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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Bad Way To Start Off The Day?

It have been quite sometime since I last update my blog. Well, I have been extremely busy for the past months. But yesterday, I finally decided to tag along hubby and his friends to Matta Fair which is currently held in PTWC. 

We have initially planned to leave the house at 7.30am so that we can go for a breakfast together and to arrive at the destination in hope to beat the traffic. But alas, we are out of luck that our car tyre punctured. So we decide to get it repair at one of the tyre shop near the place we took our breakfast.

But unfortunately, upon after checking on the tyre, there is at least 4 or 5 hole on on the tyre damaged by the nails. Two of the punctured holes is too close to each other and thus we are advised to change the tyre instead as it won't last even if it's repaired.

So then, instead of patching up the punctured holes hubby decided to change 2 of the car tyre instead. To cut long story short, hubby's pocket is "damaged" by about RM 350++. Not to mentioned, we do stuck in some slight traffic jam heading towards our destination. That's PWTC where the Matta Fair 2011 is held.

But we are not all that bad luck though. We do manage to get a car park at the Duta bus station car park though we arrived there at about 11am.