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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Fun Fair @ Sungai Buloh

After a tiring day at the MATTA Fair yesterday, we take a quick rest at home before we decided to bring TY along to the fun fair near our place right after that. This is the first time for TY to be in a fun fair and it have been ages since I last went to one. If I remember correctly, the last time I went to a fun fair would be at least 6 or 7 years ago. If you are heading towards Kepong using the Sungai Buloh road, you'll see the fun fair after you pass by the Caltex petrol station on your left but before the Shell petrol station further down.
The Fun Fair Located Just Next To The Sungai Buloh
Main Road

We were there from about 7pm. The crowds has started to build up then. Am feeling so nostalgic when am there... Hahaha... Actually this fun fair is not that bad. It have quite a number of good attraction there. All of us really enjoyed ourselves there.

Entrance to the fun fair is free. But of course you'll have to pay to play the games or to take any rides there. They have a token booth where you'll need to buy the token to for the ride or games in that fun fair. Each token cost RM 2 there. Most of the rides and games there required between 1 to 3 tokens.

If we have "Eye On Malaysia" in Malacca, then we temporary have the "Eye On Sungai Buloh" at this fun fair. Hahaha.. You can see the ferris wheel in the picture above. Unlike most ferris wheel which is fully covered, the ferris wheel in this fun fair is not fully covered. Sorry, I don't have an up close photo for the ferris wheel as I forgot to bring the camera along when I visited this fun fair. But nevertheless, it looks really beautiful when the lights is swithed on at night.

They have bumper car there too. I feel so nostalgic when I saw the bumper car. I used to play that a lot with my friend when am much younger. Now am not sure if the bumper car can move like how it's suppose to be given my much heavier weight now. Will the bumper car able to "sustain" my weight? I don't know as I dare not to give it a try now... Hahaha...

Bumper Car

They also have the spinner ride just like the one that we usually see in Genting Highland Theme Park. It's looks fun that it make me feel like I wanna ride on it as well. But well, with my gal, TY with me I can't ride it.


Another attraction in that fun fair will be the Tomahawk that make 360 degree turn just like the one in Sunway Lagoon. Each time it turn, I can heard the people who is riding it shouting "Arhhh" and "Wahhh" making my heart beats faster. Am not sure if adequate security and safety measurement is taken in building this, but am sure I dare not ride on those for fear for my safety.

There is also the mini roller coaster ride, as well as some for children rides. Not to mention, they have those games booth too like most fun fair have.

The Games Booth With The Gift They Are Offering To The Winner

Well, with that said, I think it's worth to visit the fun fair if you are staying not too far away from the location of the fun fair. It's quite a good place to relax yourself and have fun with your children.


Anonymous said...

hi hi..i notice that you got go to fun fair at sungai buloh..when it going to end for the fun fair ? i really wish to go there . its been an ages i din go..appreciate your help

MH Yap said...

Hi there,

Am not sure when the fun fair going to end. Did't check out on that. But since the fun fair have just started, it should still be there for the next 2 - 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

hi hi..thank you thank you so much for your reply.. reli wish i could fo there soon..hehe..thanks alot ya..

Qyrun Quiamco said...

thank you coz I grab your beautiful photos without permission..
mine was a bit blurrr..