fleece soaker. Love using this for night diapering apart from the woolies. TY's already have 2 pcs of the Dancing Bear fleece soaker. This will be her third piece.

Dancing Bear night weight fleece soaker


Danial Dash dan Eva said...

Hi mei hooi, the "just change insert" CD is a lot like Flip, is it? Very interesting, will google it :)

MH Yap said...

Hi Siti. I would say JCI diaper and Flip both is the same system and yet there is still some slight different in term of design between both.

Both have "stopper" at the inner part of the CD. Flip soaker is lay on system. JCI have a OS soaker style that's similar to BumGenius OS insert. At smaller setting it's lay on. But when use at large setting, the soaker can be snap on to the shell.

JCI have a gusset to contain mess and reduce leaking. Flip don't have these.

JCI is made from sandwiched PUL (like Bummis Super Whisper Wrap) while feel thicker while Flip is single layer PUL (like the Thirsties Duo Wrap).

Honestly, if you ask me, I think JCI shell is quite similar to Thirsties except that JCI is OS while Thristies is 2 sizes.

Danial Dash dan Eva said...

Thanks mei hooi :)