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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cloth Diapering - How You Do Cloth Diapers Laundry

Cloth diapering mama... Let's share how you do the laundry for the cloth diaper?

I wash the cloth diapers laundry once every two days. I personally do not recommends you to do the laundry once every three days as it is more prone to get molds on the cloth diapers especially if it is a diaper from natural fabric like bamboo, cotton or hemp.  

Well, I would have wash it on daily basis if am a stay at home (SAHM) or a working at home mum (WAHM). Nobody like to have stinking diaper sitting around their house and am very sure no one like to have a stinking diaper odours around their house too. But too bad am not a SAHM or a WAHM. Am just a full time working mum (FTWM) like most people.

I am very sure that everyone of us have our own way of doing things. Some will just "dump" all the soiled diaper into the washing machine. Some will rinse before "dumping" it to the washing machine to do the rest. Some will fully handwash, etc. I don't know what is the best way to do the cloth diapers laundry. I just do the cloth diaper laundry the way that I personally think or make me feels better.

I usually practice a dry pail method. Before the laundry day, I'll place all the soiled diaper into a pail with cover. I use a pail with cover to reduce the odours from conquering the whole bathroom (yes, I do my laundry in the bathroom) or even to my bedroom. Generally, I didn't do any rinsing on the cloth diaper except for cloth diaper with poo poo before placing it into the pail.

Here is how I do the laundry. I'll first hand wash the cloth diapers with detergent then do one or two rounds of rinse before placing it into the washing machine for another round of washing without the detergent. And yes, the water is actually my main cleaning agents. I didn't put all the soiled cloth diaper straight into the washing machine for cleaning as I feels it is not clean enough or throughly.

Anyway, all my cloth diapers come out clean and fresh. At least there is no smelly odours on it. I sunned the cloth diapers too so that it can kills the bacteria and solar bleach it to remove stains without any chemicals.

Honestly, I have not do any strip washing on the cloth diaper except for once. That is when I first started cloth diapering and I have use too much of detergent at that time.

So far, I do not have any issue with the absorbency of the cloth diaper nor do I have the detergent build up problem with the way I do the laundry. In fact, I didn't really see the need for me to do stripping on the cloth diapers. Cloth diaper "lifespan" can be shorten is you frequent strip wash it. Am not saying that you can't do strip wash on the cloth diapers. You can do strip wash on it but do it only when you need it and not when as you like it.

Anyway, I know many working mama who air dry the cloth diapers indoor or under the fan. But I would suggest you to at least do your laundry once in the weekend so that you can sunned it.

By the way, for the fleece cover, soaker or longies, I'll wash it with the rest of the normal clothing laundry where we will use fabric softener. Using fabric softener on cloth diapers is a big NO NO. But when the fabric softener is use on the fleece cover or longies it actually helps the fleece cover or longies to be water resistant.


Lynn Nasir said...

did u use laundry bag/net?

MH Yap said...

Hi Lynn,

Yup. I did use the laundry bag. Only for the diaper shell/ cover though..