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Monday, September 12, 2011

List Of Malaysian Brand Cloth Diaper

- This is the list of Malaysian brand of cloth diaper that I have come across thus far.
- NOT all the diaper brand listed below is made in Malaysia.
- List is compiled in alphabetical order.
- List with asterix (*) next to the brand name means the diaper is sewn by the local mama.
- List without the asterix (*) sign indicates am not sure whether it is hand sewn or the diaper could be OEM from else where.
- There could be more. Do let me know if you have come across any that is not in the list below by leave a comment.

Website : http://www.apootaern.com/malaysian-made-cloth-diaper
Facebook : Apootaern

BabyHanan **
Website : babyhanan.blogspot.com 
Facebook : Siti Zubaidah Idris 

Baby Wombie **
Facebook : Jamie Khoo

Website : http://www.bamboolite.com/
Facebook : Bamboolite

Bayu Diapers
Website : http://sentuhanbayu.biz/products/New-%21-Bayu-PUL-Printed-%E2%80%93-Ruby-Series.html#
Facebook : Sentuhan Bayu

Bling Bumz **
Facebook : Mama Sewbulous
(Temporary not taking order)

Bouncy Baby
Website : http://www.tinytapir.com/

Chago Mago **
Website : chagomago.blogspot.com
Facebook : Rabbit The Penguin

Website : freshbots.wordpress.com

Website : http://www.gifts-h.com/
Facebook : Gifts From Heaven

Keen On Cloth **
Website : keenoncloth.wordpress.com

LampinKain  **
Website : http://www.lampinkain.com/

Little Doodlez
Website : http://www.littledoodlez.com/

Little 'N' Handmade **
Facebook : Little 'N' Handmade

Website : http://www.lunatots.com/v2/
Facebook : Lunatots

MadeByTyne **
Facebook : Hartini Baharuddin
(Diapers is available thru reseller only)

Moleygarden Patch **
Website : www.moleygarden.com/wp
Facebook : Moleygarden Patch
(Malaysian mama based in US)

Mom & Tot
Website : http://www.momsntots.com.my/
Facbook : Moms & Tots Store

Mrs Pweety **
Website : mrspweetty.blogspot.com
(Malaysian mama based in US)

Website : http://www.myhappyfamily.com.my/
Facebook : MyEcoNappy

Nice Cloth Diaper
Website : http://www.niceclothdiaper.com/
Facebook : niceclothdiaper.com

Pixie Bloomies **
Website : maybelscloset.blogspot.com
Facebook : Maybel's Closet

Ridzs Collections **
Website : ridzscollections.blogspot.com

Website : http://snuggbaby.com/snugg-cloth-diaper
Facebook : SNUGGbaby

Twinkle Crystal **
Facebook : Crystal Princess Cottage

Ummi Creates **
Website : lynnhomemades.blogspot.com
Facebook :  Puan Lynn Nasir


Jobless Girl said...

What is your recommended brand?

MH Yap said...

The listing in this posting is only Malaysian brand cloth diaper. KI have not tried all the brand listed. Have only tried the selected few only from thism listing.

It's really depends on your baby build as some of the diaper fit chubby baby better while other fit lean baby.

Of the Malaysian handmade diaper that I have tried, I like the following :-
- LampinKain
- Bling Bumz
- Twinkle Crystal
- Baby Wombie

ridzs collections said...

thanks for the listing ... kindly like my page Ridzs ..really appreciate it...:)