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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cloth Diapering : Brand That We Have Use/ Tried/ Once Owned In The Diaper Stash

Not too long ago a fellow forumer whom I fondly know her as Hanz have posted a list of the cloth diapers brand that she have used, tried, once owned or currently still in her son's stash in her blog, The Honey Bunch

Well, I thought it might be a good idea to list it down as I think I have started to lost count on the diaper brand that I have ever tried or use on my daughter. 

The below listing includes :-
  • those that have been used and is still in the stash
  • those that is still new and is in the stash (unused, unwashed)
  • those that have been tried but have since sold
  • those that I have already bought and is still in the mail
I'll categorized the diaper brand into the types of diaper. The diaper brand name is arranged in alphabetical order and not based on my preference on the diaper. There might be more. But these is what I can remember right now. I'll be updating this if there is more though... :P

Pocket Diaper

Baby Cheeks
Baby Doodlez

Baby Hanan (Sewn by a local mama)
Baby Kanga

Baby Wizard
BambooLite CM-TrueFit PUL (Can be use like AI2 style)
BambooLite (Older version)
Bayu Diaper


Freshbots DRYZ Pocket Diaper
Fuzzi Bunz
Green Acre Designs (GAD)
Happy Heiny's
LampinKain (Sewn by a local mama)

Mommy's Touch
Moms & Tots
Moo Moo Kow

Nice Cloth Diaper
Pretty Printed
Rocky Mountain Diaper (RMD)
Rumparooz G2

Swaddlebees Econappi

All-In-One (AIO) / All-In-Two (AI2)
Baby Beehinds Minkee Magic All (with pocket for stuffing)
Baby Beehinds Petite AI2

Baby Wombie (Sewn by a local mama)
Bagshot Bamboo Row

BambooLite AI2
Berry Plush AI2

Best Bottom AI2
Bling Bumz AI2 (Sewn by a local mama)

Blueberry Basix AIO
Bottombumpers AIO
Bubble Butt Diapers AIO

BumGenius Freetime AIO
BumGenius Organic AIO

Chago Mago AI2
Coolababy AIO
Cushie Tushies AIO
Cute Tooshies AI2

Cutey Baby AIO
Doodle Dypes
Dream Eze Organic AIO
Drybees Hybrid AIO (with pocket for stuffing)

Flip System
Freshbots Snazzy AI2
GoodMama AIO
Grovia AI2
Grovia AIO
Heartland Dreams AI2
Itti Bitti D'lish/ Brites AIO
Itti Bitti D'lish/ Brites SIO
Itti Bitti Tutto

Kissaluvs Marvel AIO
Little Boppers

Maybel's Closet AI2 (Sewn by a local mama)

Moms & Tots AI2
Monkeez AIO
Monkey Doodlez Bamboo AIO
Muttaqin Baby AI2
My Eco Nappy

Nice Cloth Diaper AI2
Pampered Cheek
Piddle Poodle
Primm n' Proper Baby
Ridzs Collections (Sewn by a local mama)

Sprout Change Diaper
Starbunz AIO
Swaddlebees AIO (with pocket for stuffing)

Swaddlebees Simplex AIO
Thirsties Duo Diaper
TotsBots Easyfit AIO
Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum AI2
Twinkle Crystal AI2 (Sewn by a local mama)

Wool In Two (WI2)

Fitted Diaper
Baby Beehinds Bamboo FittedBaby Beehinds Hemp Fitted
Baby Beehinds Night Fitted

Baby Wombie (Sewn by local mama)
BambooLite CM-TrueFit Fitted (With pocket for stuffing)
Banana Bottoms
Bangshot Bamboo Row
Bella Bottoms

Bella Posh
Blueberry OS Bamboo Fitted

Bubble Butt Diapers
Bubblebubs Good Night Sleep Tight
Bugga Bugga Boutique

Bunnyfeet Boutique
Cheeky Butts
Cooshie Tooshies
Cute Tooshies
Dillon & Claire
Doodle Dypes
Dream Eze
Fluffy Mail

Four Little Fluff Bugs
Freshbots (Sewn by local mama)
Graham Bear Wear
Green Acre Designs (GAD) (Pocket Fitted)
Green Sprout Baby

Guerilla Fluff
Happy Hempy (Pocket Fitted)
Itti Bitti Boo

K&K Chubby Cheeks
Kiwi Pie
Klbs Baby Boutique

Kooshie Keister
LampinKain (Sewn by a local mama)
Lil Adi Cloth Diaper

Little Bettle
Little Boppers
Little Fancy Pants

Littla Lamb
Mandi's Menagerie
Mandy's Mac Purple
Meg A Roo's Designs
Monkey Snuggles
Monkey Toe Diapers
Muttaqin Baby
My Diaper Addiction 

Nifty Nappy
One Happy Baby

Owl Nest Designs
Pampered Cheek
Pianissimo Cloth
Piddles Poddles
Piper's Closet
Poopsie Doodles
Poverty Jane
Primm n' Proper Baby
Purple Lily Boutique
Seun Designs Inc.
Shabby Pants

Sticky Peas
Sunny Day Babies
The Covered Caboose
The Eli Monster

The Raven Tree
Thirsties Duo Fitted
Tiny Tush Trim Fitted
TotsBots Bamboozle
Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum
Twigs And Vine

Zinnia Flower

Diaper Cover (PUL)
Baby Beehinds PUL Wrap
Berry Plush

Bunnyfeet Boutique
Eenee Designs

Little Lamb Wrap
Thirsties Duo Wrap
Wonder Wrap

Diaper Cover (Fleece/ Wool)
Fleece cover by BambooLite
Fleece longies by Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum

Fleece shorties by Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum
Fleece soaker/ skirty by Wild Child for Babies
Fleece soaker by Dancing Bear
Wool wrap by Loveybums
Wool longies by Forty41
Wool longies by Snuggle Pants
Wool longies/ capri by Sweet Violets Mama
Wool soaker by Kozy Design

Wool soaker by Little Beetle
Wool soaker by Loveybums
Wool soaker by Twigs And Vine
Wool soaker by Three Happy Trees

Prefold/ Snapfold/ Converted Prefold/ Flat
Econobum (Comes with cover)

Mandi's Menagerie
One Happy Baby

Oso Cozy
Swaddleebees Flat
Tinkle Traps

Pull-Up Pant
Antsy Pant
Little Doodlez

List updated on 28th February 2012


QarezmaV said...

oh my, i am amazed at your list.. looks like a diaper store inventory list :)

MH Yap said...

Hahaha... I should take that as compliment or teaser ler...? :P

Lynn Nasir said...

woowwwww! pnjg gile..i so wanna be your baby..ahaks! ^^

MH Yap said...

Lynn, I do hope I can add your CD into the list.. Hehehe..

Let pray hard that am able to get a nice and cute t-shirt for you to custom a CD for me before your promotion price is ends.

Cassandra said...

Hi, Mei Hooi,
How is the performance of Bling Bum by mamasewbulous? Thier range of CD are so attractive. You may email me to share the info too.=P

MH Yap said...


Bling Bumz looks cute isn't it? Anyway, I have emailed you on the Melaleuca... :P