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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review : LampinKain Fitted Diaper

LampinKain side snapping fitted diaper
in Teals Heart cotton knit print

Close up of the LampinKain woven label

I am wondering how many of the cloth diapering parent in Malaysia have actually try out this local sewn LampinKain fitted diaper as I have NEVER actually come across anyone talk about it be it in the cloth diapering forum or the facebook groups that I joined.
Honestly, I have only came across of LampinKain when I participated and won a diaper from a giveaway by LampinKain way back in August '2011. I didn't know the existance of this diaper brand prior to this. :P
LampinKain is the first local sewn fitted diaper that I have bought before I started to buy some other local sewn fitted diaper. After buying tonnes of cloth diaper from overseas, I decided to give LampinKain fitted diaper a try in support of Malaysian made cloth diaper. 

LampinKain fitted diaper is only available in One Size (OS) with snap closure. You may choose to have the diaper in side snapping or front snapping with overlapping snap closure. At the time I wrote this review, it is not available in hook and loop closure yet.
The soaker have a two part snap in soaker style (one hourglass contour soaker and one trifold) just like the Itti Bitti AI2 diaper soaker style. 
The contour soaker and the trifold
The constructions of the diaper is as follows :-
  • Body (Total 3 layers)
    • 1 layer of knit cotton print outer, 1 layer of hidden bamboo fleece, 1 layer of bamboo velour for inner OR 1 layer of microchamois (if you choose stay dry inner)
  • Trifold Soaker (When unfolded - Total 2 layers. When folded - Total of 6 layers)
    • 1 layer of bamboo fleece and 1 layer of bamboo velour
  • Hourglass Contour Soaker (Total 3 layers)
    • 2 layers of bamboo fleece and 1 layer of bamboo velour OR 1 layer of microchamois (if you choose stay dry inner)
The diaper will have a total of 12 layers of absorbent layer if you choose to have bamboo velour inner or 10 layers of absorbent layer if you choose to have a stay dry inner instead.
LampinKain fitted diaper is available in selected choice of prints. It is not available in plain solid colors.

My Verdict (After more than 10 times of usage)

1. Price & Availability
  • This LampinKain fitted diaper is retailing for RM 79.90 which is quite a standard market price for fitted diaper in my humble opinion.
  • It priced slightly cheaper compared to some other fitted diaper which is also sewn by local mama.
  • I bought mine from LampinKain when it is having introductory discount on it's fitted diaper sometime end of last year.
  • Anyway, it do no harm if you try to ask the seller and see if she can offer any discount right... :P
  • There isn't much in-stock available for this even on LampinKain online store since it is mostly made-to-order diaper.
  • As far as I know, there is no reseller or retailer selling this at the moment and such, we can only get the diaper from LampinKain directly.

2. Fitting
  • Like most One Size diaper, this fitted diaper sizing is adjusted using the rise snap in front of the diaper.
  • I have been using this diaper on TY at the highest rise setting since TY is already close to 22 months old when I got this.
  • I really like the fitting of this fitted diaper on TY as it look quite trim without the bulky looking bum.
  • It doesn't leave any red mark on TY as well.
  • When TY wear it, the fitting of this fitted diaper is totally different from the LampinKain pocket diaper that I got from the giveaway.
  • The LampinKain pocket diaper that I got from the giveaway is way too generous in sizing.

The different sizing between the LampinKain pocket diaper (on the left)
with the LampinKain fitted diaper (on the right).
The pocket diaper have a higher rise with a wider crotch
area as compared to it's fitted diaper.

  • Since I get the one with side snapping closure, I do not encounter any wing drop problem as well.
  • The diaper have a row row snap where you can do the adjustment for the waist and thigh sizing accordingly.
  • There is 5 snaps at each row on the wing tab to get a better fit for the waist.

  • It have a turned and topstitched finishing for the leg elastic which I suppose it is good as for some baby thigh might rub against the diaper causing itchiness if it is a serged finishing diaper.
Turned & topstiched finishing leg casing

  • The diaper wing tab will looks a bit slanted down when my daughter is wearing it.
  • This could be due to the positioning of the snap.
  • Not sure if this is a special feature by the LampinKain of it's diaper since most diaper have a rather straight wing tab when being wore.
  • Neither way, I like it slanted as it make the diaper looks trim.
  • But to some other mama, I believe they might have an odd feeling towards it as if it looks like the diaper gonna fall off anytime soon... :P
The wing tab that will looks a bit slanted when being wore

3. Absorbency 
  • This is one of the daytime fitted diaper that I like to use as it is absorbent enough for me to use this for around 2 hours before the next diaper change.
  • I didn't use it for overnight as from my past experience, the absorbency might not enough for me to use it for night diapering on my heavy wetter daughter.
  • But then again, I believe it can be use for night diapering if your child is a light or medium wetter.

4. Colours/ Prints
  • Since this is a made-to-order fitted diaper, we may choose the outer print of the diaper that we want. (This is the beauty of the custom diaper, isn't it)
  • From the LampinKain fabric selection link, there's around 20 cotton prints to choose from at the time I wrote this review.
  • Most of the fabric (if not all) is imported from US.
  • I was hoping LampinKain will offer the outer diaper print in woven cotton as well in the future since the cotton knit fabric colors print fade rather fast with the frequent washes.
  • Personally, I like fitted diaper with woven cotton outer as the color prints stay longer and fade slower than knit cotton even though it is not as soft or stretchy as fitted diaper with knit cotton outer.
5. Overviews
  • Overall, I do like this diaper as it's really trim.
  • This diaper is just slightly bigger than the size Large Itti Bitti SIO diaper by a bit.
Left to Right :
LampinKain OS Fitted Diaper in Teals Heart,
Itti Bitti D'Lish SIO in Lime (Size L)

  • But I think improvement can be done on the soaker style.
  • The current soaker style dry pretty fast but I do not think it is suitable for use if you are using the diaper at smaller setting.
  • When the diaper is use at the smaller setting, you'll required to fold the soaker in such a way that the diaper will look kinds of odd.
  • There since this diaper have a two part soaker style, there is snap to hold the soaker just like the Itti Bitti diaper at the top and bottom of the diaper.
  • For the side snapping closure diaper, the hourglass contour soaker MUST be snapped to the back of the diaper and the trifold MUST be snapped to the front in order to get the stay dry inner around the tummy area (refer picture below).

  • If the soaker is snapped the other way, you'll a wet tummy as the wing tab will touch directly to baby (the stay dry will be under the wing tab if you get what I mean)
  • Finally, this have nothing to do the the performance or special feature of the diaper, but there is still some little thing that I like on this diaper. Hehehe...
  • For some stupid reason, I have fallen in love with the woven label on the back of this diaper.... :P
The woven label at the back of the cloth diaper which read :
"handmade with LOVE"


molly said...

Don't worry MH, i feel in love with the label too.. i like the Made with Love ....

Danial Dash dan Eva said...

The outer print is really cute!!!

MH Yap said...

hehehe... and I thought am the only who are like that... :P