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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cloth Diapering : What Detergent To Use

Am taking the cue from the Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents group that I joined in Facebook recently to write this posting. There is quite a number of parent who newly converted to cloth diaperingtheir children ask which detergent or sort that is suitable to use to wash the cloth diaper.

I'll be updating this post from time to time as there will be new detergent poping out every now and then in the market that is suitable for use to wash the cloth diaper. I do hope that this detergent listing can be use as a reference especially to the new cloth diapering parent.

Do update me if you found any detergent that is safe/ unsafe for cloth diaper.

Detergents that is formulated for cloth diaper or best use for cloth diaper
(Available locally in Malaysia)
  • Autumnz - Baby Safe Laundry Detergent
  • BumGenius Diaper Detergent
  • Charlie's Soap (powder)
  • LunaCare Detergent
  • Nellie's Laundry Soda
  • Pureen HAD (liquid)
  • Rockin' Green Detergent
  • Tiny Bubbles Detergent

Detergents that is formulated for cloth diaper or best use for cloth diaper
(Currently NOT available locally in Malaysia yet)
  • Crunchy Clean
  • Country Save
  • Bio-Vert (with no perfume)
  • Alltitude
  • Bi-O-Kleen Laundry Powder
  • Charlie's Soap (liquid)
  • Dropps Baby
  • Nature Clean
  • Vaska
Other detergents that is NOT formulated for cloth diaper BUT is said to be safe for cloth diaper
(Have been tried/ tested by others)
  • BabyOrganix Kids Wear Liquid Cleanser
  • Cosway Kiddiewash
  • Fab
  • Might Detergent
  • Trojan
  • Kuat Harimau
Generally all the basic detergent can be use so long the detergent is free from additives like:-
- Softener
- Enyzme
- Bleach/ Whitener
- Anti-bacterial properties
- Oils

Others that is NOT a detergent BUT can be use to wash cloth diaper
(Note : Might not be as effective as the other detergent though)
  • Soap Nut
  • Laundry Ball
Detergents that is not suppose to use for cloth diaper
(And yet there is still people using it to wash cloth diaper)
  • Pureen Kiddiwash
  • Pureen ABD
  • Kao Attack
  • Nappikleen
  • Top Detergent


Hanz said...

My early days before I use Pureen HAD, i used Trojan the most basic ones..i think it is blue in colour & the lable does'nt state enzymes, softener & such..still ok & i used with minimum amount.

Now, just Pureen HAD...agak malas nak try other types coz mau cari somemore hassle to me lor ;P

Pureen HAD powder discontinue right?

MH Yap said...

Hanz, So far I have not use any other detergent apart from the Pureen HAD, RGD and Charlie's Soap.

Most of the time will use the Pureen HAD coz cab get it cheap during Pureen warehouse sales.

And yup, Pureen have discontinued the powder Pureen HAD. Not selling it in MY anymore. But the liquid Pureen HAD is still available though.

Wonder if the powder Pureen HAD is still available out of MY.

Lynn Nasir said...

o-oww..i used top dah 2-3 bulan :O kena discontinue ni..aiyaa..

MH Yap said...

Well, the reason why we should not sure Top for CD coz Top contains enyzme which can caused rashes on baby if you didn't rinse throughly.

Plus the chemicals in it is quite harsh to the CD thus the CD especially those from bamboo will "breakdown" faster and have a shorter lifespan.

Jobless Girl said...

I heard Cosway Kiddie wash seems to have softener(you can feel on the detergent itself, it has greasy feel on hand), and optical brightener (you can see from the detergent when you bring it under UV/sunlight, it glow under UV) which will lead to repelling issue and rashes. I t will also coats the fabric, making the old stain/urine trap in the fabric. It that true?

koko ten said...

Thank you very much for the info. I am new to cloth diapering. I would like to share the information in my blog. Many thanks!